Pretty Little Liars Review: Ambiguous Loss

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On the latest installment of Pretty Little Liars we learned from the creepy but sexy Dr. Wren that Hanna is experiencing something called "ambiguous loss." On "Blood Is the New Black," however, psychology terms weren't the only thing Hanna and the other liars discovered!

As Aria mentioned at the outset, the new A is seriously trying to one up Mona. Newsflash: it's definitely working. 

Hanna & Mona

As if Emily hasn't been tortured enough, she discovered the new meaning of friendship bracelet when she pulled a charm bracelet out of her purse with the note "dead girls can't smile," adorned with real human teeth. Yes, those were real. The director of tonight's episode live-tweeted as much.

Emily is already facing the possibility of repeating of junior year after a month full of absences. You know, absences caused by the mental anguish and mourning over her murdered girlfriend. Can't she catch a break? It seems like Emily has become the number one target of the new "A." 

The only other liar who was really got a threat tonight was Aria and hers came in a slightly less creepy form, earrings she put in Ali's coffin before they buried her. Didn't that seem like a weird choice of what to bury with Ali? Nothing else represented their friendship better? I find that hard to believe. Maybe that was the biggest secret Aria shared with Allison and by burying the earrings she felt like she was burying the secret? Any other theories are welcome!

When Spencer asked the girls if they really wanted to explain every single lie they told since Ali died, I was thinking I'd really like to see a list. It seems like A has all these secrets about their pasts, but there must be a ton of information and stories that as the audience we just haven't heard. For instance, the fact that Aria and Ali sabotaged Byron's office to make it look like his girlfriend was going all Fatal Attraction.

The other half of the quartet was busy playing detective. Spencer truly has balls of steel. I think the only people she are afraid of are her parents, but then we saw her outright defy her mother. By the way, did anyone else notice the blip of a reference to Melissa Hastings going through a hard time? At this point, I'm thinking that she miscarried or something happened to the baby considering her pregnancy was pretty far along. 

I mentioned in the Pretty Little Liars Round Table last week that I felt like Hanna's character has shown a lot of growth. Just by visiting Mona at the hospital she is putting a lot on the line but she seems to have a new strength about her. I'm so glad she finally told Caleb about the visits. How many girls can say they are lucky enough to have a boyfriend who supports them the way he does?

Something else I'd like to know about Radley sanitarium - aside from why Wren always seems to be there - is how Hanna possibly could've gotten in with a pair of tweezers or any kind of sharp object. There's no way they wouldn't check her bag beforehand. As Hanna reminded us, Mona isn't even allowed to have floss!

Well... despite a rousing monologue from Hanna - screaming at a catatonic Mona about peach pie and back hair - Aria definitely took the cake when it came to tonight's one-liners. I've saved the best part of tonight's episode for last and all I have for you are three little words spouted by Miss Aria Montgomery.

Bitch can see! | permalink

Now that the girls know Jenna lied about her surgery, she has definitely been bumped to the top of the A-Team list. Jenna is public enemy number-one. We'll have to wait until next week to find out how they plan to use this information, but with Spencer heading up the operation it's sure to be intense! What did everyone think of the latest PLL? Hit the comments! 


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it is not Aria for God's sake! she buried the earrings because it the secret that she and Ali shared and she regretted doing it, so she buried the secret with her.
the red coat is not Aria's it was in Spencer's car and she told Aria to get whatever she had in the trunk because Aria was cold and didn't take anything with her.
btw, if you paid attention, the girls see Ali when they are either seriously drunk or on drugs and Aria wasn't in either position yet.


I loved the episode, season three is excellent so far.I love Arias haircut.I loved Arias I'm ready to hang a sign Bitch can see!" Byron could've had other affairs or the earrings could belong to someone who snuck in to Byrons office for a quickie. Pll and VD are the only two shows on tv that keep you guessing, keep you on the edge of your seat and have cliffhangers, twists &turns every episode and I can't wait for the next episode.Ella finishing Emily's test for will bite them both in the butt.Aria & Emily are my favorite characters.Why is Jenna pretending to still be blind?


oh and aria has the red coat aswell she wore it when she was mistaken for Alison so she could still have it, alison has been in dreams with all the girls apart from aria?


garett said to Spencer that someone close to them is lying and i think its aria , that flash back scene the anger she displayed was creepy and why on earth would she put a pair of earings that were not hers or alisons in the coffin im sure there is so much more things that are sentimental?


I am liking this new season more. Whoever this A is gets two thumbs up from me.


I'm getting a little annoyed with how these girls are handling things. Seriously, stop playing detective and get the police involved. Garrett is locked up and it didn't seem like he had any other police cohorts. Didn't they learn from previous seasons that they don't know crap about what they are doing and it will all bite them in the butt eventually? Augh


Bitch can see!!!
i am liking this new season, just bring me a little more Ezria and somebody needs to snap Byron back in his place!!!! how dare he force his daughter to apologize to his lover after making her part of his lie for a year and putting her through all that wit Meredith. if my father would have told me to apologize to his ex-lover who is now working with my mother (maybe) i would have given him a piece of mind he would like.
another question, why is Ella the one who is always moving out and they are stuck living with Byron??
what Ella did for Emily though? wow, i am not sure i like that, i mean i get it but i am getting tired of this Emily, all the other girls are going through various stuff and all of them pull it together. this happened 5 months ago! Emily is the week link and who is going to help her pass the other test ha?


I love Spencer, but I'm sick of her controlling the other girls. I agreed with Aria. Just go to the police. They're just repeating themselves ALL over again and eventually it'll be way TOO late again.


A great episode as always:
Hanna- really enjoying her development. She is really mature and wants to handle stuff and not escape from them. Wren is really confusing me. Is he Team A now, what game is he playing. and Mona is creeping the shit out of me.
Aria- I hated the Meredith story line. The earrings Ally planted, typical Ally move.
Spencer- Spencer is so naive, Garret played her good. He probably threatened MrHastings with involving Spencer.
Emily- Shay does an amazing job. and I really wanna see where her story is heading to. Ella is so protective, I love HMC she is a major actress and a good contribution to the show.
Team "A"- I missed Lucas this week. The Bitch can see. I loved it! U BUY THIS ALL FOR A TEAM! PRICELESS!


the bitch can see LOL

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm ready to hang a sign, bitch can see!


Somebody you know well has you completely fooled. People lie, but medical records don't.


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