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On the ninth season finale of NCIS ...

  • After investigating Vance's car, the team locates Vance at a family plot where Vance finds himself next to the body of a sailor killed along with Dearing's son. After picking him up, the team finds another message with a horse jaw that leads them to a retired NCIS agent who handled a case that sent Dearing's son to the destroyer that claimed his life.
  • However, Dearing blows up the agent's house and leaves them a message, soon confronting Dr. Ryan by threatening her son and forcing her to flee when he bails out her jailed ex-husband.
  • Meanwhile, Jimmy is nervous on whether or not to marry with all of this, but Ducky tells him to go through with it, and he will join him, and Jimmy asks Breena to advance the wedding so he could return. Gibbs recruits Cole based on Ryan's profiling of Dearing to lure him into a trap, but Dearing avoids it and leaves a phone call on the Navy Yard.
  • Playing the call makes the team realize there is a bomb in Vance's car, installed when he was abducted, and the whole building is evacuated. Cole attempts to defuse the bomb, but he is blown up as well as damaging much of the NCIS building.
  • Ducky receives a phone call about the attack and is asked to autopsy the bodies, but soon suffers a heart attack after the message, leaving everyone's fates unknown.

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Ducky will be back, remember; old spies never die, they just go undercover. Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin, would not leave us like that, face down on the beach. You know before he goes he should find love, a nice love not the crazy bats he seems to attract. He's still rockin' NCIS at 70+ Just sayin'.


I like jamie lee curtis and I want Duky back I am a die hard fan! I can hardly wait for the next season.


I agree with all of the above. I love Ducky and do not want to see him leave the show. I like JLC, but I also agree, not with Gibbs - the chemistry is all wrong.


your'll cant kill ducky ,not now or ever for that matter ,he's the reason i watch this show ,he brings life to it!!!!!!!!!


I live in the UK, so we've not got the end of season 9, but I've, read, heard and now feel saddened that OUR DUCKY appears to haved died from a heart attack!!! I hope that is not the case - it would be a bad move for the show,the dimension he brings to the show I feel is irreplaceable.

Keep Gibbs' love interest mysterious, with depth & teasing the rest of the team and us, the viewers - like you have been doing - this new move with Jamie Lee Curtiss is too much in our faces - and does not feel like a relaxed relationship - it feels too much like game playing, with each one trying to keep one or several steps ahead psychologically of the other. I peferred Director Shepherd to JLC.

It's a brilliant show even though you seem to be shifting your style - remember what made the show great in the first place - don't spoil the characters, Tony feels too comicky of late - I love the diversity of the teasm's background, and enjoyed how THE SOLVING OF THE CASES has caused them to see, understand and empathise with each other, and when necessary, only enlightening each other JUST A LITTLE at a time, no big conversation, but just enough to encourage. I guess, the Marine loyalty - having each other's back - THE INDIVIDUALS ARE EACH KEY!!!!, Keep the TEAM, broken limbs, new heart and all - DON'T SPOIL WHAT WAS ALREADY WORKING VERY WELL THANK YOU...


It could be a teaser or the REAL thing. David McCallum is 78 years old. He is probably ready to "retire" for real. His "demise" on air, may have been his graceful exit from the show. Yet ~ O M G !!! I balled my eyes out and screamed out loud " N O !!!!! "

David McCallum was the reason I started watching NCIS and became a fanatical FAN !!! He has been one of my favorite actors for many years. As a pre-teen, I was a HUGE fan of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" show and I was "In Love" with him. I had posters of him on my bedroom walls. Similar to other's of my generation with the Beatle's ~ and this generation, Justin Bieber! He probably "beged" off the gig ~ and "powers that be" saw fit to send him to the "gray sky", in an appropriate setting! Who wouldn't want to die quickly and peacefully near the ocean's rising tide???

Considering the fact that I am returning from a Memorial Service for my beloved Uncle's Memorial Service on the coast of North Carolina the scene hit me harder than it may have otherwise ~ But I doubt it., My family and friends scattered My Uncle's ashes in the Atlantic Ocean. The scene of "Ducky" on the beach and (possibly/probably) dying, hit a bit close to home for me!!!


there is not a single good reason to kill off Ducky ...and if the actor made the choice to bail ...I say he better be sick or this is one dumb ass move.. why would anyone choose to walk away from such a great gig... yeah must suck getting paid tons of cash and loved by millions of fans...


Oh my god that was the saddest ending. I was expecting that all of NCIS goes to jimmys wedding and they live happily ever after! I literally cried forever after it ended :(


Great show - Can't wait for next season to start - marked my calendar with the date.

I do hope though that everyone survives as you will change the whole dynamics of the show if they do not ALL and I mean ALL return.


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