Private Practice Review: In It Together

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Tonight’s penultimate episode of the season – but hopefully, not the series – could have certainly served as a season finale.

Between Pete’s rash judgment to help his patient and both Amelia and Addie facing life-altering decisions, there were choices galore to be made. Rest assured, though, the Seaside Wellness doctors will be back next week and we’ll hopefully get some, if not all, of the answers to the questions we were left with after "Drifting Back."

Private Practice Gang

For now, let’s discuss what went down.

Sheldon finally returned from his two-week vacation in Aruba with his ex-wife. It was really nice to have him around, but a shame we didn’t get to see more of an actual storyline with his personal life.

Everyone but Amelia was excited to see him. At first, she was utterly cold toward him and then was asking for his help in an extremely unexpected way to help her forget. I love how frustrating Amelia can be at times, and then she can immediately make you feel every ounce of her pain.

Thank goodness, Jake was there all along to help her stray from slipping away back to using. Though it was short, I appreciated the way he was able to relate to Amelia by sharing more on his background story. All in all, Jake helped Amelia realize that in order to choose to stay alive, carry her baby to term and for her baby to help save the lives of other babies, she couldn’t let her addiction kill her nor the child.

Elsewhere: Sam and Addie spent most of the time playing house, finally pushing Addie to ask Sam what he truly wanted. We weren’t shown his response, but Jaddison shared yet another explosive and surprising kiss.

I loved when Jake said: "I see that we’re all in it together, and I think I’m good with that.” That’s totally how the doctors at Seaside Wellness are – all in it together. For more lines, don't forget to check out our Private Practice quotes section.

Meanwhile, this week’s episode focused on two different cases. In the first, Sheldon and Violet worked together with a family troubled by a father who couldn’t control sexual feelings for his daughter. Luckily, Amelia was able to save the day by removing a lesion on the father’s brain. I thought it was realistic for the daughter not to be able to forgive her father right away.

As for the second case, Pete was caught between a patient's partner and father over the course of life saving treatment. While both Sam and Charlotte were able to separate their feelings from the law, Pete refused to honor the patient’s father’s wishes and helped end the patient’s life. Last season ended with the practice in shambles, will the hospital face the same fate?

Now it’s time for the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). Thanks to Pete acting like an irate child and incredibly irresponsible throughout the entire installment, I’m rating this episode a 2 on the VAS. Violet constantly tried to get him to talk about their relationship, or the lack of one. The harder Violet tried to talk to Pete, the more it seemed like he would go to the extremes to avoid her. Regardless of their circumstances, she made it clear that she wanted to fight for what they had. Hey Violet, key word is had. These two together are beyond excruciating to watch now.

I honestly laughed out loud when Violet asked if she was repellant. I also loved when Cooper stated that she, Pete and Lucas made a great family but questioned if she and Pete were actually a great couple. This is something most of us have been wondering for quite some time now.

Other Observations

  • How adorable was baby Henry? Seriously, his big eyes show just how happy a baby he is. Then again, who wouldn’t want to be fed while listening to the waves crash?
  • Violet is FINALLY selling her murder home. Seriously, that house could be showcased on American Horror Story

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments to share your predictions for next week’s season finale. Also, don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.


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I am sorry but I am sick and tired of Amelia and this whole "I hate the world don't you see what a victim I am!" crap! Get over it and stop making everyone else a problem. You got dealt some crappy cards. Throw them in and get over it. But stop treating everyone else like crap because of YOUR life choices!


First I have to say Caterina Scorsone deserves like 5 awards for her work on this show, this women can seriously act, love her or hate her, you simply can't ignore the work she has done on this show. I also have to say I LOVE the way Charlotte's character has evolved over the life of the show. She is probably my fav character right now (except for Henry, my goodness that is one cute baby!) and as others have said it's about time some Dr. on this show pays for their actions. I have had enough of Pete all together, he unplugged the machines without any legal right to do so, that's murder folks period. Charlotte had no choice there but to call the cops. I would like Jake to find someone NOT in the practice, all Addison does is go from one guy to another, she was willing to throw away her relationship with her best friend to be with Sam and that didn't work out, so JAddision doesn't stand a chance.


