Revenge Clips: Back in 2002...

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Emily was still Amanda. Lydia hadn't moved to the Hamptons yet. Jack Porter was barely recognizable.

Indeed, 2002 was a decade ago, but Revenge will take viewers all the way back there on tomorrow night's new episode, "Legacy." We'll attend a special New Year's Eve party, one set up specifically by Conrad to out his enemies - and one catered by a covert brunette who will later move in next door.

Watch the Revenge trailer for the unique installment and then enjoy FIVE clips from it below:

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Couldn't help feeling like this was a rerun episode. Really no ah ha moments! Looking forward to the finale and of course there is always next season! Next to Survivor this is my favorite show!

Revenge Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Destruction is in my DNA. Take it up with Darwin.


The guy you just toilet capped at the club, could press charges.