Common Law Review: Trust

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Wes and Travis got a lesson in the "The T Word" on Common Law this week.

Luckily for them, trust was more easily demonstrated than discussed, but it made all the difference when the case took a turn for the unexpected and it became clear that someone close to Travis was involved.

Wes & Travis Investigate a Home Invasion Ring

The episode started with Travis attempting to negotiate an end to a police standoff. It's amazing how, in that opening sequence alone, trust was a focal point, which Travis willingly (foolishly?) demonstrated in a man he didn't even know by removing his protective vest. However, when it came to trusting his own partner with anything more than his not being shot, it was suddenly a legitimate issue between the two.

Dr. Ryan was spot on in assigning the homework to get to know each other. I just wished we could have gotten more out of them during counseling, especially when it came to why it was that Wes pulled his gun on Travis. It was like the whole world stopped in that moment when we were about to get the answer we didn't even know we were looking for.

I suppose it will be one of the haunting questions that perhaps even the writers aren't sure they know the answer to yet. Even so, to tease it had me wondering what could have been so serious.

While we're on the subject of seriousness, it's probably a good time  to talk about the emotional heaviness that was our encounter this week with Travis' foster brother, who was eventually implicated as a conspirator in major thefts. I think I was suspicious from the beginning about him, but, like Travis, wished to give him the benefit of the doubt. If anything, it should teach us that our first instinct is often the most correct one.

Overall, the encounter with Travis' foster brother only unfolded another layer to the Travis onion, and even the Wes onion. We met one more family responsible for Travis' upbringing, while also watching Wes admit he's jealous of the extensive family Travis seems to possess.

Family wasn't the only thing that Wes was likely envious of. as a certain lovely federal investigator seemed to be tugging at the heartstrings of both our leading men. How sincere her motives are is another matter entirely, but in the meantime, at least they figured out what was happening to them before it had a chance to cause another rift in their relationship!

Some highlights from the episode:

  • Wes' shooting skills.
  • Learning that Travis used to street race, regardless of the fact he got arrested for doing it.
  • Travis' old nickname "Dirty Dawg."
  • Capt. Sutton inviting a federal agent to meditate with him.
  • Said federal agent's ability to fool two men into thinking they had a chance.
  • Dr. Ryan's insistence that they would, eventually, discuss the event that led them into counseling in the first place.

So, Commoners, why did Wes pull that gun on Travis? How long till we get our answer?


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Oh, foo—I didn't realize that these comments were newest first instead of oldest first.


I enjoyed this episode. We got to see how although Travis and Wes fight, they are partners, and good ones. It's interesting that we find out that Wes pulled a gun on Travis. I hope the previous comments are correct and it does not take too long to reveal it, but writers do like to drag things out.
So my faith is not as good as yours. I love Dr. Ryan. She is the only way we are really going to find out the answer to all of Wes and Travis' problems. Each week the writers do give us
a little more insight into both of them. I also loved that Wes confessed that he was jealous of Travis having so many close relationships. Especially since they are all from foster families. I have to admit, I did the FBI agent going after both of them. I'm glad they figured it out. Really love the couples therapy used this way, very good idea.


Thanks for telling us who played the FBI agent. I was wondering myself because she reminds me of Katherine Heigl a lot. If you look at her she has some of her facial features and she talks like her. I was wondering if they are related but nope not according to IMDB. Thanks !!


okay, jeez, touchy touchy.
i only remember the actors that i like and i am still undecided about this one. @Jim Garner
oh yeah, she played Sura right?
Omg was she the one who played the wife of this big shot in Pan Am with whom Dean had an affair?


Instead of writing, 'the actor who plays Travis' his name is Michael Ealy


Thanks Farsia2010, She was also in Spartacus: Vengeance, which is where I'm remembering her from I'm pretty sure!


one more thing,
i really did enjoy this ep, the only note that i have is that the actor who plays Travis was a little off when playing the "progress moment" while i believes that Wes was having a legitimate moment on that balcony Travis was a little too superficial.


@Jim Garner
Erin Cummings played Agent Carrie, she also played Dr Abbey Ward in Detroit 1-8-7(RIP i miss that show) i agree that it won't take much longer for them to reveal why Wes pulled the gun on Travis, though i do think that the writers already know and have know since the start. the show and the network are too good not have that straight from the start.
just a thought, we now that Wes's nerves get ticked the most when it has to do with either a suspect who he believes is innocent or Alex or maybe the cast that made him stop in his previous career and start a new one with the police. so i am betting that one of the three triggers caused the event in question.


Any idea who played Special Agent Carrie D'Amico?? She's not on IMDB or in the credits for the episode... she looks familiar. great episode. I don't think it's going to be to long before we find out why Travis pulled a gun...

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Common Law Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Travis: I would have pulled that trigger.
Wes: I was there so you didn't have too.

Wes: Are we idiots?
Travis: Nah.