Burn Notice Review: Pearcing Justice

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After last week’s absence, Agent Pearce returned with both guns blazing in "Last Rites," where she was willing to throw her career away to take down the man that killed her fiancé. 

I’m glad Michael convinced Pearce to let him, Jesse and the rest of the Scooby gang help. I thought the group dynamics were interesting. You had Jesse, Pearce and Michael pulling off the act on the boat, while Sam was wrangling rookies Madeline and Nate back on the mainland. 

Sam, Maddie, & Nate

I knew Ahmed never stood a chance; the spy-power of those three was going to be way more than he would ever be able to expect. I had my concerns over Madeline and Nate helping. Actually, thinking about it, I was worried about Nate mostly. Madeline has assisted Michael so often she needs a “Junior CIA Agent” badge. But Nate? He gets a bit cocky. Just look at how he shot past the guy instead of up in the air as Sam told him. 

Thankfully it all went off without a hitch and Pearce will be able to find some closure on her fiancé’s murder. Has anyone else noticed how often Jesse uses her first name? The way he was able to talk her down from the rafter and get her to finish the job without losing it was great.

Also, am I seeing things or was Pearce working and acting like Michael? Could Michael have a protege? I wonder if this means that she will trust him completely now and that any hard feelings for previous deceptions are smoothed over. 

Meanwhile in prison, with no sign of Nicole, Fiona made a new friend in the form of the smuggler Ayn. I like Ayn, she seems to be an honorable thief at this point and she has kept her word to Fiona so far. I suspect we are going to see more of her. Anyone want to take bets on how long till she's "the client" for Fiona?

But by far the most powerful scene in this episode - and so far on Burn Notice Season 6 - was Michael and Fiona’s first face to face since her arrest. Jeffrey Donovan deserves recognition for this performance. Without any words you can tell how much Michael loves and misses Fiona.

Michael and Fiona Visit

While Michael and Fiona didn’t have much time together, at least Fiona was able to smuggle the information she needed to him (thanks to Ayn) and now Michael is on the case to find out who is trying to kill Fiona. Things are really heating up for the summer!


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Whoa, my comments were cut off! I'll continue and conclude to not make this tl;dr: Honestly, if Nix and co. were tired of the Client of the Week format, I wish they would've ended the show a bit earlier rather than have a cast of rotating extras. This show certainly has enough episodes and an international market for syndication. And there's nothing wrong with watching a show and criticizing it, lovethisshow. I prefer being critical of media.


Hey, John, you're not alone. In attempting to be "serious" Burn Notice, in its old age, is relying on last-minute reveals, idiot balls and rotating guest stars to keep the story going, which is sad. In this episode, I was bothered by the lack of response Pearce had after the case was solved against Michael--it was Anson who tried to claim Michael was a "bad guy," after all, in his phone call about the person who killed Pearce's fiancee. That's what set the episode in motion. There's more in the latest episode, but that's what that post is for, if I feel like leaving a comment. I've gotten over raging against every episode, but it really feels like the show is writing around its extras. You can only have a certain amount of extras per episode or you've got to credit them as mains, and Burn Notice can't handle the weight. Honestly, if Nix and co. were tired of the Client of the Week format, I wish they would've ended the show a bit earlier rather than have a cast of rotating extras appear in and out of the show. This show certainly has enough episodes and international markets for syndication already. And lovethisshow, you can still analyze a show, watch it and love it. I'm always critical about my media, and there's nothing wrong with it.


@John, if the can was incinerated in the process, then there would be no way.
If it wasn't, I don't know how you get fingerprints off a burned can. xD
If it were possible, and I don't know if, then it would be practical for the wardens to investigate.


@FionaG...would the burning wipe out all the fingerprints? Maybe yes and maybe no, but would you want to chance it? Does anyone else miss not having the client of the week?


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It was a great episode, and I agree with those that thought the ending scene with Michael and Fi crying on either side of the glass was devastating and yet wonderful in that it showed how much they love and need each other. Amazing acting from talented actors. I also adored that they used Michael's mom and his dorky brother again to help catch the criminals, and they did it so well, I was surprised that Nate didn't screw things up as he usually does. I hope that Jesse and Pearce get together, because I think they make a great, natural couple. I also hope that they catch that rat bastard Anson before he gets Fi killed in prison. Oh, and I always look forward to Bruce Campbell's performance as Sam...he rocks!


To @joe *yawn* It's always easy to be a critic. If you don't enjoy the show don't watch it. Simple. It's a TV SHOW. Sit back and enjoy the ride or take another.
I loved this episode, and I loved the scene at the end. "Came out of nowhere?" lol whatever bro.
I think they are definitely showing how distracted Mike is with Fiona giving up her freedom for him. I like it. Makes all of this interesting to watch for me. Ups and downs, you know, character development. Well, that's all the attention and energy I'm willing to give your little bashfest for today. ta ta


First off, I've noticed that Burn Notice is not as involving as it used to be in Season 2,3. Those seasons kept you watching to every detail :P
This episode, I was concentrating on the Pearce/Jesse bits. Anyone else who ships them? xD
Someone down there said that they don't believe that Michael would keep sending his family and friends into harms way.
Well, in all six seasons, they've learnt the ways of Michael Westen, and I'm sure if Michael thought the son was dangerous AND smart, he would have reconsidered sending them.
I must say, Pearce looks great in casual.
I love Nate, as usual. He's obviously less irresponsible as he used to be in the much earlier seasons :)
And the end, THE MOST INTENSE SCENE since well, Season 5's finale, but still. It was sweet. I loved the mention of their first meeting. All us BN fans are always dying to know how they met.
And @Johm, that can burst out and got ruined in flames, right? How do they get fingerprints off that? But I agree, its pretty stupid not to investigate this kind of thing.


My first thought with Fi welding the door shut was that it was a bad idea to leave finger prints on the can, but hey nobody is going to investigate right? Then I thought if this episode was about Pearce getting revenge without the CIA's knowledge then just poison the jerk operative on the ship and quietly walk away. No need for the clever ruse or the 11th hour play that saved the day. Finally I thought the entire episode would have played out so much better if Nicole's sister was the client of the week and in helping her the team moves one step closer to finding Anson. I totally agree with the review that said we need more of "somebody needs your help Michael!" and less of the CIA. Hey Matt Nix, bring back the Client of the week!

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