Glee Casting for Puck's Brother, Three New Roles

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Between new challenges and new enemies for Will and Sue, Glee Season 4 will feature many changes for this Fox hit, not the least of which being time split between Ohio and New York.

Now, in news first broken by Michael Ausiello on Twitter, we can confirm that the series will feature a trio of new series regular, one of whom may be donning a mohawk.

Play It, Puck!

Look for the following characters to come on board this fall, when Glee moves to Thursday nights:

  1. Puck's younger brother.
  2. A female high school student.
  3. A male in his 20's. 

Not much else is known about the roles, but the first ought to elicit the most buzz. What actor can imagine as a sibling of Noah Puckerman?

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I would love, love, love to see Nick Adams, the broadway star, cast in the new series!! He is perfect for this show and soooo talented!!!!


Yes, they TOTALLY did.
I also love how Rachel's dads were totally different people than in the pilot.
I like how no one noticed that.
Wasn't one of them supposed to be BLACK? T.T


Well, you never know it could be a half brother or something of Puck's? We never know the real truth to it all. Lets just see where Ryan might take this storyline. Wherever it might lead, hopefully it should be good!


I thought Puck had a sister only as well. I seems that Puck will return for this story arc-a brother(weren't they talking the rap artist once?)A female HS student-on GProject there is a girl in a wheelchair who is really good. I still believe Rachel is the central character with the Glee club as side storyarcs. Ryan Murphy said only Rachel would be in all 22 episodes season 4. It will be interesting how they connect and tie in all the locations and McKinley Glee club together. IMO, Glee mastered and won all the trophies in their competitions. I feel this new concept will be having all locations and characters sing a song together but apart like cities. It would be cool.


Kay how do you expect New Directions to compete without new members? They can add new people without giving them huge story lines.


I love it!


Please get rid of annoying Rachel or use her as little as possible


are they serious? none of the seniour are leaving, and they're adding more characters? God glee is a mess


Except Puck doesn't have a brother, he has a sister...
Have the writers forgotten everything they said in season 1?!

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