Shonda Rhimes Speaks on Shocking Grey's Anatomy Death

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WARNING: Turn back now if you haven't seen the Grey's Anatomy season finale.

After the controversial and shocking death of a fan favorite, creator Shonda Rhimes is weighing in on the decision to bid that character farewell ... along with another doctor who also left town.

"Flight" rocked longtime fans of the ABC drama to the core, perhaps even more than past years. A beloved character meeting a gruesome, horrible and absolutely shocking death will do that.

"They're not really gone for good, are they?", more than a few fans likely asked.

But they are. Rhimes released a statement via Twitter after the episode, saying she's as sad as you are about what happened. Read it below, then comment with your take on her remarks:

Mark Breaking Down


Okay. Callie said it best tonight: Life changes in an instant. Turns on a dime.

This finale was incredibly hard to write. I did not enjoy it. It made me sick and it made me sad. We end the season not knowing ANYTHING about the future. Except for two things.

We know we are definitely saying goodbye to two of my favorite people: Chyler Leigh (Lexie) and Kim Raver (Teddy).

I know this season's finale had some surprises for viewers and the exit of Kim Raver was one of the big ones. But Kim's series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation.

It's been a pleasure working with someone as talented and funny and kind as Kim; everyone is going to miss her terribly. I like to imagine that Teddy is still out there in the Grey's Anatomy universe, running Army Medical Command and building a new life.

I love Chyler and I love the character of Lexie Grey.

She was an important member of my Grey's family. This was not an easy decision. But it was a decision that Chyler and I came to together. We had a lot of thoughtful discussion about it and ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character's journey to end.

As far as I'm concerned Chyler will always remain a part of the Shondaland family and I can't wait to work with her again in the future. I'd write more but I'm honestly too sad. I don't like life changing in an instant and turning on a dime.

Thanks for watching Season 8. We are, as always, grateful that you joined us for the ride."

Sob. Hiccup. Sob.

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This episode, from the beggining could not be good for me:
Three of my favorite characters (Lexie, Yang and Arizona) were fighting for their lives, and one would die. Teddy was 'fired' by the bastard that is Owen, and Mark was grieving... This finale was one of the most shocking ones.


that picture of mark breaks my heart up there...


i think this episode should just be a dream. so much stuff has already happened to them and losing lexie is a major thing for everyone. i didnt even realize what happened to them until christina said it...
bomb, ferry crash, drowning, cancer, friends being hit by a bus, shooting, and now plane crash... thats a lot and i missed a lot more.. please shonda make lexie come back!


i was so looking forward to this episode. i was so excited! and then lexie died in the first 5 minutes. i was so disappointed with this episode. i really thought that no one was going to die from the plane crash and just have that been a distraction. i thought adele was going to die. i really thought that mark was going to be able to save her and they live happily together. **I hope shonda is reads these comments. i really loved lexie and i loved her and mark together. first denny... then george.... and now lexie :( please make this whole plane crash a dream please please!!!


Shonda, you dissapointed me twice this year. First, killing Lexie?!? If Chlyer wanted more time with her family, could Lexie become a stay home mom? Or Whatever, just not killing her. End second was at PP- that Sam proposal. Come on, we're tired of this couple, if any, we want Addy with Jake.


i cried so hard in the finale. the death scene was so sad. every time i re-watch the scene i sob like a baby. i was really, really disappointed that lexie died. i have been waiting for her and mark to get back together and STAY together for a while. im still sad when i think about it.
next season is going to be a disappointment because the first episode will be them all mourning over her death and then a couple episodes later everyone will forget about it. mark will probably not be the same. meredith (hopefully) will not be the same because her SISTER just died.
i get angry with tv shows when someone dies and then the characters are okay after that.
i just want mark to have passed out and lexie be fine and him and derek be able to lift the plane off of her and she be fine and her and mark stay together. PLEASE!!!


i was really sad to see lexie die. she was my favorite character (along with mark). i thought the scene was beautiful with her and mark. the writing was great and the acting was even better. it was so emotional. i dont think anyone should be calling shonda bad names and blaming her because i think chlyer wanted out. and thats understandable but i dont think lexie needed to die. i think she could have gotten a job offer somewhere and just moved. when u kill a character they can never come back.. in the series finale i wanted mark and lexie to have their fairytale ending. lexie got hers but mark didnt. lexie died next to the man she loves and with the thought of their "future life". i really wish she didnt die so she could come back for like one episode in the end. but its done.. unless it was all a dream (its television anything could happen)


Listen I liked Lexie, aka Little Grey and I so wanted her to end up with Mark but to call Shonda names and to say you hate her is so wrong. Chyler has 3 or 4 kids so maybe she wanted a little break. The main characters are all signed back up. No one wanted Arizona to die because of her and Callie's relationship and we didn't want the babies to die and we most definitely didn't want to loose Mer and Der and most people were begging for Christina to stay on. People said they were ready for Teddy to go. I would love for the episode to just be a dream Lexie, Meredith or Mark had. Heck I would love it they all had the same dream and that was why they stayed. I do know Grey's Anatomy is coming back next year and they said all of the orginals renewed their contracts. It would be nice to get a long visit from Izzie after this accident. Just a catch up few episodes would be nice. I always loved Izzie's character. I think in 2 years it will be time to wrap the series anyway before it is burned out. It would be nice to have a few more episodes each year. It seems like all major shows are shortening their seasons and I for one love Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I wish they would put Private Practice back on after Grey's Anatomy. If Private Practice doesn't come back it would be nice to see Addison return and maybe her and Mark hook up with the kids if Lexie isn't going to "come back to life".


You people are sick. IT'S JUST A SHOW! It happens, get over it! Shonda has heard this song before. It won't change anything!


Someone said they could bring Lexie back by making this all a dream Mark had that made him wake up and go get her. I like that. We aren't ready to loose Lexie. Come on Shonda and Chyler rewrite before the next season.
If you don't we want to see a rescue, please don't start back with everyone back at the hospital grieving.
Also one big thing! Where are all their cell phones? Did they take them away before the flight? Someone has got to have a cell phone that doesn't have a dead battery..

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