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The grumpy doctor has checked out.

This past Monday, House wrapped up an impressive eight-season run with a finale that sent the title character and his best friend riding into the sunset. What were the best moments/episodes of House Season 8? And 7? And 6? And... you get the point.

Below, House guru Lisa Palmer takes a look back and life in and around Princeton-Plainsboro and then offers up a final grade for the series as a whole.


Best Episode of Season 1: “Three Stories” is the first episode that breaks the formula of the typical House episode and one of the ones that does it best. We also get to find out what happened to House’s leg.

Best Episode of Season 2: In “No Reason” House is shot by a disgruntled patient and converses with him throughout the episode as we find out more about what House is really thinking.

Best Episode of Season 3: Dave Matthews guest starred in an episode entitled “Half-Wit,” while House faked brain cancer with his team in order to get a fun drug treatment. Everyone reacts to his impending death. Fun ensues.

Best Episode of Season 4: It’s a tie between “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart,” otherwise known as the bus accident episode and the one where Amber dies. Also, Cuddy strips!

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Best Episode of Season 5: The last three episodes of this season were so strong. “A House Divided” brought Amber back as House’s subconscious and we got to see Chase’s bachelor party.  In “Under My Skin” House pretend detoxed and pretend slept with Cuddy. And in “Both Sides Now” House took his first steps down the road to Mayfield while Chase and Cameron tied the knot.

Best Episode of Season 6: Both the two part mental hospital season opener, “Broken,” and the impressive finale, “Help Me,” where House and Cuddy finally get together, blew me away this season.

Best Episode of Season 7: I’m a sucker for the premiere - “Now What?” - that completely foreshadowed the utter and complete failure that was House and Cuddy’s relationship  I also loved “Out of the Chute” that featured one of my favorite musical moments in the series. It used the song “My Body is a Cage” covered by Peter Gabriel, when House jumped into the pool from his hotel balcony. 

Best Episode of Season 8: Toss-up between “Post-Mortem” and “Holding On.” Both heavy on House/Wilson and Chase storylines.

Best episode of the Series: “House’s Head” engages me no matter how many times I’ve caught it on reruns. It’s always a gift to get inside someone like House’s mind and the writers are fully aware of this.

Best Season: This may not be a popular opinion, but I feel that season five is one of my favorites to rewatch. Season three is a close second.

Best Guest Star: Although his time on the show was short lived, Andre Braugher made a strong impact on me as House’s therapist, Dr. Nolan.

Worst Storyline: Taub and his children. House marries Dominika. (TIE)

Best Patient: My all-time favorite patient is the priest from the season 5 episode “Unfaithful.” He was witty, intelligent, and he challenged House’s views. 

Grossest Moment: Remember when that guy pulled his own tooth out in season six? Or when that someone’s eye popped out of his head? Or that one patient’s stomach exploded?

Most Memorable Clinic Patient: Tritter is memorable because he fought back. But how about the little pageant queen who swallowed mouth wash “because that’s what mommy does?" Or the asthma patient who used her inhaler as perfume? 

Favorite Team Member: Chase.  And Kutner, even though he wasn’t around very long. Does Amber count? 

Best Character: House, obviously. 

Least Favorite Team Member: Dr. Adams. No contest.

Unanswered Questions: Whatever happened to Wilson’s brother? Who was House’s real father? 

Worst Character Exit: Cuddy, since she never even got to say goodbye. Or she didn’t choose to. Whatever. Would have been nice to have closure either way.

Grade: B. House, I love you, but there have been some seriously mediocre episodes throughout the series. For that, and for the majority of season 8, you’ve earned a very much passing, albeit far from perfect, grade.

What grade would you give House?

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Coming in very late because I avoided most blogs and mourning. But I'm giving the series an "A", not because it was successful across all the shows over all the years, but because it succeeded in doing so much more than most shows ever contemplated. Much of what viewers have complained of as being weak was just not understood. I have been seeing bits of foreshadowing in scenes that I only understand in retrospect. The writers had intentions that I sometimes saw were stymied. Even "weak" characters were chosen to fill a role in the group dynamic, but House and the story always came first. And I have to admit I give the show big points because I dislike atheists just a bit less and understand them just a bit more. They are no less idiots than the rest of us, though.


Interesting. I consider House's Head to be the absolute worst episode, followed closely by Help Me. But my career is in medicine; therefore, from that point of view, both episodes were ridiculously bad. House's Head/Wilson's Heart was the (down-) turning point for this series, from my perspective. A shame, really; this show had so much going for it prior to that.

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Unanswered questions: yeah, WHO was House’s real father? Worst character exit: Cuddy. That seriously pissed me off. Grade: I know not everything was perfect here, but "House" was such a huge part of my life in the last few years. My love for this show is undying. I'll give it A for everything that was awesome.

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Best episode of the series: "House’s head" and "Wilson's heart" (as I consider them to be one). Best season: I agree with Lisa, season 5 was great. I also loved season 4. Best guest star: Michael Weston as Lucas. I loved that guy. Worst storyline: any storyline with Foreman. I just never cared about him. Best patient: as I mentioned before, I loved the cancer girl from "Autopsy". Grossest moment: there was that girl who couldn't feel any pain and it turned out that she had a tapeworm in her stomach. House took it out of her… without anaesthesia. Most memorable clinic patient: nothing could ever top the orange guy from the pilot. Favorite team member: I'm dividing this category to girls and boys. Out of all the girls: Thirteen. Boys: Chase. And while Chase was out of the team, Kutner was the best. Best character: well, obviously House. Best character who is not House: Wilson. Least favorite team member: I thought Cameron was the most irritating person ever, but then Adams came into the show.

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Favourite ep of S1: "Detox". House off drugs, I loved it. Favourite ep of S2: "Autopsy". One of the best patients of the week. The scene where they lowered her body temperature and shut her heart was mind-blowing. Favourite ep of S3: "One day, one room". Rape victim connecting with House. Favourite ep of S4: "House's head" and "Wilson's heart" are easily two of the best episodes ever in this show. Other than that, I really liked the final selection of the new team in "Games". Favourite ep of S5: "Under my skin" for awesomeness and "Simple explanation" for being so very emotional. Favourite ep of S6: "Help me". I was rooting for Huddy since day one. "The tyrant" was great too. Favourite ep of S7: "Now what?". I still had hopes for Huddy after watching this. Too bad it all went downhill from that. Favourite ep of S8: the last few episodes were really good. "Post mortem" is probably my favourite one. Two reasons, one: House and Wilson rocked my world, and two: Chase totally became House 2.0.


Season 8 was pure mediocrity. Mainly due to the addition of those extremely weak/poor characters: Drs Adams and Park. Nothing against the actresses, but truth is they didn't deliver it. Not to mention Foreman as the dean of medicine was not only miles a way from Cuddy's power but also from his full potential. Most of the series worst episodes are on S08 so it's really no wonder it got cancelled.


I would grade A if not for the last few series. Grade B if i ignore the last series. Overall it dropped to a high C for me. Although i love the show the last few series nearly ruined it. I will be content with having the first 5 series on DVD and not bother with the rest.

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