NCIS to Explore Love ... in an Elevator?

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It was no accident that fan favorites Tony and Ziva ended up in an elevator at the tail end of NCIS Season 9 ... which makes sense, considering that most people take the stairs during an evacuation.

Where does that leave them when we pick up next fall, in the aftermath of the explosion that destroyed the agency's headquarters? Show-runner Gary Glasberg weighed in on that with TV Guide.

"We'll pick up with them in that elevator and, with the situation that they're in, there will be some conversations," he says. "Hopefully we'll scratch our way a little bit deeper into the relationship."

How's that for ambiguity? Read into it however you like. Time will tell if it serves as an actual turning point for the "couple," but either way, those are guaranteed to be must-watch scenes.

Anthony and Ziva

Tony and Ziva aren't the only ones in precarious positions after the end of "Til Death Do Us Part."

As for whether the team will end up with new digs after the bombing, that's unclear, but the emotional cleanup of the team will be more significant than the physical rubble, Glasberg says.

"There are psychological ramifications that will carry over," he says, in particular Ducky's heart attack.

"How will that affect his character as a medical examiner and his long-held approach to dealing with the dead? How might it change him and the way he views things?"

We welcome your theories on that in the comments below. Follow the link for more NCIS Season 10 spoilers, and tell us how you think things will shake out with Ducky, Tony, Ziva and everyone else ...

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Fair enough Dani. I agree that at its best, NCIS is a team show. However Gibbs and Ziva have been the focus for years now, and the show has quite lost its team feel for several seasons now. I really feel that the focus and fanwanking of the character Ziva has greatly damaged the intelligence and formerly light hearted, pleasant, and subtle interactions between all the other characters. I do realize that CdP fans undoubtedly love the focus on her. I just wish Tony and others as well hadn't been diminished in the process. Tony wasn't always limited to being the butt of the joke and over aged frat boy. Before the show had to force Ziva to be the other be all/end all character (besides Gibbs) Tony's character was allowed to have many other interesting and character flattering dimensions. These were cast aside when it was decided he could be sacrificed to make Ziva super.


Hi Aja. I can appreciate your fervent devotion to MW/Tony - truly a fine actor, but not one that could ever carry NCIS alone. The Casanova/goofball role suits him well, but everyone in the cast has their place; that's why this cast is special . But in all fairness to others, it would seem to me that you should be able to appreciate the fact that the fanbase for other NCIS characters - such as Ziva or Abby - are just as passionate about their favorite too! Yet it seems you spend an awful lot of time on here making snide, nasty remarks about Ziva & offending fans who equally appreciate HER -but when Tony gets mentioned in a negative way (and lets face it Tony can be a Jerk sometimes), you seem to have a hard time dealing with it. Remember we are all entitled to our favorites & our opinions as fans.


I think MW could carry NCIS he almost had too back in season 4 when Mark almost quit/got fire because of Tiva


Well Dani, while I know that many fans would continue to watch NCIS without MW, I for one would not. Every character has their devoted fanbase. I disagree that MW could not carry a show on his own. He is a very versatile, talented, and engaging actor. On those rare occasions when his character gets featured with serious treatment on NCIS, the guy knocks it out of the park.


@Nat hi nat always love reading your comments and as usual you said it all and so rightly.


Hello - I'm browsing & reading these comments and can't help but wonder if some of you actually pay Attention to NCIS?? Sorry if I offend, but have to be honest. This show is successful b/c of the entire cast - NOT JUST one actor IN the cast. Weatherly is a fine actor for sure, but he is NOT "all that". He could NEVER, ever carry the show alone - I don't care what "Tony only" fans think. He's NO Mark Harmon. GIBBS is the star of the show, so the only star that matters if they "left the show" would be him. No Gibbs = No NCIS. This is NCIS, NOT TCIS. The masses tune in to watch the TEAM, not just one character. MW is no fool; he LOVES working w/ CdP (and vice versa) and clearly sees the huge value of their characters' close relationship, as do the writers. They will handle the Tiva relationship with great care, of that I am sure - especially with so many millions watching & waiting.


Agree w/ with the comments below. The TEAM is "great". Tony is "super"; Ziva is "super" and TOGETHER they are forever all the MORE "super", and fans agree. Some clearly can't handle the "super" RATINGS that are generated by this awesome duo being together - but make no mistake: CBS certainly can. In the end that is all that matters. I look forward to seeing how Daddy Gibbs will react to Tiva - but I have a feeling he already knows anyways. Tony kind of revealed his feelings to Gibbs anyways 3 seasons ago. To Jinx: Yeah I would love to see some sort of storyline where either Tony or Ziva get assigned to another locale temporarily & the duo are away from each other. They say absence makes the heart grow even fonder, so I'd LOVE to see what Tony would do if he had to be separated from her for a long period of time. You KNOW he wouldn't stand for that!!!


(cont'd) publicly has already stated. It's NEVER about any actor's opinion; it's about the SHOW & following through on what the viewing audience has ocme to expect, which shall forever take precedence over any personal views.


Newsflash: The writers WILL go the Tiva route "regardless of Rule 12". Throwing up "#12" as a means of argument is as moot as the tired complaints about Ziva's & Tony's past mistakes - since the decision has already been made. Mr. Harmon himself has already alluded to this very thing. Unless in denial, even the most jaded viewer can see that something will happen between Tony DiNozzo & his leading lady, as was intended from the beginning by the man who created the show in the 1st place. Gibbs DID speak out against EJ messing with Tony BECAUSE of #12 - same team or not. It's all the same to him. We've dealt w/ this before in previous episodes, so this is nothing new to fans who are actually familiar w/ the series history. TO CAROL: the reason why you're only hearing it is b/c it was intentially created by one fan who doesn't want to see Tiva happen. To them I say good luck with that. MW is a professional, and he's in it for the long haul until the end regardless, as he publicly has already stated. It's never about any actor's pov; it's about the SHOW & what viewing audience expects, which will always take precedence over any personal views.


Tiva, Sounds interesting.... Tony and Ziva look so cute together. I love to see them together in any NCIS episode.

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