Smash Review: And Marilyn is....

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Break a leg!

If any performance of any show needed that fortune, it was this preview of "Bombshell." They had a unprepared lead with ill-fitted costumes, a new ending, and, with the exception of Derek a lack of faith that they would succeed.

But succeed they did!

Ivy & Karen Vie For The Role

Smash had a few questionable storylines through its season, but in the finale it got it almost all right. The battle for the role of Marilyn once again was a decision between Karen Cartwright and Ivy Lynn. Based on the poll we did, most of you should be happy that Karen came out on top.

In the end, that girl persevered and deserved it. Especially since no one but Derek believed in her. Add in Ivy's continual sabotage, it's a miracle Karen didn't do worse than run off to the dressing room to let out a few tears. And she was brilliant. She was Marilyn!

Tom and Julia were able to pull out a beautiful song to close out the musical; the perfect reflection on the life of Marilyn. It also worked nicely as a closing to the Smash finale showing the pride on the faces of those involved in Bombshell, as well as, Ivy's despair.

Smash has been renewed for next season and is set to premiere at mid-season. This finale provided some insight into what may happen when the show returns. Some good ... others not so much.

Ivy's attempted suicide will have to be addressed. Did she succeed in killing herself? Her despair was difficult to watch, though much of it she brought on herself. Her action was definitely a cry for help and given her history maybe even meant to be a punishment to others, especially Derek. If she really wanted to die, she wouldn't have taken the pills in the dressing room where she should be found within minutes. If she survives, is there any chance the production would take her back? I find that doubtful.

Ellis is gone! Or, is he? His inflated sense of himself finally got the best of him. Eileen had no choice but to fire him when he outed himself as Rebecca's poisoner (which most of you predicted in last week's poll). He was so deluded to think that Eileen would be proud of him. I don't expect that Ellis is going to go away quietly, though. Despite how much his character is despised, he will most likely be back and with a vengeance. Will he turn this into a legal battle since he first mentioned the words "Marilyn" and "musical?"

The storyline I hated the most was Julia's affair with Michael. It ended up being not nearly as bad as it started, but the Julia we were introduced to in the pilot was not that Julia. As soon as she got sick, I wrote in my notes, "Oh, man ... she better not be pregnant!" And then what does she say to Tom ... the last time she was sick was when she was pregnant with Leo. To the writers of Smash: Please do not go down this path. Her throwing up was just due to stress or a bad burrito. Forget it ever happened. Please!

Ivy is such a bitch. Her decision to tell Karen on that day that Dev slept with her was selfish and unforgivable. Karen and Dev have had some ups and downs, but after their engagement, I started to understand their connection. In some ways, I hope they get back together. If they don't reunite, it would open up many new opportunities for Karen when she returns to New York. And, no, Derek should not be an option!

Even with the ups and downs throughout the season of Smash, it was an enjoyable ride. The music and performances were a highlight of the season. Are you looking forward to sticking around to see what happens when Bombshell hits Broadway?

Next season, Smash has a new showrunner, Josh Safran (Gossip Girl). Given how the show ended the season, what storylines do you want to see carried over and which would your prefer to never see again?


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I really really really was excited for the second season of Smash but then it started. They hired new directors and producers and screenwriters to make the second season better than the first but it only makes me want to quit watching. The characters are unlikable, the songs are repetitive and unlikable. Most importantly characters Leo and Jimmy have no chemistry, no acting talent and make me want to promptly fast forward and turn off the show.


Katharine Mcphee & Jack Davenport have a natural chemistry on and off the screens. For those saying Karen & Derek have no chemistry, I'll leave a question: are we watching the same show?
I must admit that's really hard to bring them together; they're the definition of "opposite". But I can't stop shipping them. I can't.
And now, we had the extended preview. That Jimmy guy, I can totally see why he's on the season two.
A jealous Derek, attracted by the challenge... I'm actively praying, hoping the showrunner will explore their SIZZLING chemistry.


I'm glad it was Karen. Ivy is a selfish bitch. I won't deny Ivy is a great performer, but as a person she can rot in hell. As for the whole Karen/Derek thing. She's too good for him, he and Ivy deserve each other. I know these are just peoples opinions, but 'It should've been Ivy'? Really? Hell no! She got fired, and it should've stayed that way.


Just watched this show with my friend mindi an i like it.I luv ivy and i have one thing to say about karen. She cant have EVERYTHING!She took marilyn,the commercial,her friends,the workshop,and now shes trying to take derek too??!Hes all ivy has and he loves ivy not karen.If they put karen and derek together im through.They have absolutely NO chemistry and look like siblings!He and ivy sizzle and shes the one person who makes him vulnerable and sweet.They are perfection!


Literally just discovered this show and love it! What keeps me hanging in is definitely Megan.Her acting chops are incredible!!I love Ivy and Derek together.Hes so sweet with her and to those who think he loves Karen...Why does he only see her as Marilyn then??In his head shes always Marilyn Monroe unlike Ivy who he LOVES.He even told her so.Derek and Ivy for the win!!!!!


I can't believe this show is struggling! I fell in love with this show and it is one of my favorites of the season! I cantl, however, agree with anyone who thinks Ivy should be Marilyn! Why would anyone want a deceitful, conniving person to walk away with the prize? And no way is she a better singer than Karen. My only criticism of Kat McPhee is that she is too skinny for Marilyn. Her look on idol was way sexier! Bring back the curves Kat! Please fix whatever is wrong with this show in the eyes of the network! I am looking forward to season 2!!!!


Kat Mcphee is GORGEOUS. I have been obsessed since Over the Rainbow on Idol. Though, I did find her more attractive before she slimmed down to play a dancer. Now she's a little too hard bodied. She's lovely, but I think soft, and curvy is way more feminine. Megan on the other hand is SEX in a dress!! I could never imagine this show without both of them. I hope it continues to go back and forth and the competition makes for more siren songs from BOTH of these enchantresses!


I have just sat and watched this whole season in a week..
And I
Loved it...
I would of preferred ivy to get the role, or do it as a split Norma jeans with Karen
And ivy as Marilyn...
I did like the julia and Michael... I thought they had the sex appeal that her and her husband didn't...
So I would like them to go down that path with Julia and Michael...
Then ivy...
She stole the season
/show for me...
She was the star of the show...
I preferred watching her and how her life was unrelving
I do like Derek and her together... And love for them to develope there relationship...
As well as getting her life back in order....
Also Karen..
I liked her in this role but I don't want her to star as Marilyn..prefer ivy..
Her relationship with dex is good and they should keep them together....
And lastly I liked the bar owner and Elena they seems cute to watch, love to see how they are going to ate here storyline...
But all in all it was a good first season...
Hope they don't screw it up...
Till next season...


Anyone with a brain knows Ivy was the best performer by far ! Karen may have a nice voice , but it takes a lot more than that to be a Broadway star ! The whole show focused on trying to convince us that Kathy McPhee was brilliant , but it only showed how untalented she is when it comes to acting . Megan was the one who made us cry , suffer and even root for her character !


I think Ivy should get the part of Marilyn next season. She sings beautifully and her face and curvy body type are much more like Marilyn than Karen's.
Although Karen sings great, her pointy chin and broad shoulders would never
remind me of Marilyn, wig or not.

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