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The show may not be returning with new episodes until September, but questions continue to abound over Revenge Season 2.

Who should portray Emily's mother? Who will be getting married on the season premiere? And now there's this: Which actress should play Victoria's mother?

Queen Victoria

Indeed, ABC has announced that the woman responsible for making Victoria Grayson so... Victoria Grayson-like will appear on at least one upcoming episode. For Victoria's funeral? We doubt it. For Victoria's fake funeral? A strong possibility.

We'll rack our brains and post a poll later on with a few options, but for now we're asking TV Fanatic to chime in:

Who should take on this role?

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Can't wait for season 2!! When will abc release their schedule??


it,starts september season two?




i think Daphne Zuniga would be good


I read a comment bellow that's very true: Victoria used to be a simple girl with a failed artist for a lover before Conrad and before becoming the Queen of the Hamptons (how GG is that?)... Maybe it should be someone a bit more simplistic and a bit less uptown at heart.


For me....either Joan collins OR Victoria Principal OR maybe even Jane Fonda will definitely fit in the "CUNNING" roles...


Have to agree with the suggestion of Barbara Hershey. She was great as Natalie Portman's Mom from Hell in "Black Swan". Another suggestion would be Lesley Ann Warren,ditzy mom to Teri Hatcher's
Susan on "Desperate Housewives".


How about Linda Evans?


Sally Field - Victoria Principal - Linda Grey. Victoria must be in her late forties or more so her mother has to be in at least her sixties!!


I don't think anyone is getting it! Remember when V reunited with her artist ex lover? She wasn't the hard and Driven Victoria, she was a kind loving young woman. Until she sold her soul to the Grayson's for money and power! The David Clarke ordeal turned her cold and calculating!
Susan Lucci would be great as the cold hearted Mother but... A) she is way too short to be V's Mom
B) V's mom may be someone totally different than Her! Sweet and loving!
Can't wait to see who they pick for both Victoria and Emily/Amanda!

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