The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Sneak Peek: Where's the Body?

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SPOILER WARNING: The following clip from next Thursday's season finale of The Vampire Diaries is rather revealing. Read on at your own risk...

TVD Season Finale Picture

Okay? Is it safe to continue? Then let's talk about what the following sneak peek depicts, specifically the coffin of a "Beef Jerkified Original," as Damon so aptly puts it. So can we assume that he and Stefan never made it to the Atlantic Ocean to deposit Klaus' corpse?

In The Vampire Diaries trailer for "The Departed," we do witness Alaric asking about Klaus, making it seem like this desicated blood sucker will play a key role on the episode.

In what capacity? Will he be brought back to violent, fun-loving, lonely life? Check out the clip now and then read our TVD Round Table's take on "Before Sunset."

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i think elena sud died..and i'll hab them both...


ashley miles are you a fucking troll? Ok I get that her idea was bad, but really calling her a troll? That seems a little ridiculous! And seriously you act as if you know everything there is to know about the show. And back to GG really quick season after season they teased us with the hopes of chuck and blair. And honestly, it gets old. I'm afraid TVD may fall into this. Love triangles can get boring. That is why we will get the Damon and Elena for a bit, then eventually Stefan will get her after he finds someone else causing her to get jealous. I better be careful writing my opinion though, I may get called a troll.

David and sabrina 2014

I wonder which original might be in the coffin storage but it might be the newer enemy coming up for the next season. I can't wait for this Thursday's season finale. =D =O


i want klaus and caroline together...they look so good ...forget about tylor....


ashley miles are you a fucking troll? and it's so obvious "anonymous" is the same person. lmfao. I was going to reply to you seriously but I'm just convinced you're a fail troll.


I'm with Ashley Miles. Go KLAUS AND ELENA!!!


I really want Klaus back! He is my favorite character on the vampire diaries. I'm team klaus+Elena and I really want them to be together. Forget about Caroline. If it was Elena and klaus that would be amazing since they are the last people that everyone would think would be together and make the show a lot more interesting. They are complete oppisites but you know what they say. OPPISITES ATTRACT. There is nothing interesting about Caroline. Directors please listen to the KLAUS AND ELENA FANS!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!


Klaus is too hot to go anywhere. He's got lots of fans and the media loves him just as much.. and why not? he has absolutely owned this season. =) ... and the show is so much better with him around and he has great dynamic with all the other tvd cast. Why take out someone when it only takes away from the show's awesomeness... =) he'll definitely be back!


Lovelife - I think you should get your hopes up actually. Even though I'm a Stelena fan....I have a very strong feeling she picks Damon. One reason I think that is because of the clip of Stefan saying to her that he will do everything in his power to make sure EVERYONE comes back. Was he saying this after she told him that she wants to see where her feelings for Damon lead? Either that or she told him she wouldn't choose either because she doesn't want to loose anyone?
Either way.... I don't think it's going to be Stefan she picks.
To be perfectly honest, Elena has really started to get on my nerves.


@Kira - except for the stelena endgame, I came to all the same conclusions. a stelena ending has got to be too boring, the series needs to keep the drama going. and i get the feeling elena's going to turn either this season finale or next season. I mean they've basically made her family life non-existent, I feel like it's time for a new chapter in her life... like maybe an unlife?

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