Private Practice Season 6 Shocker: Who's Out?

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A key Private Practice cast member won't be scrubbing in for Season 6.

Sadly for many fans of the ABC drama, Tim Daly Tweeted last night that his character has performed his last risky medical procedure, writing: 

“Wonderful fans of PPP. Shonda informed my agent today that Pete won’t be returning for season 6. It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder.”


Pete was last seen on the Private Practice Season 5 finale, taken into custody after ending the life of a patient kept alive by machines.

The departure of Daly is likely financially-based, as the show itself was among the final ABC renewals for 2012-2013. It is scheduled to air 13 episodes in what most assume will be its final season.

Are you sad to see Daly/Pete go?

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i dont understand y addison and pete want to go. so that means after this next season then there will be no more private practice?????? or will there be new characters?


Pete and Violet were the most boring and annoying couple on Private Practice. But I had rather seen Violet leaving, because before Pete got together with her he was such a great character and he could still be without her. What will happen to Violet now? She will be whiny and ugh, I don't want to see that, that will be even more annoying. So Pete will be stuck in jail? Poor guy.


I'm so grateful for his departure ! He became SOOOO annowing ! Every decision he was making was more painful than the previous ! And watching him and Violet is HELL ! ACTUAL PHYSICAL HELL


i really like Pete sad to see him go, WTH?? I'm not a fan of Amelia and I'm tired of Sam could've parted with either of them. I like Sheldon but he doesn't have a storyline he could've gone too.


Not too sad - the character will have to go to jail and show that even nice, professional people commit crimes, even for the right reasons, and take their punishment. Violet is better without him - the two together are too far gone to come back.


I'm glad the character is gone. He was becoming such a hypocritical idiot! I couldn't stand watching him with Violet and I couldn't take watching her let him treat her that way. Yeah, she could be annoying, but, from a psychological perspective, I couldn't argue with her either. I don't know why everyone hates Mason. I think the actor is incredible and does a phenomenal job portraying a child who just found his dad and then lost his mom. If anyone had to go, Shonda made the right call.


YES! Couldn't be happier he's gone!


i wanted to see pete and violet make it... im sosososo upset


I liked Pete they am sad to see him go. they should got rid of Sheldon


I like Pete. I'm not much for Violet but I love Pete. If he's not coming back, his character would be where? Interesting. I like Benjamin Bratt but I guess his character is more important than Tim Daly's because of the whole thing with Jake, Addison and Sam. I love Tim Daly. I like his character though I felt the character get worse when with Violet. To me, he will always be Superman's voice. The best :)

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