Army Wives Review: Not A Moment of Peace

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What can be said about "Fatal Reaction?" There were a few stories going on, but only one rose above all others to anger me enough to become the center of this review.

Things have been markedly different this season, and not only because Pamela left the show and we were introduced to new characters. I can't put my finger on it, but I know there is one aspect of it that I will not stand for much longer. It's that difference I would like to focus on, and maybe together we can figure out what's going on.

Frank Comforts Denise

I thought it was going to be a celebration of life...
Now that we've successfully come through yet another health scare with Claudia Joy and Denise, can we have a show of hands: Who thinks these ladies have had enough?

It's time to get our story elsewhere and leave their health alone. No more near misses with their own issues or that of their families. I know you're with me on this. The number of characters we have and their sheer diversity allows for so many different arcs that I'm no longer allowing for these two to be on the same stove burners every season.

The one fun thing we did get out of the kidney transplant was Michael and Frank purchased their ladies a house on the beach for five days to celebrate their lives. I've really enjoyed their scenes at the beach and it was nice to see them get them reacquainted there again. Together they examined what they had gained and lost by being Army wives, and you'll find a nice sentiment from Denise in the Army Wives quotes section.

I know what you're thinking: were you watching the same show I was? Yes, I was, but I wanted to have just one short moment of solace before their lives were plummeted into doom and gloom again. 

Really? I mean, what the HELL is going on with Army Wives? It's become like some sort of sadistic freak show starring Claudia Joy Holden and Denise Sherwood. Since Amanda died in the explosion of the Hump Bar a few years ago, we can't even keep track of the number of things they've been through. All they wanted during this episode was to get over Claudia Joy's two-near death experiences and Denise's life-saving surgery with a little R&R. Instead a crazed psycho took them hostage and played with their minds until the women took their lives back and his in the process.

Can we please go back to my first request, and give these women and their husbands a break? Pick on someone else for a change, because this constant drilling on Claudia Joy and Denise is taking credibility away from a show that used to have a lot of deep meaning about country and sacrifice. 

Hey! Other things did happen during the episode.

  • Among them, Roxy had to face the fact that she was not supermom. She really can't wear 17 hats and still carry twins. She had a pregnancy scare and her punishment will be no sex for a while. That ought to have both she and Trevor climbing the walls in no time!
  • We saw a brief glimpse of David meeting Marcus on the down low, but it was dropped for the bigger story noted above. It was kind of odd where it left off, really.
  • When Hector's demands of Gloria weren't met to his satisfaction he cheated on her. That makes me wonder if he wasn't just looking for an excuse to get out of the marriage. They were only together weeks when they got married and he's a pain. Gloria would make a far superior soldier than Hector, and that's not a compliment to Hector. Here's hoping they write him off the show, Gloria sticks around to help Roxy and finds herself a soldier worthy of her spunk and affection.
  • Jackie really doesn't do well by herself. It lead to her visiting with Gloria at the Hump Bar, so all worked out well, but it is worrisome that somewhere down the road she will revert to old habits. Other than that, she is fitting in with the other wives and Roland just fine and I'm enjoying Kelli William's portrayal of her. 

I missed the previews for next week, so if there was a snippet showing Claudia Joy and Denise fighting off Skitters, Vampires or Werewolves, please keep it to yourself. I want to be surprised. And given it's Sunday night, I'm guessing they should be up for just about anything. 

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so glad CJ IS OKAY-----------------------------------


I agree. I hate all the bad things that are happening. I want some feelgood stories. What's with the shooting scene. Are they trying to support gun control and encourage private homes to get guns, and individuals to go to the gun range to learn to shoot? That's what I got from that scene. I would have thought that Claudia Joy and Denise would have still be weak from the surgery and that fool psycho would be told this and leave them alone. They did tell him their husbands weren't there. How foolish. Maybe the show is also trying to teach us to not give out valuable info to strangers.


@Kay- Raphael Lake- Speed of light!


I cannot STAND Gloria. Her manner of speaking is annoying to me. Please bring Pamela back.


What is the song in the lifetime commercial that recaps up until this episode? The lyrics in the background are "Yeah I must confess you're on your own, on your own" - can't find it anywhere!


The Moran's need to come back, I like Gloria. Hector has issues however if he was acting up this way in the Real Army he would be on restriction so fast. With there only being 4 families now its hard to pass around the family and Army problems. The kids don't seem to be working much, just David. Emmalin didn't come to her mother's transplant, surprised by that.

Army Wives Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Michael: So, what do you think?
Claudia Joy: I think you're incredible!
Denise: Both of you.
Frank: Yes we are!

Claudia Joy: Michael?
Michael: We almost lost you.