Touch Review: Repairing the Universe

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As frustrating as I found last week's Touch was almost as much as I liked "Music of the Spheres."

Sometimes the additional storylines work for me while others fall flat. Here, Touch was firing on all cylinders, as each part of the puzzle not only seemed to fit but I also found myself caring about all of the characters.

Martin Investigates Jake's Tablet

When Sheri told Marin she didn't think taking him to the park was a good idea, I wished that Marin would have asked her why. There was a specific concern she never voiced it so it was hard to tell whether she was worried for the boy or just trying to keep a tight leash on her patient.

I felt for Martin. As with any kid, the more a parent pushes, the more the child rebels. Jake was no exception. Every time Martin talked about the spelling app, Jake resisted it all the more. Martin needed to let him do it in his own time.

The gun in Jake's hand was scary. Any child with a weapon would be terrifying, but it's hard to tell if Jake had any understanding of consequences in that context.

Elsewhere, Andre's story was heart wrenching and I understood his fear. His brother was all he had and they would most certainly be separated if they were put into the system. 

I loved the sting operation to take down the probation officer. I'll admit, there was a part of me that wished we could send Jack Bauer into that office to handle it.

I even enjoyed the odd love story between Yarah and Felipe. Yarah was holding onto the cafe as the last link to her family. Little did she know she had family that needed her. I'll admit I didn't see that connection coming until the end. The instant family definitely happened quickly but sometimes life works that way.  Nothing changes until suddenly everything does.

But I had to wonder what kind of guitar Felipe had that was worth so much money. 

I thought that if Jake was going to make the connection and touch anyone it would have been Andre but I was wrong. The moment with Teller's partner was unexpected. I'm looking forward to seeing where that leads.

With Touch being picked up for a second season, it looks like we'll have plenty of time to find out how all of the threads connect.


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Well done. I agree the side stories were touching, and the new character, Teller's "best friend" seems intriguing. I do believe it's a character that will add much to the story. And there seems to be much story left to tell here. I miss Jack Bauer, but I think a Bauer comes along only once in a lifetime. Keifer Sutherland is equally as interesting as an "everyman" because you still suspect that there is something simmering just below the surface. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't, but with Sutherland, you never can be sure. I think the best is yet to come for this show.


So a 12 year old was the lone caregiver for his vegetable brother for years? Many problems here, given the level of care someone like this would require. For example, how does this completely paralyzed man use the restroom? Are we to believe his 80 pound brother lifts his limp 300 pound body onto the toilet every day? And, yeah, it's so frustrating to watch a emasculated Jack Bauer need back up to deal with someone as low as that sleazy probation officer. Why does he have to be a wimpy former reporter? Jake's dad could have been a badass former CIA agent who goes on crazy numbers based missions. I'm glad the show was renewed. I'll keep watching, although I hope this renewal doesn't further delay the 24 movie. I don't care if the movie's terrible - I need my Jack Bauer fix!


I really loved this episode as well. I loved that Andre was as much a teacher to Martin as Martin was a "hero" to Andre. I loved the side stories too. They just rang true. And all of the pieces of the grander puzzle are gradually coming together. And, by the way, Kiefer and David are amazing together. I'm really looking forward to watching this series unfold and so glad it got picked up for next season.

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