Common Law Season 1


On the Common Law season finale, Travis and Wes finally reveal the events that sent them into therapy.

"Hot For Teacher"

On Common Law, is Dr. Ryan's fiance withholding information about a dead body found at a construction site?

"In-Laws vs. Outlaws"

On Common Law, the guys get a new view of their issues when they work with their mentors to solve a case.

"Odd Couples"

On Common Law, when a crime novelist is suspected of helping a criminal escape, Wes and Travis go on a stakeout to prove it.

"Joint Custody"

On Common Law, Wes and Travis end up sharing custody of a police dog after his handler is injured in a shooting.

"Role Play"

On Common Law, Travis and Wes trade lives in the hopes of understanding one another better. Will the results help them or their case?

"Performance Anxiety"

On Common Law, the boys are on the hunt to catch a couple of criminals who are copying Bonnie and Clyde.

"The T Word"

On Common Law, could Travis' foster brother be a part of a group of thieves pulling off home invasion robberies?


On Common Law, while on special assignment, tension grows between the guys as they deal with Travis' ex-partner.

"Soul Mates"

On Common Law, when a woman's murder leads to a dating web sit, Wes finds out his ex has a profile on the site.


On Common Law, when Wes and Travis investigate the death of a woman who was killed on her honeymoon, Dr. Ryan tags along to observe.


We meet detectives Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell on this episode of Common Law. We also learn why they are sent to a couples' therapist.

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