Supernatural Review: Words with Friends

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For those of you worried about this season being the last, fear not. The CW has picked up Supernatural for an eighth season. Which means that as we barrel down the final stretch of episodes, it's probably safe to say a gigantic cliffhanger is on the way.

But what is everything leading up to?

For a good majority of the season, the main villain, the Leviathan, have slimed their way to the background while trying to carry out their devious fast food plan to eat the human race. They've been plotting and excavating and copying famous celebrities, but because Sam and Dean have had no idea how to kill the creatures from Purgatory, they've pretty much just left them alone. Or tried to avoid them.

Except "Reading is Fundamental" really focused on the core mythology of the Leviathan arc and packed so much information in that I'll probably need to play a few rounds of Sorry! before I fully process it all.

The Brothers and Castiel

The key to the home stretch involves Dick Roman's red clay tablet the brothers stole last episode. Turns out God had a soft spot for diary writing and using his scribe Metatron, crafted the aptly named "Word of God." Guess God decided to have a backup plan in case somebody wanted to let the Leviathan loose.

It makes sense for the Winchesters to retrieve the tablet as it finally helps their cause for victory, but why would Dick Roman want it? Does it do more than explain how to defeat them?

Clearly there's a deep seated power beyond simple sentences. After all, women all over seemed to give birth and it even awoke the catatonic Castiel. But what benefit would the Leviathan gain, especially in trying to eat everyone?

Once again, I'm pleased to see Misha Collins back, even if he plays a more insane version of his angel character. Castiel's non stop gibberish about cat's penises and the path of bees is but a small sample of the broken angel. While he seems rather content and spends a lot of his time smiling and acting extremely childlike (even more so than usual,) there's a sad recognition of the pain and suffering he's bestowed upon himself.

Castiel wants to atone for his actions and if eliminating the sanity he once had for this simpler version, he would gladly take the punishment.

It's funny that as viewers, we both got Bobby and Castiel back on the show, but they aren't the same people we once knew. The former is a haunted mess and the latter signing up for his role in "Angel, Interrupted". I wonder what their final end game will be.

It seems pretty obvious that on some level, the end game for the season will certainly include the crashing of entities from the angels, demons, Leviathan, and of course, world saving heroes, Sam and Dean.

And I love that that biblical feel returned while again bringing things back to the past with the renewed focus on angels and demons. They may have been pushed out of the way for the black oozed Leviathan, but I have a feeling they will be making their comeback tour pretty soon.

Welcome, Castiel!

After all, Meg's comments about Crowley being the main focus was a rather interesting point and potential lead in to next season. Dean may have scoffed at the idea with his more pressing matters, but the King of Hell should never be counted out. Especially when Mark Sheppard portrays him wonderfully.

So while his evil presence might be a future cause (at least for Sam and Dean for now) the brothers finally know how to kill the Leviathan. Finally! All you need is your typical righteous mortal bone washed in the blood of the three fallen. Available at your local Wal-Mart obviously. With Castiel offering up the first part, the question remains: who and where are the other two?

Yet, the episode refused to stop there giving (for me at least) a reason to like and even fear the Leviathan. It's no secret that I've found them rather bland, but Edgar shoving his hands inside the angels and proving their powerlessness was kind of cool. I always thought the winged ones had the upper hand, but it looks as though even they are useless when it comes to Leviathan. Uh oh, Kevin. Looks like you've got a new babysitter to deal with now and he's not really a nice guy.

Supernatural really stepped it up in terms of story, pushing things dramatically forward while giving time for a few more emotional moments with Castiel. I love that things feel like they are coming to a head and hopefully that driving force powers through to the end.


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Crowley returns next week, so that should be very interesting. He wants the Leviathan destroyed, so I don't think he will try to interfere with the the brothers quest. I think his return will have more to do with Meg and Castiel. Meg (Lucifer loyalist) is high on Crowley's hit list, and Crowley is high on Lucifer's hit list. I don't think Meg returning to watch over Castiel was because she suddenly developed a crush on him. I think her return has to do with Lucifer, and I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Mark Pellegrino for this season, yet. Just my guesses.


