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Elena turning will be interesting at the only humans will be Jer and Matt. The freaking triangle is beyond annoying now as it will keep coming up. Okay she met Damon first he consumed her ..... If she loved him and wanted to truely be with him the writers should have had her pick Damon. I m just hoping Tyler isn't dead for real and I m over Bonnie for this move seriously.


So we will get Morgan back. Best news I heard.


I'm convinced that Elena knew about the vampire blood being in her system. It was a nice touch to have the contrasting stories - flashback and present - next to each other. The same decisive look in her present face that was in her father's as he sacrificed his own safety for hers... it was evident right then (as if it wasn't earlier) that she had decided that was the road she would take. It's going to be super strange if they bring back Katherina - how the heck are you supposed to tell them apart, other than with a curling iron? Gosh.
And I don't think Tyler's dead. The vampire part of him will probably die, and affect him in some way, but he's not dead... he's too prominent in the Klaus storyline (as well as Caroline's!)
Very decent episode/finale. On par with the finale of Dexter's 4th season, I'd say.


Please make Elena and Damon a couple?! They are perfect for eachother, I like Stefan to. But he is so safe, and a little boring. Damon is more like act first, then think!



So let's see if I get this right..Elena will remember that she met Damon first,she will remeber he said "I love you but my bro can have you" and she'll go all I want Damon now? works for me,lul.And want Morgan back in the show..:(

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