Hawaii Five-0 Review: Welcome Hanna and Callen

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"Pa Make Loa:" Touch of Death.

This episode marked the first part of the NCIS: Los Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 cross-over event that many fans of both shows have been waiting for. This was also the second (and last) episodesthat will be affected by Alex O’Loughlin’s absence.

I will freely admit that I’m like Danny when it comes to biological warfare. Even when I was in the service, the idea that something I can’t see could cause my rapid death gave me the willies and I, too, would have become a hypochondriac.

Sam and Danny

That being said, it was a lot of fun having Hanna and Callen from NCIS: Los Angeles visit the Five-0. I will freely admit that I haven’t watched the show since very early in the first season, so I have to turn to the TV Fanatics who are fans. Is Chris O'Donnell always as brooding and depressing as he was here? He spent nearly the entire episode looking like he had been eating a bag of lemons on his flight over.

Now, before you mention Comescu and the attempt to kill Callen’s family, keep in mind I haven’t watched the other series and the point of this cross-over is to expose me to the characters so that I want to watch the show. Watching him be grumpy and brooding didn’t endear me to the character or drive me to watch his program. Sorry.

However, any points lost by O’Donnell were made up two-fold by LL Cool J, as I think I have a budding man-crush for Sam Hanna. Danny and Sam’s “cargument” was as good as any Danny and Steve have had. The trump card was Sam telling Danny his car’s name was Winifred (or “Winnie for short) at the end. That made me like Sam even more. 

And for those missing Steve, while he wasn't in the episode at least his spirit was: 

Danny: We are going to take a page from McGarrett's playbook.
Chin Ho: What do you mean by that?
Danny: You take the playbook, and set it on fire. | permalink

With that, he faked giving a suspect Small Pox to get answers out of him while he was actually giving him a B12 injection. Bravo, Danny, you have graduated from the McGarrett School of Suspect Abuse, Steve will be proud. Be sure and check out some of our other Hawaii Five-0 quotes!

While Steve will be back next week as we get into the final episodes of the season, don’t forget to check out Carla Day’s NCIS: Los Angeles review for the back half of this fun event.


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@Amazingalex......Thanks, I appreciate no one saying anything. Lucky you less than an hour. I'm really excited about this episode, and the finale. Sad that the season is almost over, but then that means 2 weeks closer to season 3. This should be exciting.


@zia... Hey there you are!! yayyy!!! Yeah it was a good article. DDK seems like such a sweetheart. I love how he makes himself so accessible and is making so many rounds of talk shows and interviews. I wish others on the show would do the same...(ahem ahem) ALEX!! He never does any anymore and it is a bummer! But I agree with you, it is sweet how they stick together. They seem to have a great team on and off the show. I am sorry you have to wait another 4 hours. That stinks. I am not going to post anything about it till the morning then we can be sure everyone saw it live.


@Amazingalex.....I just read DDK's interview. I that he said that "we have Alex back, and I feel we are much stronger all together as a group". I love how they all stand by each other and know that any one of them gone for a long period of time would hurt the show. That's why I'm not worried about Grace Park. DDK certainly is making the rounds, and he always says the right things. Can't wait for tonight. I'm on the west coast, so I have another 4 hours to go.


Callen was like Steve in the crossover episode. Wanting revenge. The family Comescu, ended his life and his family. Then he would not be there to smile all the time. Who watched NCIS: LA knows how much he is funny, but at the same time is serious, by the story of his life. But remember that at the end of the episode, he played with Chin, Kamekona, Danny and Sam. For me the best character from NCIS: LA is the Callen. Because he has mixed feelings. And his story is the best of the series, is what makes me see NCIS: LA. And Chris O'Donnell is excellent in character. An excellent actor.


@HFO.... please don't tell us about the episode if you watched it. We will see it tonight. Thanks. @Jschoi.....I could be wrong, but I'm not worried about Kono at all. People spread rumors all the time. I can't see her getting rid of a hit show so easily, especially since they are starting to finally give her some story lines. I think she is fine. As for Catherine, I like her in a relationship with Steve, not as a team member. As I said with Kono, team members together don't work out, I feel the same with Catherine. I will, however, not get upset about anything, I will wait and see what develops with season 3. I don't want another, you know who problem, sorry don't want to say her name either.


@HFO..you watched already?? No dont tell me, I dont want to know, I only have an hour to wait and now I just want it to be a surprise. If you do spill something just mark it as a spoiler before you write anything then I will know not to read it. :)


@lena..Still awake?? Good girl!! :) No I dont want him to be a player hopping from woman to woman either and I DID want him with catherine but this whole thing with her joining the team kind of messed with that. I think I am just going to wait and see to what extent she is on the team. I do like their chemistry together but if their relationship takes over the show that will annoy me. It is a crime show about the team of four and I want it to stay that way. I am starting to wonder about kono myself, not that they will kill her off but something seems to be off. We shall see soon enough I suppose.


@teresa, yes the problem i have with her is that she isnt a cop. as capable as she is, i want her to start at the beginning.
WOw what an episode!!!!! just finished but wont spoil unless you want me to


Hopefully Catherine will just stay in the office and do tech work like Nell and Eric on NCIS LA. That would free Kono up to be in the field and leave Danny and Steve in the car together : ) I would hope peter has learned about messing with the team chemistry. Plus, she's not a cop or detective.


@amazingalex.... Still awake!! LOL Well maybe I am the only one but I want Steve in a relationship with Catherine I like them together and I don't want to see my favorite character Steve hoping from one bed to another and Steve need some loving and a private life out side the Task Force that way I am not happy about the fact that Catherine becomes the 5th team member.Maybe she can be what Eric is in NCIS LA. @jschoi... I getting a bit scared to for Kono now!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Danny: We got a print; the guy is in the system. His name is Dracul Comescu
Chin Ho: Who the hell is that?
Danny: He's not a vampire; I thought the very same thing.

Danny: You want to go check out a small pox infected hotel room?
Chin Ho: Yeah.