Rizzoli & Isles Review: What Could Go Wrong?

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Everything seemed to go wrong for Jane Rizzoli in the season premiere of Rizzoli & Isles.

"What Doesn't Kill You" picked up exactly where the season finale left off. Right at the scene where Jane shot her best friend's biological father.

Unfortunately, Jane was fixated on the fact that Paddy Doyle was a mobster wanted in connection with about 15 murders. Not that she shouldn't have been. She's a cop. That's her job. But perhaps she could have toned it down a bit for her best friend who believed her biological father was only their to protect her. Calling Maura naive and ignorant was pretty harsh given the circumstances.

Maura & Jane Argue

Running to Maura in the hospital only to bark at her about what to say to Internal Affairs didn't help any. Again, I understood that Jane was frantic and scared but Maura was hoping the two friends could apologize to one another and that simply wasn't going to happen.

Of course, it all led to a fantastic fight in Maura's office in front of that insipid Dr. Pike but more entertaining than the fight were the flashbacks. Watching these two in action before all Hell broke loose made me long for a fast reconciliation for these friends. Especially when I heard this conversation between Jane and Maura...

Maura: This microphone doesn't make me look like I have three breasts does it?
Jane: Hey, some guys are into that. | permalink

Sigh. That scene made me long for the good old days.

I love Jane but her inability to empathize with Maura's feelings for her father was definitely a sticking point for their relationship.

Speaking of relationships, I know that Agent Dean ends up playing a much larger role in Jane's life in the books (which I haven't read) but here he just comes off as such a jerk. I've never liked him in this show and I was thrilled that he was sent back to D.C. I hope he stays there for a good long time.

I guessed the Captain was dirty the moment he asked Jane if she had sexual relations with all of her colleagues. It seemed like a dead give away that he was trying to set up Jane.

I felt for Maura throughout the entire episode. She was grieving for a badly injured father she barely knew, while still being desperate to find out the identity of her biological mother. Not to mention she was riddled with guilt because not only did her best friend shoot her father but her connection to Paddy Doyle put all of her friends in danger.

That was an awful lot to carry on those slender but fashionable shoulders.

At least she had her mother who was adamant that whomever Maura's biological mother was, Maura was her daughter. End of story.

I hated it when Jane put Angela in the spot of having to chose between her daughter and her pseudo daughter. It really wasn't fair and was kind of childish.

I couldn't blame Angela when she griped in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

You made me leave my Luxuriana mattress for this kind of treatment? | permalink

In the end, our dynamic duo didn't quite make up, even though Paddy admitted that he would have shot Jane if he'd had the chance. I'm kind of glad they didn't. This is a rift that will need a little time to heal and I look forward to watching them work it through.

But the best part of the night? Finding out that Jane's middle name is Clementine. Rizzoli & Isles. It's good to have you back.


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I disagree. I think Jane did feel bad, and for all the right reasons. She hurt Maura, and knew it, but she was in the right for shooting Paddy. He is a criminal and she is a cop. That's how it works. Also, she tried apologizing before the hospital, but Maura didn't want to hear it. But at the hospital, she knew that there was only so much time to get to Maura before the IAD. I feel bad for Maura, but in all honesty, she knew Jane longer than Paddy. I get that he always cared, but Jane is always the one who actually was there for her. I mean come on she stood up to Maura's mother, for Maura.
However in the end they did make up about the shooting. The shooting obviously revealed some other underlying problems between the two. You can tell in the arguments, they were saying some mean stuff. I think the basis of their problems is that Jane thinks Maura always needs protecting, and Maura knows Jane thinks that. Which to her means that Jane thinks of her as less than a colleague in those terms. It will all work out for the best though, because no matter what they will always have each others back!


I've missed the show!! So glad they're back!! :-)


continued......I think they did make up, thats why Maura is going back to be the M.E., maybe some continued fallout, but I don't think it will last long.
I loved the scene of how they first met, with Jane undercover as a hooker, and Maura trying to give her money for her snack, and explaining to her that she should choosed something else because of her night job. That was very funny. I am glad this show is back, love to see these 2 opposite people be such good friends.


I guess I watched another show. When they showed the scene again, Jane was very sympathetic towards Maura, and was talking to one of her fellow detectives, then Maura blew up at Jane. I'm not saying I don't understand Maura, but to say Jane was horrible and not Maura is IMO is not right. Later on she became childish, yes, but she felt for her friend, Maura from the start. She also figured out the connection of the picture and the woman in the crime file photos were the same and confronted Angela. I agree that Angela is Maura's mother, but didn't the finale start off with Angela regretting that she did not spend much time with Maura all along? I don't think she is horrible, not exactly mother-of-the-year either. And all along she knew that Paddy was Maura's father, and that Maura's biological mother was alive. I'm sure trying to keep her from the mob was noble, but once a child grows up, you tell her. Especially one who has police connections.


I really think Jane was being awful in this episode. She may have been right to shoot Paddy but the way she responded to Maura was unempathetic and insensitive. It was really horrible when she forced her mother to choose just out of spite. I hope that they have her acknowledge in someway how awful she was being before they reconcile completely. Also the who-done-it was a little predictable. Would have been nice if it was someone other than the first obvious person.

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