True Blood Review: Law & Disorder

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There were attempts at laying down the law on True Blood this week.

There was also a lot more order on Authority Always Wins," as Christopher Meloni made his debut as Roman and my new favorite duo bargained for their lives on an episode that was a bit more focused than last Sunday's disjointed premiere.

Christopher Meloni on True Blood

At this point, we just need to accept the ever-increasing number of characters and storylines on True Blood, possibly turning Terry's time on screen into a drinking game (a shot every time he raises his voice?) in order to keep our attention.

But at least this episode dialed in on Bill and Eric, foes-turned-friends, and by far the most interesting aspect of the very early season so far.

Just consider how far these two have come! They've gone from plotting one another's demise to staying strong in the face of Authority intimidation. Neither fell for the oldest trick in the police officer book, telling one suspect the other ratted him out. They simply remained calm and answered questions honestly, vein-coarsing silver be damned.

Then again, they had nothing to lie about, which was my main question while watching the interrogation scenes and later when Meloni's Roman quizzed the duo on the Sanguinistas.

Why would the Authority possibly believe Bill and Eric were part of that movement? Is the Authority not watching at all times? Is this ruling body somehow unaware that Bill and Eric are the last vampires to ever view humans as a mere food source, considering their shared love for one of them?

Okay, Sookie is a faery, not a human. But you get the idea. I would certainly assume the Authority has eyes everywhere - it didn't take it long to track down Nora and the boys during their escape - and it seems like a stretch to think it would suspect Bill and Eric to be anywhere but on its side when it comes to harmony between people and vampires.

As for Meloni, I've never seen Law & Order: SVU (though I could simply turn on USA right now and catch up I'm sure). But the actor clearly has a strong screen presence and is instantly more mesmerizing to watch than just about anyone else on the show. His character appears to be everything you would expect or want in a leader: Decisive, well-spoken, aware of a cause beyond his own emotion, respectful of his colleagues.

But why would he free Bill and Eric to track down Russell Edgington? Does the Authority not have its own security team of some kind? Why would it entrust this key mission to a pair of vampires it doesn't exactly trust? And how did Russell grow to be such a disruptive force in the first place?

There's a lot to learn about the Authority, starting with the breadth of its powers and its reach, but I'm just glad it will be a major focus of Season 5.


  • Emma is a werewolf. Talk about a scene that was both adorable and disturbing! But I actually see potential here, as Sam constantly coming to the rescue of his girlfriend and her daughter wasn't exactly thrilling. But trying to navigate the complicated waters of a five-year-old-turned-werewolf is at least an original concept.
  • Arlene is very concerned about Terry. Me too. I'm afraid he's gonna continue to waste valuable minutes of my life on screen.
  • Tara is angry, crazy and really, really fast. She's also now off on her own. Not a lot to say about very little movement with this storyline, but I can only hope we get a lot more interaction between this new vampire and her hilarious Maker.
  • Jessica remains incredibly hot.
  • Pam as a Maker? The history of Pam and Eric? Give me more!

The final shot of Russell was certainly an intriguing conclusion. Most of this episode simply served to set up future arcs and feuds, with this king's return, the question of who is feeding him and the role he'll play between Eric, Bill and the Authority by far the most gripping aspect of True Blood at the moment.

It combines politics with religion with grotesque shots of a recovering, shriveled up Denis O'Hare. Really, what more could you ask for?


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yeaaaah! At first, i was like he looks so familiar! blah blah. and now, I've cnenectod him with Eric. Lol. I don't even know his name. but.. sometimes he stares at me in the hallway or occasionaly if i see him other than after a certain class yeah..except he isn't as muscular, very skinny..


How many actors/actresses from trueblood have previously been on law and order? What's the connection?! I've seen Renee, Arlene, Jason, the camp that wanted to turn Tara into a bride, and soooooo many others! What gives?


heyya i need help with the books can yu please tell me all the orders off all off them please thank you very much :)


TB has too short of a season and too long between them to waste so much time on Tara... go back to the books and bring in some of it to the show again... you're just going in too many directions to be able to make the next 10 episodes make sense... show us some more meaty scenes loaded with supernatural action and sex, it's what you hooked us all with originally...


1. TB wasted a great opportunity to get rid of Tara.
2. I think Sookie, the original protagonist, now has less screen time than Arlene. Unconscionable.
3. The only reason people still like Jessica is because Deborah Ann Woll is gorgeous. The showmakers have obviously exhausted all storylines with her.
4. More Eric and Bill!
5. Other than season 1, when he had a crush on Sookie, and season 2, when he sacrificed himself to get rid of Maryann, Sam has had almost no interaction with any of the other main players. Does Sam Trammell have some kind of unbreakable contract? They need to get rid of him, too.
6. More Pam!


(a) Why do people assume they were attacking Christianity? I thought they were doing the do on basic fundamentalism. (b) And yeah, I had the same questions as reviewer on Authority storyline. My writer's group would be sending these writers back to their quills.


Was anyone else reminded of Voldemort from Harry Potter when they saw Russell in the end?


I hope alot of these story lines pick up some speed.Lotsa potential but.....we'll see.Love it or hate it I have no choice but to root for Tara's story cuz I Adore Pam!Tara simply can't be as boring and whiney now cuz now at least she's got a little of her bad ass maker in her.As for Meloni.If you want to see him show his acting chops don't turn to usa watch OZ.Another HBO classic.


JoyB, the actor doing the interegation of Bill was Christopher Heyerdahl, who has played various roles in the Stargate & Sanctuary series, as well as small roles in Smallville, Supernatural and Caprica. not a bad episode, but yes the Authority must know about what Bill & Eric have been doing and all the good they have done for humans. Or Nan was lying to them. Also like Nora, played by the stunning Lucy Griffiths (of UK's Robin Hood) - interesting dynamic there, if she lives long enough.


Enjoyed some parts, others not so much. Of course I loved Eric/Pam flashback they are the best pair the show has to offer. They play off each other so well. Enjoying Bill much more away from Sookie he's not such a sap, but he is still way to sanctimonious for my taste. I like Terry and Arlene, but only as sideline players. Alcide Just needs to go away, he flexes his overblown muscles, growls, has no sense of humor, and just totally adds nothing to the show. As for Luna's daughter as a tiny were, I was under the impression that they did not change until their teen years. Once again the show seems to be reaching for an interesting storyline for Jason. Jessica is simply a spoiled teenager and really uninteresting. I really enjoyed the Authority in all it's vampire superiority and their interaction with Eric and Bill. Chris Meloni was great, but the actor who played the vampire interigating Bill (dont know his name) was spectacular. The Tara, Sookie, Lafayette story, yawn.

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Sam: She just lost her son.
Luna: She just ate her son.

Eric: The streets can be dangerous at this hour. A lady should really be more careful.
Pam: If I meet a lady, I'll let her know.