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On this week's Grey's Anatomy, we learn which doctor did not pass the boards. Based on some quick flashbacks of their interviews, as shown in a sneak peek of Thursday night's show, none of them had an easy ride.

In the aptly-titled, "Let the Bad Times Roll," Cristina, Jackson, April and Meredith agonize over their oral exams, reliving every answer they gave ... or some they didn't get to because they were throwing up.

Sorry, Mer. The biggest meltdown probably belonged to April, at least based on the clip below. Kepner absolutely loses it, with Avery only slightly more composed. Cristina, meanwhile, squares off with the interviewer.

Take a look at the carnage and share your thoughts with us in the comments:

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I think April will take it (die). No one stands her (maybe the writers are getting rid of her). I do like April but I have a feeling that she is going to die. I think Webber can be. I am torn between the two. :O


I think Weber's wife dies.


Sorry Katie. I'm still leaning towards Webber. I can't imagine that Shonda would kill off Derek though. She said that she learned that some characters couldn't be killed so I'm holding out hope that Derek is a "safe" one.


Katie - how did you get that Derek dies from that spoiler? It doesn't look like a given to me. But I'm okay with Teddy leaving. Maybe she'll meet up with Andrew in Germany or wherever he went.


Mer won't fail because she always rises under pressure. Cristina won't fail because she's Cristina. She's in her zone, she's focused and she's prepared. Avery didn't fail because Catherine would be a lot more ticked off than she was. Alex probably didn't fail because that already happened in Season 2 when he failed one portion of his boards. That would be a repeat SL and silly. That leaves April who is clearly losing it, but she seems such an obvious choice. Maybe too obvious. Idk, I think and hope it's April. I don't even care if she stays on the show, just let her be the one. I totally agree with Leilani's comments. Ultimately I think both Mer and Cristina will stay in Seattle. Mer bc she didn't really want to leave and Cristina bc of Owen. Crowen's story isn't finished yet.


It's not going to be Cristina. Just because the doctor giving her exam thinks her course of treatment might be aggressive and risky, that doesn't mean that it's "wrong". Mer is throwing up, she isn't tanking her answers. Alex is Alex. He got a judge to get Zola's adoption hearing moving. He'll get a chance to take his exam and he'll be fine. I agree with one poster that Catherine would probably be much angrier if it were her "baby" who'd failed. It'll probably be April. I mean, that meltdown was bad. As Callie showed Mer and us, the examiner might try to trick them by telling them their answer was wrong and part of what they are being graded on is the way they respond to that. Based on this clip, April is toast. April is so annoying. I wish Reed had survived the shooter. Some may have hated how bitchy she was but that was the fun thing about her. Remember, Alex was the bitchy one in the beginning. I guess they kept April to replace Izzy as the soft-hearted one. I wonder if they'll work in a bit of dialogue on how Izzy did on her board exams.


It can't be Jackson because otherwise his mom would look way more pissed off (remember she said in last weeks episode that it would be richard's fault if Jackson failed). I think from seeing that video, it's April who failed and too right, if she can't even handle a slightly stressful situation - she's supposed to be a trauma surgeon, surely she should be good at dealing with stress. They shouldn't fail yang because although she's rude, you can tell what an excellent doctor she is. And Meredith can't fail, she just can't.


Christina is not going to fail any test. Alex didn't even show up for the exam, It very well could be him. You know that Arizona will pull some strings and get him an exam. The show needs him if its going to continue for one more season. Meredith would make sense because Im pretty sure shes going to leave the show... I guess it would also make sense that she passes so she can leave Seattle which would also allow her to leave the show. With her being sick and all they will feel sorry for her and she will pass, Predictable. Tough call. Avery Had his binky broken right before his interview... Writing is on the wall there. Which only leaves Keppner. If the show continues for another season than she has to pass how many people are we going to lose??? She is going to pass even if God hates her. Shes Chief Resident, people like that don't fail. So Avery has the best chance of failing followed by Grey.


@Nicole Mer doesn´t "loose it" due to high stress. She´s still suffering from the stomach flu, remember? This episode is a flashback and they flew in the day before that where she started getting worse overnight. That´s why she can´t hold her food. Totally agree on Kepner, she´s horrible under pressure. I thought Hunt made a point about her being a trauma surgeon, aren´t they supposed to be calm in such situations and keep a level head? tz.


It's gotta be April who fails.. After the last episode, I simply cannot stand her anymore ..

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