Who is Serena's "New" Love Interest on Gossip Girl?

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Get ready to throw more fuel on a slow-burning fire.

With rumors already swirling that Serena may come between Dan and Blair by the end of Gossip Girl's fifth season, the latest intel offers some vague, but potentially telling details of what we can expect.

The Maid of Honor

Asked how long it will be before Serena gets a new love interest, E! reports:

  • Not much time at all, but don't worry, our girl won't have to go far at all to find a "new" love interest. Serena's love interest is someone we already know.
  • In totally, completely unrelated news, S and B's friendship forecast in the finale? There's a storm brewing.

Do you think this means Serena makes a romantic play for Dan? Sound off on this latest speculation, and the rest of the Gossip Girl season finale spoilers we've posted so far, in the comments below:

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Serena is SO in love with Blair, and viceversa


If chair doesn't get back together then i want cherena to happen then everybody would have been together on the show


I hope its dan but I don't think it will be! nor do I think (or hope) it will be nate, serenate worked in the books yeah they were great but they still technically didn't end up together, serena ended up alone. In the tv series however the ratings in season 3 just show how bad serena and nate were, the ratings plummeted from 3/2 million in season 2 to 1 million mid season 3 all serenate were was sex and no emotion. Dan and Serena will always be the best couple between them three for me but I don't think that it will be dan who will be serena's 'new' love interest in the finale, but I do have hope for them in the next season. But who knows with these writers Bart and Serena will probably end up together or something!


lily and rufus going to split??? and serena will be with dan??


nate!..lola is ugly


Dan was misguided because he is in love of the illusion, of Blair he imagines that it is what she is not. When Dan and Blair break, Serena will certainly forgive Dan. Because Dan is the love of her life, and vice versa. Dan would never choose between Serena and the other girls, because he had already chosen Serena (4 season)! Nate is a playboy from season 2! It is true that Nate did not want to have sex with Jenny in season 3, but had no confidence in Serena. You are mistaken, Nate did not forgave Serena for Carter, and that began to crack their relationship. 21x3 and 22x3 episode shows how Nate has confidence in Serena, and Dan even warned of this Nate. That is why Serena dumped Nate and back to Dan at the end of season 3! By the way, Nate is now in love with Lola!


It's Rufus! LOLOLOL


@zoran derena is screwed you know...dan loves blair so much that she choosed her insstead of serena when serena was actually confessing her love to dan.dan had really hurt serena and if serena forgives dan for that than so be it.but if i were serena and if blair ditches dan for chuck then comes to serena for moral support and expects serena to be opened arms and stuff then i'd like to warn him to not let his hopes up..and why is nate a playboy in season 3 wherein fact he was very loyal to serena even when jenny was ruining there relationship and stuff and tried to kiss nate..he even forgave serena with the whole carter thing..dan should just get a new lovelife in rome or something -.-


Serena and Dan will never be finished as long as there is one fan who cheers for them! Serena describes the Dan - as her rock, on which she can always rely. Serena and Dan are each other's destiny. Serena is the love of his life, and Dan is the love of her life. Nate is a playboy, and shall not be faithful to Serena ( season 3). Additionally, Nate is in love with Lola.


it should be nate.. derena is ruined

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