Common Law Review: The Chase for 400

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With 398 arrests under their belts, Wes and Travis battled "Performance Anxiety" to make it to an even 400 on Common Law this week.

The crazy part is for all the crap they put each other through in pursuit of it, it almost seemed fitting that they settled for 399 in the end.

Wes & Travis On The Hunt

The epic poster of Wes and Travis and the title "Countdown to Glory" seemed only the first in trigger in a long line of gaffes that plagued their quest for the big 4-0-0. And it certainly didn't help that they panicked under the pressure they received from each other.

The whole premise of performance anxiety, while candidly awkward from the perspective of group therapy, manifested itself outside that realm rather beautifully, both in terms of arrests and Wes' attempt to move on from his wife.

We all had to know from the beginning that things weren't going to go well for Wes and Travis, lest the episode be completely pointless. The aspect of the hour that perhaps made the concept of performance anxiety most poignantly, and, yet, at the same time, similarly pointless, was in Wes's interaction with the VP of the Pharmaceutical company.

I wish the group, especially Travis, could have been a little more supportive of the steps he made towards getting over his ex-wife. Sure, he didn't have sex with her. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think Wes had to in order for him to emotionally move on in some way.

On a much different note, it's no wonder these two had such trouble making arrests anyway. This Bonnie and Clyde-like couple had me guessing what the real deal was too. At one point I'm hearing LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem," next thing I know a middle-aged man is shooting rounds into the air to get an Appletini for his wife. Then, I'm suspicious that the wife is not a hostage, but the mastermind. So much plot, and so little time to resolve it in.

Regardless, it was resolved well, and we even got to  see Wes and Travis take responsibility for some of the slip-ups that plagued their case.

In the end, compassion won out, and while the husband was decidedly going to jail, Wes and Travis' soft side allowed them to let his wife go and return everything she'd stolen, understanding the impulse.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Dr. Ryan's lost reference to Cricket.
  • Learning that Cricket in the UK is akin to Baseball in the US.
  • Sutton comparing Wes and Travis to Liz and Burton.
  • Wes' epic in fail in making all conversation about his wife on that date.
  • Both Wes and Travis admitting they may have each gone to "the wrong door" at the hotel.

The preview for next week's episode has Wes and Travis switching places. Any of you TV Fanatics have predictions as to how that will go?


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Hey, im just wondering if anyone knows the actress in this episode who acts as travis's foster mother? Or what she has acted in. So confused. ha.


@SnaketheCritic USA has done this before with hit shows such as Monk and Psych, and although Monk ended it's almost decade run in 2009,Psych is wildly successful and moved to a nice place on Wednesday nights, anchoring the network's Fall programming. If Common Law proves equally strong, it may find itself moving to a different night sometime in the future. @All good work on the actress detecting. I concur, believing I've also seen her on the daytime soap. Wondering if she might stick around a while!


USA doesn't do a lot of wrong but putting this show on Friday is unconscionable. I just caught up with this show over the weekend and it's fantastic. However I really dislike the ex hang-up. I think it's shortcut writing as Travis (character) is easier to like. So they're trying to make Wes (character) the more sympathetic one. Nope doesn't work for me as I could care less, just give me the duo.


The actress' name is Brianna Brown..I still can't figure out where I know her from but she's played in alot of things.


I don't watch soaps, but thanks for the actress' name, I also recognized her from other shows, but could not place her. I like that Wes was able to take a step forward to getting back on the horse, so to speak. I was glad that he stuck to his character, and did not get involved with someone who had her own commitments and problems. I disagree with the group, if he wants a one night stand, then he should find someone who is not with someone else. I kind of think, if he is not getting back with his ex, then Dr. Ryan would be a good match if it weren't for her being his therapist. Maybe someone similar. Travis hitting that shot at the end was pretty funny. Looking forward to next weeks role reversal.


That was indeed Lisa Niles from GH. She was also in one of my favorite episode of Criminal Minds.


I couldn't find any info on who played Corrin (the girl Wes had dinner with), anyone know who the actress was? She looked really familiar.

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