Trivial point: Does it bother anyone the relationship Lucas has with his parents, Pete and Vi. He walks in the house and doesn't seem to acknowledge either one of them. I do believe they should be portrayed as being more loving towards their son, including him, rather than focusing so much on their own personal needs. Good for Sheldon who did not give into Amelia. Amelia is the only one who can help herself. Addison finally gets her baby and lo and behold it's not enough!! She's still not content!!! Pete did a totally disgusting act as a doctor to end someone's life without proper documentation, period. Can't wait for the season finale!


It was so nail-biting and intense. Hoping the finale ends on a bit of a lighter note - unlikely considering past pp finales! Seriously hoping this isn't the last season - i love this series. I love everything about it. And i love violet! And i love violet and pete together - i want them to work out! they are complicated and messy but so is life and like Violet said they have not had it easy. I think and really hope they can get past their hiccups and find each other again because underneath all that hostility is pure love for one another. Its going to be one big finale, there is so much going on how can it all be resolved in an episode!? Fingers crossed for another season!! Just renew it already!


This episode made me angry. Every season one of the doctor goes off the rails and does something immature, irresponsible and stupid. You can't be a doctor if you let compassion over rule every other thought in your head. I'd say Pete's annoyance scale was off the charts - he was acting like a spoiled brat. Amelia was better this episode. To be honest I've never liked her. She's to unpredictable and frivolous. Though I do wish they had grown her relationship with Addison rather than forcing Addison into the annoying friend arms of Violet. And please don't put Jake with Amelia. If anyone needs to be alone it's Amelia. She needs to learn how to accept friendship and not punish all of the people around her due to her bad choices before she's in a serious relationship.


I was glad Addison finally addresse the question with Sam, that he's playing house but won't commit to her and the baby. I don't hate Jake and Addison, but I wished they would pair Jake with Amelia instead. Those two need some good happening to them. Addison has never been single. Maybe it's time for her to be for a while and not jump from one guy to the next. I Sheldon should get a love interest, but someone his own age, Not Amelia. I wonder what's gonna happen with Pete. I understand what he did what wrong, but charge him with murder? That's harsh.


JAddison finally! U made them work for it Shonda! Come on! Loved the kiss! Loved him being jealous and bit AlphaMale I don't care. YES he cares and I love how much he cares. Hoping that Addison isn't dumping him for that stupid Sam!
Amelia-Sheldon scenes always make my day :D! Amelia is so intense, she knows what she wants, she knows how to cure he pain even just for a minute!
Violet and Pete! I didn't loved Pete this time around, U can't do the right thing and not care who will take the FALL! Vi on the other side got to a good place this week and I liked it!
Loved there wasn't so much focus on Charlotte and Cooper! And I SUPPORT Charlotte for her move on Pete! :D


I am to the point that I can't stand Amelia anymore. It seems she is putting the blame on Addison and Sheldon when she is totally responsible for her situation. I agree with another poster that it is about time someone in the practice pays for their actions. They take it upon themselves to make decisions regardless of the laws. i.e. last week with the illegal immigrant baby story line and then last night with the gay couple. I was enjoying this show more than Grey's Anatomy but now not so much....


I think this episode more or less proved two things: Addison/Sam and Violet/Pete don't work. Both Addison and Violet know exactly what they want from the men in their lives but neither can deliver. I thought Addison and Jake's kiss at the end was great and it really doesn't make sense for Addison and Sam anymore. On the other hand, Cooper was right in saying that Violet and Pete just aren't a good couple. The whole season has practically shown them trying to make their relationship work but it's obviously not working. Violet said they've been tested and survived but I can't even remember something these two survived together. If memory serves me right, Violet just runs away. I get where Pete came from since this is a dilemma that they've faced before. But in this case, the father was very clear and Charlotte didn't have a choice. She can't be blamed for doing her job and it'll be interesting to see the repercussions of his decision.


I think we need a PAS (Pete annoyance scale) more than a VAS!

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