Rizzoli & Isles Review: Professional Frenemies

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Rizzoli & Isles came back after last week's season premiere with Jane and Maura acting more like high school frenemies than loving friends. The two pulled no punches in "Dirty Little Secret, each finding her inner mean girl and proving that there's nothing worse than a former close pal.

Jane Investigates a Murder

Daddy's home. Poor Jane wasn't only dealing with her and Maura's relationship fall out. There was also some serious family drama with which to contend.

Frankie Sr. rolled in after a year's disappearance to announce he's getting married. How sweet. And if that didn't get you all warm and fuzzy, there's more: He's petitioning the Catholic church for an annulment so that he can marry his latest love in the church.

Annulled!?! Is he serious? He was married for thirty years and has three children. Can you actually fill out some paperwork and pay a fee and make that all go away?

I'm with Jane on this one, as she vented in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

So, I guess that makes us all bastards. | permalink

At that point she didn't even know her new step-mommy is going to be younger than she is.

And what about Tommy? He seems to have a lot of his father in him and I'm not even talking about sleeping with his future step-mom (but while we're on the subject: eww.) I'm referring to his timing. Where Frank Sr. decides that asking Angela for an annulment in the middle of her work place is a good idea, Tommy thinks that since Maura and Jane are on the outs that it's a good time to put the moves on Maura. Double eww.

Worst yoga workout ever. Rachel looked like a nice girl but if you're going to work out in an abandoned steam tunnel by yourself, you're kind of asking for trouble. Unfortunately she found it and someone else found her body two days later.

I wonder what all the enlightenment gets you once you ascend over to the other side?

What the Frack?  So the sensei yoga master was actually looking to make a quick buck off of some fossil fuel rich land. That was certainly a twist. I was only expecting some sex hungry yoga cult leader looking to take advantage of coeds. Apparently Mathew transcended my expectations.

Sadly, he decided that garroting a coed was the better way to hide his dirty little secret. Maybe he needs more yoga and meditation to work out those anger issues.

Funniest yoga workout. At least the whole yoga cover led to that great scene with Jane and Korsak at the studio. I loved the assumption that they were married and that Korsak needed the class to keep up with his young wife. You know how Jane can be... very demanding.  So funny.

But back to Jane's real relationship. She and Maura set out on their road trip and it's not the girl talk in the car that brought them together. There's nothing like a serious injury and guns pointed out you to put things in perspective. And if that doesn't work you can always add some contaminated water rushing into your car to speed things along.

In the end, I'm thrilled these two followed the light and found their way back to one another. The show just isn't the same when Rizzoli & Isles are  fighting. And am I the only one who thinks they share some of the best hugs on TV? Let me know if you agree.


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While I like that they made up I still think Jane was really awful in the premier episode being so totally unforgiving and compassionless not to mention childish towards Maura and her family issues. It really bugs me. And I wish they had been able to work out their issues without the quick fix of a near death experience. I know it would have taken longer but I think it would have made a deeper better friendship for them. I suppose that would have been to heavy an issue for the show to explore and risk messing with the core relationship of the show?


BTW, did anyone else notice that the actor who plays Tommy on Rizzoli and Isles also plays Evan on The Client List? Sheez, that guy is up to his elbows in seriously hot women! He also does a credible job of doing a southern accent on one show and a Boston accent on the other. I wonder when the guy has time to sleep, working two shows!


I loved this episode of this great show, which makes my evening every time I watch it. I've enjoyed watching the actress who plays Maura since her days on NCIS, where I really miss her banter with Tony DiNozzo. I am glad she is playing opposite Angie Harmon now, and I love that their characters are friends again, because they are at their best solving cases together. I think Frank Senior is a total jerk and an asshat for trying to get his 30 year marriage annulled just so he can marry someone younger than his children...EWWWWWWWW. I hope he gets turned down for that annullment and I hope that his young fiance takes him for everything he has and leaves him for someone with integrity and a conscience. I think Maura and Tommy would make an interesting couple, certain a hot one, and I hope that Jane finds love, too.


This episode had some funny moments couldn't stop laughing and I'm happy that they made up.


I think that Frank Sr. even asking for an annulment, regardless of the place is ridiculous. Did he not commit adultery? Thats a sin there, plus being a total jerk is one in my book. I'm glad Angela told him to basically stuff it. I am also glad that the fight did not last long. I was wondering though, no mention of Maura's adopted mom, and an explanation of what she knew and when to Maura. They just dropped it. I thought that was bad on the writers part, I hope they bring it up in a later episode. Overall good episode.


@Amber---I, too, am a fan of Tommy and Maura maybe getting together. I can wait for it, though. I was also super excited that these two have gotten over this rough patch, at least as we see it right now. I'm ready for them to get back to being BFFLs!


I am glad they did not drag out the frenemies story arc. The show is much better when they like each other. The only thing I didn't like was how they dealt with the annulment. The annulment does not bastardize the children and is not as simple as signing some paperwork. It can take months to years to get approval (and it may not happen). Also, you don't need both parties to agree to it. Just like a divorce, it can be filed uncontested.


I think that this fight made for some hilarious moments on R&I!!! I am glad it only lasted 2 episodes though. They are, after all, LLBFFs! :D


OMG I so love these show its perfect


I laughed so much last night - the case is always weak but the banter last night was priceless - loved it -

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