Pretty Little Liars Review: Ambiguous Loss

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On the latest installment of Pretty Little Liars we learned from the creepy but sexy Dr. Wren that Hanna is experiencing something called "ambiguous loss." On "Blood Is the New Black," however, psychology terms weren't the only thing Hanna and the other liars discovered!

As Aria mentioned at the outset, the new A is seriously trying to one up Mona. Newsflash: it's definitely working. 

Hanna & Mona

As if Emily hasn't been tortured enough, she discovered the new meaning of friendship bracelet when she pulled a charm bracelet out of her purse with the note "dead girls can't smile," adorned with real human teeth. Yes, those were real. The director of tonight's episode live-tweeted as much.

Emily is already facing the possibility of repeating of junior year after a month full of absences. You know, absences caused by the mental anguish and mourning over her murdered girlfriend. Can't she catch a break? It seems like Emily has become the number one target of the new "A." 

The only other liar who was really got a threat tonight was Aria and hers came in a slightly less creepy form, earrings she put in Ali's coffin before they buried her. Didn't that seem like a weird choice of what to bury with Ali? Nothing else represented their friendship better? I find that hard to believe. Maybe that was the biggest secret Aria shared with Allison and by burying the earrings she felt like she was burying the secret? Any other theories are welcome!

When Spencer asked the girls if they really wanted to explain every single lie they told since Ali died, I was thinking I'd really like to see a list. It seems like A has all these secrets about their pasts, but there must be a ton of information and stories that as the audience we just haven't heard. For instance, the fact that Aria and Ali sabotaged Byron's office to make it look like his girlfriend was going all Fatal Attraction.

The other half of the quartet was busy playing detective. Spencer truly has balls of steel. I think the only people she are afraid of are her parents, but then we saw her outright defy her mother. By the way, did anyone else notice the blip of a reference to Melissa Hastings going through a hard time? At this point, I'm thinking that she miscarried or something happened to the baby considering her pregnancy was pretty far along. 

I mentioned in the Pretty Little Liars Round Table last week that I felt like Hanna's character has shown a lot of growth. Just by visiting Mona at the hospital she is putting a lot on the line but she seems to have a new strength about her. I'm so glad she finally told Caleb about the visits. How many girls can say they are lucky enough to have a boyfriend who supports them the way he does?

Something else I'd like to know about Radley sanitarium - aside from why Wren always seems to be there - is how Hanna possibly could've gotten in with a pair of tweezers or any kind of sharp object. There's no way they wouldn't check her bag beforehand. As Hanna reminded us, Mona isn't even allowed to have floss!

Well... despite a rousing monologue from Hanna - screaming at a catatonic Mona about peach pie and back hair - Aria definitely took the cake when it came to tonight's one-liners. I've saved the best part of tonight's episode for last and all I have for you are three little words spouted by Miss Aria Montgomery.

Bitch can see! | permalink

Now that the girls know Jenna lied about her surgery, she has definitely been bumped to the top of the A-Team list. Jenna is public enemy number-one. We'll have to wait until next week to find out how they plan to use this information, but with Spencer heading up the operation it's sure to be intense! What did everyone think of the latest PLL? Hit the comments! 


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I am just tired of the whole thing. They need to bring a new story line, you can't drag a murder mystery for 3 seasons. Gossip Girl had things moving!! But this is really getting boring. They need to reveal A and move to another mystery.


First of all I don't think Meredith left TWO earrings in Byron's couch! Maybe ONE could've ended up there not TWO! Alison obviously planted them there making it look like it was Meredith's. I think Ali had some motive for enraging Aria. She didn't seem to mind helping Aria vandalize Byron's office. I also think that Aria did the right thing telling Byron but him making her apologize to Meredith? That is messed up! He NEVER apologized for sleeping with her. Why should Aria apologize for framing her?
Also I was shocked when Mona cut herself with Hanna's tweezers. Its obvious that she wants to lie and say Hanna did it so Hanna can't visit her anymore with questions about A. but the previews for the next episode is making my head spin. How is Mona suddenly acting normal and why is she screaming at Hanna. I mean Mona's the one who hit Hanna with her car after all.
I also LOVED Aria's line "Bitch can see". It states it all. I know Jenna's up to something but who is helping her? And what's the deal with Garrett? He knows something but every time he gets close to tell Spencer what he knows he stops! And why is Mrs.Hastings Garrett's lawyer? She told Spencer to stay away from him because he is a killer yet she's going to defend him in court? I think everyone is up to something!
And whats the deal with Ali showing up in everyone's dream or they act like they've seen her even though she's dead. It's like A's line "It's not over yet!" When will it end then? When everyone in Rosewood is dead? Or at least everyone the clique cares about?
And what I don't get is how Spencer can be so oblivious when Mona said so herself there is a team A! How could Spencer have thought that once Mona was put up everything would just end?
The real mystery is who killed Alison and Maya? And what is Mona's (& Jenna's) role in their death?


was only me or everyone noticed that every visit Hanna does she leaves something and the camera focus on that? i think that in a very short period of time all the things will get together and result in a way to Mona's escape.


Doesn't anyone else want to yell at Hanna to bring Caleb into the mix, heck, once he learned more about Mona's "A", the situation got hairier, but it got to a resolution. I suspect he would be able to figure some stuff out (and seriously, I am anticipating a scene in wherever Caleb is staying with a growing wall of conspiracy and connections...oh, and isn't he staying at Lucas'? instead of demanding Hanna go see Mona, wouldn't it make some sense for them to make use of an inside spy). And seriously, I actually think Spencer has been totally telling Tobey everything.


Ughhh stupid thing. But i also think Ali planted those earrings in the couch... but i think toby and jenna are in on everything together but have a lot of outside help.


The red coat was Alisons! They picked it up from the drycleaners remember. And yes had it in the car and Aria just put it on. I used to think Spencer was A.. but I honestly believe that none of the PLL will turn out to be A!.
I have been thinking Toby... And I really really dont want it to be!!
First i wondered about the way Toby asked Spencer about what went through her head when her mom called about Alisons body was dug up. But then when he was talking to Emily, and he was like ¨¨What kinda sick person would do that¨¨ and then when she said she went to a party and didnt remember anything from it, and he was like ¨¨you dont remember anythingɨ and just seemed to know exactly which party... saying spencer and the girls loved her. I thought at first they were trying to make it seem that way but, maybe its just me. but it totally makes sense, Jenna and him got close again after Spencer and him broke up and im sure he was mad at all of them too after he got blamed for blinding his step sister. And, he was one of the last people to see Ali!I think either Jenna and him are in on it together and Mona was helping,as well as Lucas... i think anyway. But I think Toby has everything to do with this. . like he was testing to see if she would tell him. I totally think he knows what is going on or has something to do with it. And I think Garret made a deal with Spencers mom to tell her everything to defend him. Am i the only one that thought thisÉ


*just AS everybody can .......


just everybody can voice their opinions others can react to them. and i don't think she suffered the least, i think that her family's secrets are simply more simple in comparison to the rest of the families. plus she didn't have as much secrets, basically just two of her own: her father cheating and Ezra. the Jenna thing was their common secret. all the other girls have their families more screwed up, and have more secrets than Aria.


@farsia2010 its was just a thought! like we all voice our opinions on who A is even others have pointed out that it could be her because she hasnt had as much suffering as the rest !


Wren's not creepy! That is all...

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