Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere: Four Sneak Peeks!

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Burn Notice Season 6 kicks off this Thursday, with an episode that focuses on Michael's pursuit of Anson, along with his number-one mission: freeing Fiona from prison.

We've already given fans a look at various scenes from "Scorched Earth" via a Burn Notice photo preview, and now we're back with four sneak peeks from the wildly-anticipated opener.

In the first, we see Jesse trying to explain the identity of Anson, only to be told Michael is on his own:

Next, it's a meeting of Michael and Sam...

... following by some serious action taken by this same duo:

Finally, we see Madeline reacting to Fiona's arrest and also some disturbing noises in her home:

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Best, maybe. Deadly, definately. Rumor has it there is a death of a semi-regular character this year. Odds on bet it is Nate Weston (Micheal's brother). Say it isn't so for the reformer on the show!


This look to be the best season yet

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: [fires gun] Fights over, walk away now
Sam: You may want to contact your insurance company; I think you're going to need a new truck.

What do I do now Sam? What do I do now?