Will Serena Derail Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl?

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The end of this week's Gossip Girl, combined with the official season finale synopsis and rumors circulating online, have fans buzzing about possible developments between Dan and Serena in the season finale.

Could Dan's ex and Blair's BFF come between the couple?

There are plenty of unconfirmed reports out there regarding this, but the only thing TV Line has to say on the topic is that "Blair and Serena’s friendship will be hanging by a thread when the season ends."

Or sooner than that, once S reveals her secret (see sneak peek from earlier).

Chair Casino Pic

Other Gossip Girl season finale spoilers involve a recent set photo of Chuck and Blair at what looks like a casino (see above). TV Line's Michael Ausiello may be shedding light on this image when he reveals:

"Without naming the exact location, I can confirm that a portion of the finale is set overseas. I can also confirm that at least one of these characters will be traveling to the destination in question: Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan."

The real question is which one(s), and whether it pertains to the photo above. We're sure you have plenty of theories on this matter, as well as Serena's potential role in the future of Dan and Blair.

The CW's official synopsis for "Return of the Ring" says that when Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in B’s latest nightmare.

It also says that by episode’s end, Blair will (finally) make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan? What do you think? Vote and share your comments with us below:

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:( All I want is for serena to be with dan for ever, and ever. Forever&Always That's all I honestly want I can't stand dan and blaire being together, it might sound quite weird but it's horrible! even if it's just a tv show it frustrates me, serena and dan where always meant to be, and I know that. Just please make chuck be with blaire. and dan with serena! Ibeg on my virtual Knees, It's all I Ever ask for


Wow! what a season...i wont be shocked seeing Serena coming back pregnant for Dan next season....hmmmm fingers crossed


people watch the canadian version of the preview of the season finale.


@ Elisa, I knew you'd like! You know me - I am a big fan of Serena and Dan. Such as I know you adore Chuck and Blair! I saw that spoilers too, but I do not believe anything until I see episodes!


@Zoran, what a nice comparison! Every time you prove me right: you freaking adore Derena. Well, according to some spoilers, your wishes will be satisfied, but it's always better to keep our fingers crossed! :D


@ Elisa sorry that I have not replied before. I hope that Serena will end the season to be happy, but I'm afraid she will be with the wrong man. Serena has only been happy with Dan, because he helped her to emerge from the crisis in season 1. So after Serena lost all that important to her, the rest is only to be GG. Her desire to be a GG is that over the years GG has made the most damage precisely to Serena, and therefore Serena wanted to have control of the GG. Now that she lost that control, Serena is afraid that it will again become the main target of GG. And since there is no one on which to rely, there is a real threat to Serena. Only that the silly Humphrey remember his princess, and to rise as a rock of Gibraltar (Hercules Pillars), on which a princess Serena to find a shelter!


dair is already malfunctioning on their own, i don't think they need serena to come between them
and i want blair to chose chuck because he is the love of her life not cause dan cheats on her with serena


By the end of the season Blair will be having sex with Chuck, mark my words that's what's going to happen. Yes Blair chooses Chuck!
Dan leaves with Serena, they will spend the summer together.


*horribly written...


@Zoran, I really hope that Serena will be happy at the end of the season. At the very beginning of the show, I really didn't care about Serena. I mean, I was fine with her, but she was quite always on the background, in my opinion. That's why I said that I've just realised that Derena was actually a nice couple. But now, instead of just "tolerate" her, I'm feeling sympathetic for her - she has gone through so many bad things! I liked her bitchy side, mostly in the last episode, and I was so sad when she told Lola that Gossip Girl is everything she has.
I won't be disappointed if the writers try a Derena reunion. In my opinion, even the old relationships can be amazing and new, if they are well written. I won't feel bored at all (mostly when it comes to my favourite couple)! On the contrary, I feel bored when they continue this irritating back and forth and when they try all the possible couples just to give us something new! Unfortunately most of the times they are just rushed up or horribly written...

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