The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Rumor Has It

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It seems like the summer heat got into everyone's head on this week's The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In "The Text Best Thing" friendships were rekindled, rumors went flying and wild ideas were tossed around.

Could Adrian commit to Omar? Would Ben ever want to switch schools? Let's dive right in!

Amy's Deep In Thought

It's safe to say that Omar's marriage proposal was a bit much for an 18-year old girl who has already been divorced and lost a baby, but I really think that Omar and Adrian are great together. I like how Adrian said let's take this one step at a time and work our way up to a longer commitment. It's probably the most realistic thing to happen on this show in ages!

Then we have Adrian's ex-hubby Ben and his girlfriend Dylan, who Alice referred to as "Fatal Attraction." For Alice's entire hilarious line, hit our The Secret Life of the American Teenager quotes section. 

Dylan's friends really seem to think poorly of Ben, despite always hanging out at his house and calling his dad "the King." Basically they like Ben's money, they think Ben is okay enough for Dylan, but they think Ben's friends are white trash. I simply can't even get into it with these cheesy bitches. Who do they think they are? Next! 

It's funny how quickly Lauren was to forget that Amy stood by her side after everything that happened with Madison. I know that Lauren and Madison are butt buddies and miss each other, but hating their third best friend is just spiteful. I really don't believe that Madison and Lauren acted so dumb and naive at the beginning of this series. Why does it seem that so many of these characters have become less likeable?

Amy is constantly in a mood, as we've discussed. Madison and Lauren are painful. I know Ethan is new, but he is such a pill to be around. Was he added to the show because Ashley hasn't been on it and Secret Life needed its dose of teenage angst? Then, on the other hand, Ricky has turned into this really sweet guy and Adrian has become hilarious. Jack and Grace are pretty much the same and Ben's personality depends on what girl he's currently obsessed with.

I really don't understand the obsession with Anne's sexuality. She's in Europe! She's not even around to do anything gossip worthy! Does George really have nothing better to talk about? I suppose that is a rhetorical question since we all know that the answer is no, George does not have anything better to talk about. Also, why would he share that piece of information with Kathleen?

Kathleen got tipsy and shared this tidbit of gossip with Grace, who might have the biggest mouth on the show. Well, biggest mouth after Madison and Lauren's. I liked that little flash to the Brady Bunch screen of everyone simultaneously on the screen at once. Except, instead of a 70's montage, it was very modern with a bunch of kids on their cell phones. Jack's dad made a shrewd observation about today's kids and technology.

What did you all think of this week's episode? Did you enjoy Ricky's American flag boxers? Hit the comments! 


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I agree with everything you said at Amy girl.Why do the writers have to make Amy like this? It's honestly painful to watch, let the girl be happy for once hasn't she been through enough.Her constant moodiness about pointless shit is making people turn away from the show. geez are trying to show that being a teen mom makes you a horrible person? Because that is insulting. Also Grace frustrates me so much, get the fuck over yourself and Jack stop being a love sick puppy- he needs to seriously grow a pair. I really feel that Ricky is the only character that has grown up, but since the writers have made him the good guy they've made everyone else look like total idiots.I hate Dylan, every time she is on screen I just wanna slap her in the face! George is dumb, Kathleen is even dumber can't this woman live without out a man for like 5 minutes!! no wonder why Grace turned out the way she did. This season started off so well and then it when down the toilet after the purposal.


This show is becoming a total waste of an hour for someone's life. The word gay is so over used. The only things that's happened in the last 3 episodes is Nora is gay and Amy won't set a date. Not to mention every other word of every teenagers line is sex sex sex. They need to get over the petty bullshit and write out something different for these episodes. Please no more secret life, there is nothing secret about it anymore.


I'm so sick of Amy. All she does is bitches. All the time.. and she treats people like crap. She thinks she's better than everyone. Rickie CLEARLY deserves better than her! She truly needs to grow the hell up!


Cut me off *When they do get screen time, and that's not often, Amy always manages to butt in and make it about herself. You'd think she'd be busy enough with motherhood and planning a wedding which she honestly doesn't seem like she wants to have, she wouldn't have time for petty drama. Amy needs to stop being so moody. Really, come on. It's just sickening and poor Ricky is all I think. Can someone let this girl just be somewhat happy or at least quiet for one episode?


@nicole. Smart move. SO many better things to do than watch this crappy show, I don't plan on quitting though because it may be the worst show on television, but that just makes it so much funnier to laugh at. Why is Amy acting like she has a stick up her ass? She just got engaged and she's already in that bitter middleaged woman "phase". Sick of it. And why is Amy having a conversation with Ben SUCH A BIG DEAL. Why does everyone know? More importantly why would they care???? And Amy told Ricky she had a conversation with her ex, and when Ricky had a normal reaction she started accusing him of things.. that makes total sense. I know people like Ramy, but I just feel so bad for Ricky each episode I'm cheering for him to run out the door! George really is an idiot... I see nothing humorous about him even though he's supposed to be. Grace's mom is dumb. Grace is whiney, as usual. Jack is slightly pathetic, as usual. And awww! at Lauren and Madison trying to get screen time. When the two of you get some, and that's not a lot, Amy always butts in and makes it about her. Ben needs to get over Dylan. Poor Henry. Good for Adrian not accepting a marriage proposal while she's still married.


Well, I didn't even finish watching the episode because it was so bad.
What has happened to this tv show?
I honestly have nothing left to say. And I have officially stopped watching the secret life. Please inform me when something decent comes up!!!


I fail to understand why every character other than ricky and adrian have gotton soo unbearable! Why has jack been reduced to grace's suitor I thought he was part of the main caste! He needs some good plot and story line! Why did ashley disappear? Her character was funny. They need to improve her story line. The boxer shorts were the only redeeming part of this ep! I hope it gets better soon!


The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

I'd like to feel like you set the date because you want to get married.

Ricky [to Amy]

Amy: So you're not even a little bit upset with me?
Ricky: Not unless you want me to be?