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The NCIS season finale promises to be one of the most explosive installments in the show's nine years, with Gibbs and his team members continuing to track the terrorist(s) targeting the U.S. Navy.

The season’s final big arc, which began with "Rekindled" and "Playing With Fire," continues next Tuesday with "Up in Smoke" before concluding May 15 with the Season 9 finale, "Til Death Do Us Part."

What familiar face(s) can we expect to see? Who's using a stunt double? And what secret was so big the crew wasn't allowed to read it? We obviously don't know, but we welcome your theories below.

Excerpts from executive producer Gary Glasberg's recent chat with EW:

Scott Wolf on NCIS

On the return of Scott Wolf's Agent Stratton: "He’s ultimately going to be needed because of information that he has. The beauty of Scott Wolf is that he’s personable and in using him as a villain this season, we’ve developed a character that had all kinds of dimension and nuance to it. He’s had a lot of fun with it."

"I think people are going to be really surprised by the way that he fits in into this final arc."

On Jamie Lee Curtis' return as Dr. Ryan: "Things really climax in terms of Dr. Ryan in the final episode. She and Gibbs have some amazing scenes together. It fits into the whole arc that we’re leading up to for the end of the season. People will have to see where we go in the finale, and we’ll figure out what’s going to happen after that."

On "top secret" pages of the season finale script: "There’s a scene that the crew wasn’t even allowed to see, so we actually distributed it on the set on the very last day of filming. Very few people were aware of what was going to happen, and I think it took a lot of people by surprise."

On Pauley Perrette (Abby) Tweeting a photo with her stunt double: "There’s lots of excitement in the finale. I highly, highly recommend that people not miss the last two minutes of the finale."

UPDATE, 5/9: More season finale teases from Glasberg:

On the plot to take down Dearing: “This arc is something that we’ve been talking about for a while. And I think people are going to be, not only surprised, but really entertained by how it unfolds."

"Anytime that the team gets to work mode as a cohesive unit, people enjoy that and respond to it. That’s definitely the case in terms of this storyline.”

On the complexity of the arc, even by NCIS standards: “There are so many elements to it that connect directly to Gibbs that explain a lot of the motivation on Harper Dearing’s part [and] that will connect to Jamie Lee Curtis and even connect to Scott Wolf’s character ... A lot of planning has gone into it.”

On Palmer's wedding: "It’s a really fascinating juxtaposition of this Palmer moment with the manhunt that’s going on for Harper Dearing. [Co-executive producer] Steve Binder came up with a really clever way of jumping back and forth between the two and weaving the two together."

"I think it worked really nicely and people are going to get the lighter moments that only NCIS could pull off. At the same time, we don’t miss a beat in terms of keeping the hunt going as well.”

On the major cliffhanger to come: “People are going to be very surprised by what happens. There’s no doubt about that ... There’s going to be a ripple effect that goes through NCIS.”

We'll post more information as it becomes available. For now, sound off on these NCIS spoilers and share your predictions for the remainder of the season in the comments below!

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If you're all counting on Ducky coming back predicated only upon the fact that David McCallum has signed a new two year contract - Don't! I bring to mind a memorable series from the sixties entitled 'Route 66' starring Marty Milner and George Maharras who both had solid contracts only to have Mr. Maharras leave the show prematurely on doctors orders. Ducky/McCallum is no youngster - born in 1933 and now going on 80! - his ability to continue at pace can only be measured day by day! (BTW; he really began to look his age this year!). Now, the probability here is that Dr. Ryan finds Ducky on the beach, calls an ambulance for him thus saving his life (which, incidentally, turned out only to be a case of food poisoning) and then is immediately shot dead by Harper Dearing who had followed her to the scene (that's a scenario that would kill two birds with one stone!) - we can only hope. MJS


Get rid of JLC please for the love of all that is good with NCIS she needs to say good bye. Gibbs would never date her for a minute. She is not is type, never pretty enough or even a red head. Give the boot to Jamie Lee. Love the show!! More of Tony and Ziva too.


I think it sucks that Ducky was on the beach and no one can help. I am a big fan of NCIS all actors. But Gibbs can't die he now has to take down Dearing .


I hope GG and the other writers listen to the comments JLC added nothing to NCIS other than making it a soap opera i hope she does not come back, i for one will not watch it if the writers bring her back, her psycho therapy image added nothing but a train wreck to the show and the character gibbs


So glad they did not kill off Ducky. I cried when he fell down on the beach. If it wasn't for someone on getglue I would be pissed to have to wait till next season to find out he will be fine. Don't like Director Vance, so you can kill him off. I want Abby and McGee to hook up. They are great together. I would like to see more of Palmer. He is so sweet. Tony and Ziva would only work as a one time hook up. And Gibbs, ah, Gibbs. He does not need a 5th wife. And though I really like Jamie Lee Curtis, I don't like her character Dr. Ryan. Why no more Colonel Mann for Gibbs? Just don't stop the show, it is my favorite, even all the reruns!


The only thing wrong with past season was Gibbs love interest the psych gal-gots to go. Jamie lee is ok but not for this part.Also out of sync with his red haired women, of some red shade or another.Would love it if Jenny and Kat.Both doed to go into protection until a planted terrorist is eliminated.
I read Bellesario was so difficult to work with that they had to get rid of him or or a leading man was going to take a hike.If gibbs leaves may as well wrap it up. This show has been my life line.I went out of work ill had to take treatments .So I watched the show and reruns constantly it became like my new job


I am fed up of reading about Ducky,Ducky,Ducky,why dont you people know he just signed a 2 year contract,Abby is with Gibbs,Ziva is with Tony,McGee was alone,FULL BLAST BEHIND HIM,doesnt ANY ONE CARE about that


The season finales just get better and better! I must be honest if Ducky goes I go. New season come on down! Oops wrong show LOL.


will they be back for another season? this was supposed to be the lasr,ergo bad finale all loose ends except poor ducky


I am a die hard NCIS fan and love all of the present cast..I am really struggling with JLC kissing Gibbs..It just doesn't look real but yucky. Why don't they bring Pam Dawber in as Gibb's love interest? Now that would make for some real interesting love scenes!

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