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Shenae Grimes is on record: she was unhappy with her character's storyline on 90210 Season 4. But perhaps the following casting news will make the actress smile:

Riley Smith has signed on to recur on The CW drama this fall as a new love interest for Grimes' Annie, TV Line confirms, though little is known about his role at this time.

Riley Smith Pic

Might Smith portray one of the two recently-announced recurring players, a club promoter and a tech guru? We'll pass that information along as soon as we have it.

The actor, meanwhile, has previously appeared on 24, The Glades and The Closer.

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i really wish annie and liam ends up together, they make a beautiful couple.....


When did any ruin anyones dreams ???? Finally I guy that sounds like an interesting addition, hope he will differ from this lame male cast we have now : loosers, idiots, whores. Liam used to be cool, now he's just a whiny, stupid fame brat. At the right time I want him back with Annie, but so far she deserves wayyyyyy better. Liam and Silver are worth one another, they are equally gross and disgusting.


I'm glad Annies getting a new guy, hopefully she wont ruin this ones dreams.


Yayyy! I hope they make him an original and he stickss around for the entire season.


I have a feeling they'll add him to the main cast down the line. In the original, they had several of the cast members own a club. So perhaps they'll attempt to bring that back so the gang have a place to constantly hangout and whatnot.
Side note: He looks like Chris Keller from One Tree Hill in this picture.


i thin he's going to play the club promoter. but he looks a bit old in the above picture.

Sarah silva

So will he stick around for awhile, Poor Annie they do not give her a love interest to last longer that a handful of episodes!


were went Annies dream of being actress-singer-musical performer! oKay Ade is the music star and Liam suddenly the actor! i miss that annie full of dreams, who wanted something?
i get it life doesn't goes as planned but she didn't even tried!


Let's be real, we all know Riley Smith from "Motocrossed" on Disney. That movie is still a gem. And Riley is a great actor. :)

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