Private Practice Season Finale Preview: A Difficult Delivery

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What's beautiful about the finale is we discover new things about our characters and watch our characters discover things about themselves and we realize that the women in the show are all in very different places than they were when we started this year. We discovered how much they've grown and how much they've been fundamentally changed and that's exciting.

So said Shonda Rhimes to The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview when asked about next Tuesday's "Gone, Baby, Gone" and whether it was written as a season - or a series - finale, given the struggling Private Practice ratings.

The creator emphasized that the episode leaves plenty of material available for a sixth season, as Pete and Violet will come to a realization about their relationship, following events from this week's "Drifting Back," while Amelia will go into labor and Addison will face what ABC hypes as "the hardest decision of her life."

Watch the official trailer now:

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This was a very emotional episode. But wouldn't you know it. Old wishy washy Sam would try to play on Addison's emotions and try to get back in good with her just because she finally realized that Jake was a better man and that there were real feelings between them. I hope she rejects him like he has rejected her in the past without any regard for his so-called feelings now and goes to Jake who will be so much better for her. If she goes back to Sam, I am never going to watch Private Practice again.


@ Katie If I read right, I think it's because there's a law that Anencephalic babies can only be used as organ donors if they reach the same criteria as any other organ donor. So all the standard medical criteria ethical principles still have to apply to them.


Uhh I don't understand how they could "murder" Amelia's baby. Anencephalic babies (ones born without or without parts of their brain) rarely live more than a few hours from birth if they survive the actual birth at all. The only way a baby in such a case has lived longer was when it was kept on a ventilator for two years.


I think Shonda Rhimes made it clear that nothing would happen to Henry. From what she's previewed or mentioned about the finale, it has a lot to do with showing that the women of the show - Amelia, Addison, Charlotte, and Violet - realize how far they've come in the pasty year. And what Amelia's going through really resonates to Addison and Charlotte who have become mothers in the season. It looks like a great finale and I'm really hoping the show doesn't end here.


I think that something tragic is going to happen to Henry and Amelia's baby will save the day.


This can't be the end. I'm confident for a sixth season! :D


I think it is strange that Amelia appears to have not told her family about her pregnancy. I think if I were in Amelia's situation I'd want my mother in the delivery room supporting me.


this will be an emotional rollercoaster! And I can't wait for it to happen! Things will fall apart but Jaddison will rise and that can heal everything!


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