@Richard Everything has some kind of weakness. Demons can be trapped by ink or paint drawings on the ground, Angels can be beaten by burning oil and Leviathans can be beaten by cleaning supplies. Its all weird if you look at it. The Leviathans are older than the Angels though so it makes sense that they'd be able to overpower them. I'm sure the Angels might have been able to shove Edgar but they went right for their light power. LotN


Great episode, but I was stunned at how easily the Leviathan killed the two Angels. Didn't expect that at all. At least Sam or Dean could slow them down a little with borax or dropping a car on them. And Bobby could shove Dick across a room. And in 'Shut Up, Dr. Phil,' the warlock (male witch) Donald knocked out/paralyzed a Leviathan for three days with a spell. But the Angels were totally powerless against them. Surely an Angel is far more powerful than a ghost or a witch. I think they goofed in making them look so helpless. Even if they couldn't kill them, they should have been able to put up some kind of fight.


This episode was a major let down. It reflected the season with Sera Gamble as showrunner. I hate the writing that made Castiel/Misha Collins so helpless. I don't know if the glimmer of hope in a new showrunner for Season 8 can help. His Being Human series on Syfy is mediocre. I was hoping that the show would end in season 7 because of the bad writing all season. If the show wants fans back, then they should do something about bringing back Castiel and Bobby in better forms.


I thought this episode was great. We got a little more insight into the Leviathans and the fact that they can beat angels. Pretty strange but interesting, that was. I thought crazyCas was funny up until the point where he was playing Sorry with Dean. When Dean threw the game on the floor and got angry that broke my heart. It was heartwrenching to see our favorite angel like that and I really hope he gets better in season 8, depending on what the story arc for Cas is next year. On a lighter note, SEASON 8!!!!! WOOOHOOO!


Obviously Dick Roman wanted the tablet to destroy it, after all if its unique then that tablet is the only thing that knows how to kill Leviathans, so if he destroyed it then their weakness is lost forever. Damn great episode. CrazyCas is hilarious, Dean knowing who Megatron is was hilarious and the Leviathans are scary once again with Edgar returning to the show. He, along with Dick and Chet, are the three Leviathans that have really pulled off the scary vibe, but Edgar especially and even more so with his ability to dust angels. Meg is a delightful bitch as always and I actually have started hoping she becomes a closer part of Team Free Will, and I don't think she's another Ruby chiefly because she doesn't hide that she's evil or even say that she wants to help the boys, she just won't screw with them. Can't wait for the next episode for two reasons. Sam and Dean finally have a weapon against Dick, and because Mark Sheppard is back as King Crowley. :D LotN


I think the Leviathan were created to be perfect, thus eternal. Well, then God build in fail-switch, but just that one, in case something ever goes wrong. Which it did. Why not telling the angles, though? Maybe he did not trust them enough? But why? The timeline is really blurry here, but we have to assume he created the Leviathan before Luzifer's fall? I think the next season will indeed focus more on Crowley and the angels and demons. Maybe we will learn that there is a way back from loosing your soul (that is what happens to the demons on the show right?) and Meg will 'transform'. I mean all this talk about her cause of existence, her 'thorny' beauty better means something. Or they just setting up another Ruby, which would be really boring.


leviathans can kill angels!? kinda crappy planning, god - create a terrible monster, lock it away INSTEAD OF KILLING IT, and then refuse to create beings that could overcome said monster. either god couldn't kill the leviathans, or he just chose to create the perfect set up (which actually makes sense, given cas's comment on how this universe is made for conflict). whichever way, it's a god = fail, which makes for interesting tv, and (for once) echoes my own feelings about christianity in general. glad to see dean and sam are still as hot as usual.


I am from India and I really like the show very much. The story is fantastic and the artists are experts in their work. I am really a big fan.


Bone of the righteous man? Seems to me that they already referred to Dean Winchester his own self as a "righteous man," several times, in fact. Also, there is definitely something going on with Meg - she saved Castiel's life twice, by killing the two demons and then by slaying the angel. She might've claimed enlightened self interest, but she sure did have an odd expression on her face.

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