Awkward Review: Jet-Skiing Past Heartache

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While the "Awkward." season premiere sure sounded like we were going to get some finality to things, it actually left things exactly as we found them to begin the hour.

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Much like last season’s finale, there is still plenty of awkwardness to be found between Jake and Jenna, and both of them seem to innately recognize what they’re doing feels rushed at times. Jake is completely committed to Jenna. However, Jake and Jenna are both still full of insecurities and expectations from one another.

I’m not sure what Jake is expecting from Jenna because at times it feels like he likes the idea of her, but when he finds out about her flaws he’s taken aback. With the box of condoms he was rather surprised Jenna wasn't a virgin. However, at least after his momentary confusion he grew supportive. The insecurities Jake was feeling in that conversation might have had more to do with his relationship with Lissa than it did with Jenna.

Jenna, on the other hand, no matter what choice she made last season and tonight, still has her feet planted in both camps. Why else would she decide to see where the year takes her over making any resolutions? It's probably the best course of action to take, as she is still unsure of who she wants to be with, especially when Matty said he isn’t giving up. He’s going to continue trying to win Jenna’s heart.

But in the meantime it feels like Jake is getting strung along a little bit because he doesn't know Matty and Jenna were secretly hooking up.

I really don’t envy Jenna’s position because both guys are wonderful to her. Who doesn’t want to have their own Matty and Jake in their lives? On top of that, how can Jenna choose one over the other when they both have qualities she likes? It's great to see Awkward take that step forward past cliches and work towards characters that aren't so cut and dry and fit in certain cliched boxes. It makes Jenna's choice all the more hard, and all the more satisfying.

Alright, I totally lied: Jenna, I envy your love triangle.

An interesting shift happened tonight as well. Awkward, while still incredibly funny, has now allotted extra time to drama and character interactions. While last season had a decent balance of comedy and drama, it was always tipped towards comedy. Tonight things felt much more like a 50/50 split.

If there is one complaint I have about that split it’s Valerie and Lacey losing some comedy time because of it. I understand that Lacey’s character has some other emotions to deal with other than convincing Jenna to get a boob job or wearing something sexy, but Valerie, while she had her moments with her cat catching advice, was mostly there to fill screen time. Hopefully when she gets back into the school Valerie will get her hilarity back. Aside from these small quibbles, Awkward’s comedy is even better this year. I just want to be greedy and laugh even more so.

Finally, another thing has cropped up to take the place of the carefrontation letter: anonymous commenter! Sadly (or maybe not so sadly), this anonymous commenter is kind and caring so far, and doesn’t bash Jenna for her choices or opinions. Maybe the commenter will change his or her mind when Jenna chooses the wrong person?

Other thoughts:

  • I loved the Good Eats style filming through the fridge when Matty and Jenna were in the garage getting ice.
  • Tamara looks even more hilariously unhinged this season. To say I can’t wait to see what she gets into this year would be an understatement.
  • While I was hoping for some blow out fight between Lacey and Jenna over the note I’m glad Jenna gave Lacey a taste of her own medicine. What will Lacey do now? Especially when she’s gotten so close to her daughter. More importantly, how will Kevin react?
  • Why does so much of Ming’s dialogue have boner context?
  • Lissa being drunk is the best thing to ever happen to her character since "no no square."

Finally, here's tonight's winning quote, courtesy of the one and only Tamara:

He sexted me a picture of his hands with a note that said "we miss you." | permalink

Head over to our Awkward quotes page to read and vote on the other crazy things Tamara said this week!

What did you think of tonight’s Awkward season premiere? Let us know below!


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one of the better ep this seaosn (and I'm not just saying that because Sookie finally got her some Eric!) . Bill: It's not that I don't believe he loves Sookie, but Bill also spared Eric because he knows if he killed him there would be NO CHANCE for him and Sookie to ever get back together. Lafayette is gonna kick some major Marnie ass , mark my words! Tara I really don't care. Jason is always fun to watch and I admire his strength (and love for Hoyt), in walking away from Jess (even though I know it won't last) Finally, Sam brother, Tommy . I hope he dies a TRULY painful death . The guy is just a major pain in d ass! I mean , everybody probably knows or is related to someone like Tommy, but we also know you've got to cut that dead weight loose. I predict Sam killing Tommy and inheriting the ability to skinwalk. BRING IT ON!


In the beginning I was hoping she would end up with Matty. I never wanted her to be with Jake. A guy that cheats on his girlfriend, no matter how ridiculous she was isn't appealing to me. Why would anyone want to be with someone who would do something like that to his girlfriend? I didn't think Jenna was like that. Also her and Jake are boring together and to be honest I feel like Jenna rushed into her relationship with Jake just out of anger with Matty. There obviously isn't any closure between Matty and Jenna. If there was then the second season wouldn't be about making a decision between both of them. Things aren't settled between her and Matty and I hope that Jenna finds a way to have closure from the whole situation. They seem to fit even though some people may not like Matty I think his intentions were honorable and sincere. If they end up together I wouldn't be upset. Ideally I'd like to think that Jenna can be without a guy for a while but that's not usually how these shows work.


i think jake is a great guys, but jenna belongs with matty because her heart does, she doesnt get excited feelings when shes with jake or when he looks at her, she does when matty does.


Perhaps it is so but it doesn't negate the fact that he could have been open with his relationship with her in the first place which would have prevented this whole thing with Jake to happen.
He wants her and yeah, he has wanted her in the past but he was a jerk nonetheless and I personally still think they have close to nothing in common.


You know, this kinda sucks! I used to always had a clear favorite. But this show makes you really understand the difficultness of making a choice between two guys. I quess, in the end, I´m rooting for Jake a little more. He deserves a shot too... Matty screwed up plenty. But the heart wants what it wants, so I DO still worry about my favorite boy next door. BTW, am I totally shallow for hating on Lacey big time? I mean doing that to her own daughter! Jenna will be kinda amazing for forgiving.


Matty was trying for Jenna before he "couldn't have her". They were doing fine until she got sooo pissed that he didn't want to go to the dance... He was being a wimp but it was at least because he didn't want to hurt his best friend. It doesn't make sense to say he only wants her because he can't have her... he's wanted her this whole time, it's the basis of the show's plot.


Agree with R with all my heart. The only reason Matty seems to be into Jenna right now is because he can't have her. Plus, they really have nothing in common. They were purely physical and I suspect that is why people root for Matty.
I know this whole triangle thing will obviously end with her going back to Matty to my immense disappointment but I hope it will make her realize that Jake is the best for her. Oh and I like Matty with Sadie way better.


wow, loved it!the comedy has gotten better, and im lovin it!cnt wait for nxt ep!


Both guys are wonderful to her? Are you on crack?! Matty is NOT wonderful to her. He was a total deusch to her last season...and he's still doing crappy things (saying that Jake will understand because he was her first? That is such a caveman thing to say! And totally thoughtless and elitest towards his best friend). Matty is still being immature. He needs to grow up and stop being so cocky. I am glad that Jenna knocked him down a peg.


cant wait for the rest of the episodes i really wanted matty and jenna to end up together in the end by i am already enjoying the ride lol

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