Original Grey's Anatomy Cast: Returning For Season 9 (and 10)!

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Huge Grey's Anatomy casting news this morning. The six remaining original stars have all signed two-year contracts to continue with the ABC medical drama, keeping the core of the show intact.

This assumes there are two more seasons, of course. ABC has yet to formally order a ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy, though it seems like a foregone conclusion. The network reveals its 2012-13 schedule Tuesday.

Assuming Grey's is on it, Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, James Pickens, Jr. and Chandra Wilson will all be back. The same goes for a potential 10th season in 2013-14.

In the Bed

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has said it's been challenging to craft the season finale to the current eighth season while not knowing which members of the original cast would and would not return next fall.

“[It] was the most complex puzzle I’ve had to put together, ever,” she told TV Line this winter.

”We have all these moveable pieces of who’s coming back and who’s not, and finally I just decided to focus on what was going to be best creatively [and] make it work regardless of what is happening [off screen].”

The Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers we've read so far suggest a very dark chapter to come tonight and next week, but it looks like Meredith, Derek, Alex, Cristina, Bailey and Richard all survive.

The original cast members were the only ones with expiring contracts at the end of Season 8; the rest of the ensemble remains signed through next year as well. Of course, there could be a major death.

In any case, it's terrific that ABC and the cast were able to get this done. Comment below!

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Am I the only one who actually likes April? Okay, yeah, so she's a little bonkers. She makes me smile and laugh, though! Such a unique character! I sadly *can* see her going off the deep end (arguably, she has done so already) and committing suicide. I'll personally cry, if she dies. To me, April is a "beloved" character. Ugh. Just, why?! I don't want any of them to go ;A; I think the plane people are safe. Killing one of them off is too predictable for Shonda. Also: LOL. Couldn't the "person to die" be the plane's pilot? I don't see her/him making it.


I want Owen to be the one to die. Or at least have the death be his fault, so then he'd GTFO. I used to support him and Cristina, back in Season 5. But he has MURDERED her character! When Cristina called Owen "her person", I just wanted to punch her...or my TV...or Shonda. MEREDITH is your person, Cristina! Not that scumbag! If Lexie, Mark, or Arizona dies... I'm gonna explode!


If anyone is leaving the show (besides Ben who has a new series) it's gotta be Avery. If you look at the actor's career, it's really taking off so it would only make sense for him to focus on movies and leave a show that will be over soon anyway. Maybe April kills him while drunk driving. Having said that, they have only stated that a main character dies; they haven't said the actor who plays that character is leaving the show. Meredith has a very long history of seeing dead people. Given that, it could be anyone close to her...Derek, Yang?


Goodbye Apes....so sorry to see you go. Good luck with the baby. What would be worse than that? Oh how about one of the best brain surgeons in the world having a brain injury or in a coma. Writers love comatose actors. They won't be going anywhere for a while and Yang will stay for Grey and be her person while McD is out of it. Az's friend will die and Calli won't be able to save him. Calli is not leaving we all love her too much, besides she has been through the ringer enough lately *cough* car wreck while preggers. (contract or not) Umm who else... Mark and Lexi will eventually work out their crap (lots of good drama with that one still). Karev will stay because basically at heart he is a good guy (guilt sucks, but it's a great motivator). Zola will not die that would just be stupid and would alienate a lot of their viewers who just happen to be mothers (nothing worse than playing on a mothers worse nightmare, especially around Mother's day).


if Lexie is the one to die Hunt will be able to rehire April in her place bit dark but thats how it goes


Blah, "plane" crash, excuse me.


Shonda said the it was going to be "unexpected". Now lots of people think the death isn't going to be from the place crash...but then it will be. See these word and mind games this woman plays? Not fair.


I believe it is either lexie or mark.. Shonda rhimes said to a reporter that she cant imagine how the fans are gonna react to this one! Everyone wants to see what comes of mark and lexie so she took that relationship made lexie come clean to mark only for one of them to DIE!


Callie wasn't on the plane >.> I mean I didn't see her o.o


A theory: (a drunk) April (accidentially) killing Hunt. Hunt was happy so that would make it a little easier. And Yang is pregnant, not making abortion no 3. This will make Yang stay, a competition for next chief. April can keep her job since nobodoy (except for Jackson) is aware that Hunt fired her.

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