Eureka Review: Anchors Away

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I wondered last week if things were going to get crowded at Jack’s place with everyone being there. This week’s Eureka episode, "In Too Deep," proved that point: three relationships living under one roof? Yikes.

But it wouldn’t be the show we all love if the chaos didn't extend beyond the number of people (or beings) in Jack's house. In this case, it was also Feynman’s day, which is Eureka’s version of April fool’s day – on steroids. Brilliant minds pulling practical jokes on each other... what could go wrong? 

The Team Strategizes

Jack, being the caring and sensitive guy he is, decided to surprise Allison with a romantic underwater lunch tour of the lake in GD’s mobile marine lab. You have to give Jack full points for style; I was seriously impressed with the amount of work that went into planning the lunch! 

But on the flip-side we had Allison, who had not told her family yet she was engaged. I with Jack on this one: when my wife and I got engaged both of our families knew within an hour or two about the big news. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Allison had some fears; I just didn't understand what not telling her family did for her with those fears. 

I’m only guessing, but it seems to me that telling her family made it all "real" for Allison and she still wasn't fully over the virtual Eureka of Jack and Jo being together. And that is okay, but she should have told Jack that she was still dealing with a few things so he wasn't caught off guard. I was really worried that the engagement was going to get called off. 

Boy, was I wrong. I totally didn't see them eloping on the sub before it filled with water. Then again, I've never been happier to be mistaken! I’m super thrilled that we didn't spend the whole season with them engaged and not get a chance to see them married before the series ended. Also, to be honest, my inner-geek was doing a happy dance when they all sat down and play Dungeons and Dragons together at the very end.  

But if Jack and Allison’s marriage wasn't a big enough surprise, Fargo put Zane in charge of Section Five. I loved his rational that it took a timeline shift to throw Fargo in the deep end and he did great and that what he was doing for Zane. I think Zane will do wonderful things in as the head of Section Five and if anyone can determine a computer breakthrough to save Holly, it will be Zane. 

On a final note, did you like Fargo’s beard? I really think it looked good on him. I would love to know if it was Neil Grayston’s idea. Be sure and check out our selection of Eureka quotes to see if your favorite made the list!


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I am happy Zane is the head of section 5 but wasn't section 5 the place were they held the artifact that was so powerful and other things that are really secret or dangerous.


I haven't seen the episode yet or heard the discussion about Jack's intelligence, but I guess that I'm one of the few people who has never been overly fond of the Allison/Jack relationship. Glad to hear about the other truly "Eureka" moments though. I sincerely hope that Jack's increased IQ next week is only a temporary thing. I think he's fine the way he is.


One of the best Eureka episodes in a long time. All the adult characters, Fargo included, behaved like adults for once. I like the beard too. Holly's final fate has been obvious ever since her image was discovered in the "Matrix" - a robot body like Andy.


I love this show. It is amazing in the things that they do and the people who play on it. I wish the people who make this show would not stop


Great. The dinner was a great idea apart from being a surprise. Allison hates surprises. Other highlights: The impromptu wedding (not elopement). The teleportation of Alli and Carter. Jo in pleather. Everyone playing D&D. Zane's promotion. Feynman's Day. I liked Fargo's beard.


I asked my Twitter followers where they'd rather work last night. Massive Dynamic or Global Dynamic. Global seems like so much more fun, don't you think??? How Hot was Jo in her leathers? I want to be Erica Cerra please. :-)


Thanks Jon -- fixed :)