Common Law Review: 2.0?

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Jealous exes, stolen cars and an even more broken bromance than the one that Travis and Wes are experiencing now.

Indeed, "Ex-Factor" was an enlightening Common Law episode that gave us a little more insight into how Wes and Travis became partners all those years ago.

Wes & Travis Go Undercover

It's official: there was a time when Travis and Wes weren't at each other's throats, and it was during that time that they found each other and became partners.

Now we know a little more about how their partnership was formed. Who knew Wes and Travis had been working on a special task force and decided to go rogue to put a serial killer behind bars?!? Very brave, boys!

I would ask where the magic that put them together managed to go in seven years; but the thing is, I believe it's still there! I think that was evident when Wes made it clear to Morgan that no one was allowed to talk about Travis as a "career inhibitor" except for him and shut the heck up.

Wes was particularly fierce in his defense of Travis, which demonstrates their relationship is far from irreconcilable.

What I did find funny about this episode was how much Travis and his ex-partner were the same. The fact that Wes tried to present Phil as somehow less mature was almost a commentary on his own need to be more professional as well. Now he's able to see what he looks like when in acts in the ways that sometimes gets at Wes' last nerve.

The fun thing about these episodes are always the therapy sessions. This week, therapy related Travis' relationship with Phil to one of a jilted lover who had been cheated on and was still bitter years later, requiring that Travis clear the air with a sit-down chat.

Hilariously enough, that's exactly what happened, though clearly Phil was far from letting go, sending them to an abandoned house as a fake lead while he and Morgan made a collar. Even so, Travis proved the bigger man and letting Morgan and Phil in on the arrest that eventually led them to the real ring leader.

Episode highlights:

  • Phil and Travis' elaborate bro handshake.
  • Wes attempting a cleanse....and failing.
  • Travis luring Wes off the cleanse at every possible meal.
  • Travis being the bigger man.
  • Constant references to Sugar Ray (great band!).
  • Wes and Travis being hell-bent on revenge when they got played by Morgan and Phil, demonstrating a united front against a common enemy.
  • Wes' fierce defense of Travis.
  • Repeated reference to Morgan as "Travis 2.0" and "The Good-looking One."

So, TV Fanatics, when have you ever had to reconcile a rough relationship? How did it turn out?


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I like this show. I don't know how its doing in the numbers game, but I hope it stays. I did like that when someone tried to put a wedge between Wes and Travis, that Wes stood up for Travis. They then both banded together to get even. Which is what people who are friends do. I also love the therapy sessions, and how the couples all have accepted the fact that Travis and Wes, even though not an actual couple, still have the same sort of communication problems. Its a great concept, having partners that are not in a personal relationship go into therapy. I believe it has not been used before, so nice work on the writers part. I'll keep watching.


scratch that! i'm a doof! i can't tell you how many times i looked at his name on the credits and read ROLLINS instead of SIMMONS. geez, i need a new brain! thanks again, jeff!


thank you, jeff!!! that was driving me nuts!!! i knew he was from a cop show, but i couldn't remember which one, and without the correct name (the credits said "henry ROLLINS"!), i couldn't find him on imdb. thanks again!


Morgan Watkins is Henry Simmons. I remember him as Detective Baldwin Jones from NYPD Blue.


so why was the actor who played morgan "iceman" watkins not credited??? i recognize him but can't remember his name or where i know him from. anybody know? thanks! p.s. after a rocky start, i'm really liking this show!


I really liked what they did in this episode, it was so good! Clearly Wes and Travis still have a good bond and can work it out. I really hope they stay partners. Another win for usa


i haven't evolved as much as the guys did, i wanted them to get the credit and rub it in the face of the two invaders!
but i liked the ep, i am loving this show more and more

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Please don't eat that in front of me. Honestly, I think I'm dying. I'm starving to death.


Travis 2.0 my ass.