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A fisherman finds two dead bodies on Longmire this week, which leads to a case that involves pot grown on both the reservation and outside the reservation.

Walt eventually determines that the pot grower is a park ranger who recently served time in Afghanistan. He shot a member of the Mexican cartel, who had shot a member of the Cheyenne. He then tied the bodies together to make it appear as if the Mexican cartel killed both boys.

We also learned that Walt's wife died of cancer.

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This a great show and i have always enjoyed watching Mr. Taylor!!! I cannot wait for each new episode every sunday night. Critics probably do not like this series but I find the acting and drama great.


Continuing to enjoy the episodes and how some of the characters are being developed in new ones. If there's one thing I'd like to have the directors do, would be to back off on the background guitar "twang." I realize it's intended to add to the western theme of the show, but it can be obtrusive at times. Otherwise, I'm pleased the series is being renewed for a second season. Hats off to Craig Johnson for bringing Walt to us.