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This is likely my final review of Longmire.

I'll try to find another TV Fanatic writer to take over future episodes, but "The Cancer" was plagued with the same problem that has negatively affected this A&E drama since a decent premiere: it's simply too much of a procedural for my taste.

Longmire Investigates

Replace Wyoming with the streets of Las Vegas and there isn't much difference between Longmire and CSI.

Instead of technology, the latter relies on Walt's experience and instincts, but the focus on a weekly case and the set-up of each installment remains the same. Here, we opened with a fisherman discovering two bodies and it eventually led to more interactions between Walt and a reluctant-to-chat Mathias... but we don't have any more background on this relationship than we had weeks ago.

The presence of the reservation and the Cheyenne ought to make Longmire stand out, but so far each has served as just a slight obstacle in the occasional investigation.

I'd be more invested in the series if maybe we met more residents on the reservation and understood life there. Or if Vic served more of a role than just the outspoken sidekick. Or if the race for sheriff heated up between Branch and Walt.

However, Longmire has been pretty much all Walt Longmire all the time since the beginning, and I just don't find him to be an especially engaging character. He's almost too good of a detective (wasn't he meant to be rusty? Isn't that why Branch is running against him?) and the death of his wife hasn't really played a role aside from setting Walt up as a sullen, sympathetic individual.

We learned this week that Mrs. Longmire died from cancer. It's certainly a sad situation, but it's not an original one and Walt's link between that awful disease and the pot-growing examples of the case were a bit heavy-handed. I rolled my eyes when he talked of each "spreading," probably not the reaction the series was going for.

This is also the second time in just four episodes where the main culprit turned out to be a supposed good guy who had been helping with the investigation. I'm already sick of the pattern.

So I'm tapping out. Longmire is not a bad show by any means; the acting is strong, the setting is beautiful. Without any kind of serialized aspect, though, it's the sort of Case-of-the-Week series that simply can't hold my attention.


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This show has been such a relief from all the hustle n flow of the South Texas atmosphere here (H-Town). Walt in my opinion is very aspiring and he has shown NO exceptions when it comes to appending suspects. Here's another raw raw, long live Longmire and its cast!


Yeah, Matt, you should find another writer to review Longmire because you suck.


Longmire is a great show!


When does season 2. Start?


Matt Richenthal is way off base. It has good writing, and visual beauty in a rugged way not found in other shows. I really like this show and hope A&E brings it back soon and advertise the crap out of it.


Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic and his views are way off base on this show, not sure what he is watching maybe its not enough jersey shore or like those stupid reality shows, long live longmire, its like a gunsmoke crossed with csi, awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Ronald simkins

I sort of enjoy the show but you can't bully a critic into critiquing a show that they aren't invested in. There are a lot of shows that aren't reviewed on this site. But how many hours and people are there to review every show? So TV Fanactic reviews shows that their reviewers are invested in. That is the way the world is.


This is an awesome show. The Critic is in a frame of mind where the show has not potential to grow. Getting to know the main character comes first and foremost. It is a hard search to find a character of true backbone and guts as Walt's. Walt's character is that which we all strive could still exist in law enforcement today. The show is developing and will bring more of the other characters. Branch for example is getting attention and little by little so will others, you can only cover so much in one episode! Standing Bear, and Vic have and will bring depth to the show, all in good time.


I enjoy the show, I hope they wont cancel the show Longmire. I see it every Sunday


This critic is what I loathe about all critics; the absolute pesudo-intellectual snotty attitude, just like some puffed up, egotistical food critic gracing the world with their own BS opinion of themselves. I watch movies, series, plays, etc for one thing only and that is being entertained! I don't need some hopped up, pretentious back story if the characters are believable which they are in this case, if the characters invoke emotions, which these characters do and if they can act, and this cast can act! Idiotic critics like this "Matt" are so full of their self importance that it's a wonder they're able to pull themselves away from "alone, personal time". Bottom line, Longmire is smart, different, well written and acted and deserves a chance to grow. If Matt and his pathetic cronies decide to skip it, YAY for them....they're opinion isn't worth their time, my time or the effort it took for me to respond. I'm with HateCritics....the world of television is reality show after nausea inducing reality show and for those of us who enjoy smart programs like Longmire, this is refreshing!

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