The Good Wife Season 4 Scoop: Kalinda's Husband! Maura Tierney!

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The Good Wife has announced a pair of major casting scoops, beginning with the answer to the most pressing question of all: Who will portray Kalinda's estranged husband?

Sorry, TV Fanatics. None of you got it right.

As first reported by TV Line, British actor Marc Warren has landed the sought-after role of Kalinda's dangerous ex, Nick, the man she's been running from for years and who we last saw her preparing to face again on The Good Wife Season 3 finale.

Warren is best known to U.S. viewers for his role on Band of Brothers.

Tierney on ER

ELSEWHERE, Maura Tierney will come on board this CBS drama in an extended Season 4 role.

The former ER and Rescue Me star will portray a Chicago billionaire who is aggressively pursued by Eli as a donor for Peter's gubernatorial campaign. Look for Tierney to appear on at least 10 episodes.

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Ithink The good wife series are great, ma best so far.............. I sthink marc Tierny is okay


I think Alicia and Will make perfect
I love " the good wife"


I'd think that Kalinda's husband would have an ethnic make-up as well. At least, that's always how I had it in my head. :)


Marc Warren is a wonderful actor & I'm glad to finally see that the producers of a big TV show like "The good wife" started to recognise & appreciate his talent & huge potential. Among the new cast, I was only delighted to see Marc playing the role of Kalinda's ex husband, I think that this specific role will reflect the talent & skills this actor has.


Here in Canada there is a big following for the Good Wife. They should think long and hard before thinking of cancelling this show, particular with all the crap that is coming out lately! A reconciliation of Peter and Alica of sorts would be great, if the writers can come up with a suspenseful twist to it.


BEST casting news and WORST casting news:
Best Maura Tierny! Amazing
Worst Marc Whatever. Seriously? The Kings r loosing their touch. They had an amazing drama filled story line and they gave it to one crap actor. I watched Hustle and it was rubbish. Its not gonna be as crazee hectic as we want it to be.
BLAIR UNDERWOOD should have been the Husband. He was amazingly evil in Dirty Sexy Money.


Yes! Loving maura tierney, missed her since ER.
They've defo gone down the right lines for Kalindas Husband, Marc Warren is pure genious casting, they have to portray him as some slick badass or swing in the opposite direction.
Lookin g forward to the new season!


I loved Marc Warren in Hustle....Hopefully he will be great here too.

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