Lost Girl Review: Betrayed Again?

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Dyson's away and Bo will play.

Okay, that's not exactly how it happened on "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away." But, if Dyson had been around, would Bo have hooked up with Lauren? I'm not sure. Bo claimed that she didn't go to bed with Lauren because of Dyson, but a broken heart is difficult to heal. Even if Bo doesn't believe it, Lauren is a her rebound girl. It may stick, but it may not either.

Bo Tracks Down an Artist

The first time Bo and Lauren were together, they had chemistry, but that was missing this time around. Bo and Dyson had a relationship full of intensity and sexual heat that Bo and Lauren just don't possess. At least not yet. Perhaps it's because of Lauren's previous betrayal or just due to her neediness. Whatever the reason, Bo had a stronger connection to Dyson than she has ever shown with Lauren.

Plus, we found out that Lauren is keeping another big secret from Bo: a girlfriend! What? Will Bo be able to forgive Lauren for this secret? Probably, since Bo is too forgiving.

Outside of Bo's relationship woes, her independence from the Dark and Light Fae made her the perfect investigator for The Morrigan to use. One of her artists killed a Dark Fae and was painting incriminating graffiti. Jason's artwork threatened to expose the Fae to the public.

Vex is one of my favorite Fae foes. The showdown between The Morrigan and Vex looked to be an epic battle, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. Instead, it was The Morrigan's assistant, Bianca, who was behind Jason's actions. The artwork scheme never seemed fitting for either Vex or The Morrigan.

Bo's involvement in the case provided an opportunity for her to free Lauren from The Ash. Speaking of, how long will the Dark and the Light allow Bo to stay in the middle and use them against each other? There is no way The Ash is going to be happy that Bo is using information from The Morrigan against him.

Though, what was it that The Morrigan gave to Bo? The way to get Lauren away from The Ash is to save Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend. Is Nadia the reason that Lauren left Bo's house to return to The Ash? He threatened her "special project," which appears to be Nadia.

What will Bo do? Will she save Nadia to get freedom for Lauren, even if that means she will lose Lauren? Bo is an honorable person and too kind for her own good sometimes, but either way she will want to do right by Lauren. Even if Lauren betrayed her (again!).

This episode provided few answers to the Fae world, but plenty of questions. The big mystery for the next few episodes seems to be headed towards Lauren. I'd rather have Bo go to the Norn and work on "fixing" Dyson, but that will have to wait awhile. What do you want Bo to focus on? Fixing Dyson or freeing Lauren?

Do you want Bo to be with Dyson or Lauren?


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DeAnn, you should do yourself a favor and watch/read what's to come. Something tells me you are not going to enjoy the outcome. Given the nature of some of the comments here, I assume most already watched season 2 in its entirety (like myself) so you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I'm with most of the folks around here. I can't blame the reviewer for not seeing chemistry between the two women because that is mostly objective but everything else? Hmm... not quite.


Congratulations DeAnn - Nice job representing Dyson fans. Is that REALLY how you want to be portrayed? By being rude about the actor and disdaining her in that matter. Whether you like her character or not, Zoie Palmer is still a professional, still an actor, still a human bloody being. So wind your neck in and stop behaving like a child.


For the record, it's incredibly rude and uncalled for to insult an actor by saying they aren't good looking and referring to them by "whatsherface". Then again, it just goes to show how mature you really are when all you are looking for when watching a TV show is eyecandy. It's no wonder you aren't paying attention to anything else.


Hmm, something tells me you will eventually stop watching the show, then. DeAnn. Lauren isn't going anywhere and as far as Lost Girl goes, Bo is a bisexual Succubus who has both lovers, instead of the ordinary female/male leads US show. Dyson and Lauren will always be Bo's love interests. That has always been one of the main premises of the show and show-runners confirmed it will be there next season (front seat). Kenzi is jealous of Lauren, which justifies her every single behavior towards Lauren up until now. That is pretty much a fact. You will soon notice that her attitude will change because Lauren called her on her bullshit. If you keep watching the show, that is. Also, Bo can be in a relationship with a human, thanks to Lauren, in season 1. She can have sex and be in a relationship with a human without the need to feed. That is only going to be necessary if Bo gets injured. Also explained in season 1. For the record, it's incredibly rude and uncalled for to insult an actor by saying they aren't good looking and referring to them by "whatsherface". Then again, it just goes to show how mature you really are when all you are looking for when watching a TV show is eyecandy. It's no wonder you aren't paying attention to anything else.


I don't know if anyone noticed, but even Kenzi was grossed out by Lauren in the bathroom the "morning after" her boring love scene with Bo. If this whole season 2 turns into the lesbian love affair hour, I will have to stop watching the show, as I think Lauren has no personality and is a liar and has no real chemistry with Bo. I hope Bo can at least hook up with some other hot fae guy, if she can't have Dyson, which would be really sad. I don't think it is up to Dyson to try and get his passion for Bo back, because he already gave the thing most precious to him to save her life. Bo now has to find a way to kill the Norn and get Dyson back, because I still think they care deeply for one another.


I agree with the reviewer, I just do not see the chemistry between Lauren and Bo. Lauren also lied AGAIN to Bo, and Lauren has a girlfriend already, so why is she still trying to get a relationship going with Bo, who is a succubus and recall that she's not that great at relationships with humans because she ends up killing them by taking too much of their sexual chi, so to speak. Also gotta say it, Lauren just isn't that good looking, and she has the most BORING personality of any character on the show...even her love scene with Bo on this episode was a snore fest...no chemistry and Zoe whatsherface is all one monotone blonde color all over...yawn, how vanilla.Bring back DYSON, PLEASE! He's hot and has chemistry with Bo and he looks great naked! Even his voice is gorgeous! And his personality is charming and interesting, and I like the fact that he is protective of Bo even now, when his love for her has been removed.


And Lauren ia not "lying" like Dyson did. Lauren has her reasons and Bo understand that, you will see that. I watched all season 2 and I can say that this season Bo´s love is for Lauren, and Dyson see that to in the finale episode of season 2.


R, actually, I am. I watched all of season 2 so I know what I'm talking about and I know how it all unfolds. He has all the memories of all he has lost, INCLUDING what he felt for Bo. It just so happens that he can't feel for her again. It is up to HIM to go get it back. If he doesn't want to fight for his passion and for them because he is still too busy licking his wounds on his own, then I don't see why Bo should. "Lauren is justified in every deception she does."
Well, she is. As is Dyson. And for the record, I'm far from being a "Lauren shipper". Those things are for teenagers. I'm a guy who enjoys the show for what it is. The fact that I don't worship the ground Dyson walks on, hardly makes me pro-Lauren.


Kris - I don't think you are paying attention. Dyson's emotions for Bo were removed. He remembers them together but he doesn't remember the emotional part of it. He can't restart what he can't remember. Come on.
I don't understand how people can say that Lauren hasn't lied....SHE CLEARLY HAS! Geez. As with most things Lauren shippers want us to believe that Dyson is a bad guy....and Lauren is justified in every deception she does.


Oh Please... This write up is a joke.

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