True Blood Review: Smells Like Clean Spirit

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Now that was a strong episode of True Blood.

And, no, I'm not just saying that because it featured multiple sex scenes, two involving the same woman and one the fantasy of many male high school students.

Nor because Terry only wasted about 30 seconds of my screen time.

Instead, what made "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" the best installment of Season 5 were the interesting advances made across multiple storylines.

The New Tara Thornton

Let's start with everyone's favorite Fangtasia manager, Pamela Swynford De Beaufort.

We laughed when she wore a Walmart sweatshirt on the premiere, but we've come close to crying over her vulnerability and loneliness over the last two weeks, as Pam has missed her Maker and we've flashed back to the scenes many fans have clamored for since Season 1: the meeting of Pam and Eric.

It started out sweet. It turned romantic. And then... DAMN! Did anyone see that self-stabbing coming?!? I wanna travel the world with you, Mr. Northman. She wasn't kidding! A bold, conniving move from a bold, conniving woman, but one explained well in Pam's speech about looks and old age and one that adds a new wrinkle to this already-fascinating character.

Add to that Pam's new role as Tara's Maker, and Tara's obvious need for guidance, and we have ourselves a very juicy storyline. It's almost enough to make me regret wishing Tara dead every single day between True Blood Season 4 and 5.

We then have Bill and Eric and their quasi Salome sandwich. A gentleman does not brag about sloppy seconds. Well played, Bill.

A bit of light was shed on The Authority this week in how each member responded to Bill and Eric's request to hunt down Russell Edgington, but really the scenes here were simply fun, from Bill and Eric revealing their inner souls to Salome (before she revealed her outer... self) to the lovable Tina Majorino guest-starring as an Authority employee, hooking up the dynamic duo with possible death devices and uttering the line of the episode:

You're too cute to be goo.

We then move on to Jessica, who showed a bit of lingerie when trying on dresses and... wait. Where was I? Right: she was being her typically cute, bubbly, horny self when a foreign, impossible-to-resist smell permeated her gorgeous nostrils. A fairy, it's safe to presume, right?

I'm not sure if Bon Temps really has room for any more creatures, but I lamented last season how Sookie's adventures in fairy land never culminated in any way at all, so I'm curious to see if this can make up for it. Also: Jessica and Jason? How adorable are they as friends?

Is the latter really a changed man? Will this mean less of Jason Stackhouse without a shirt on if so? And will female viewers stage a coup if the clothing comes back on?

So... we're faced with Bill and Eric about to set forth on Russell recon; Jessica sniffing out Sookie-like spirits; Pam begrudgingly going from mentee to mentor; Debbie's parents on the prowl for their daughter; Sam in on Tara's blood-sucking secret; and Lafayette acting all witchy-washy. Okay, I don't care about the last storyline one bit.

But I'm fully on board for the rest, as this episode moved the important characters along at a solid, enjoyable pace. What did everyone else think?


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And of course, Pam. I JUST LOOOOVE it ! Her past, her being a Madame, how she met Eric AND, Bill and Lorena (I think that was her name) at her brothel, all of it ! More, More More ! The bond with a maker is strong ! It's like she's missing one of her limb... Can't wait for her and Eric to get reunited !


WOW, since this season started, I couldn't watch the episodes without saying "WTF" coz it was bad ! But that episode was sooooooooooo good ! Tara, though I still want her to die I like what's happening right now !
Sookie and Lafayette are just great together, the latter makes me wanna cry because he's in so much pain !
The Eric/Bill duo just ROCKS ! I didn't give a crap about Bill, but now he's got a purpose, and he's interesting ! That Salome, wow, can't wait to see the outcome !
Poor Nora ! I still don't get the Authority thing and all, hopefully I will soon enough !
Alcide... Hope he ain't gonna do something crazy !
I did find what they did with Jason very interesting ! His first, how it happened and the fact that it's what messed him up, sorta. Jessica was really cool, as usual, love them both together !




Obviously i'm basically a nobody, so I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE how this show is going to go, and to be totally honest, I don't dare even speculate! Lol. What I do want to say...or maybe if the "yummy smelling guy" that Jess got a whiff of in the store, was in fact, a faerie, wouldnt she recognize that smell, having smelled sookie many times? Plus, when have we seen ANY of the vampire community in Bon Temps act like jess did while following (& smelling) that guy? Never! N tho theyve all commented on how good she smells, NOT ONE OF THEM acted nearly as obsessive as Jess! N ALL of those vamps have chased her @some point!


This season is like supernatural 'days of our lives'. The arlene/terry and holly/sheriff storylines are unwatchable. Awful waste.
Everything else is just all over the place. Don't get why everyone loves Eric so much. Bill and alcide are both the better men. If it weren't for Manganiello's abs, I might have quit this show!
Not impressed with merloni or authority. Thrones has officially usurped TB as best Hbo show.


Sooner or later, there has to be some other explanation for Jason's sexuality - why it became the central passion (pun intended) of his life, and why he is so irresistible. His sister is a fairy. His grandmother was one too. Why isn't there a connection of some kind? Because he's not just a horny asshole dude out to get all the laid he can get? He's genuinely loving, a sweet boy, who puts his whole soul into it. There has to be a more interesting story for him. The rest of them - carry on. You're interesting, but no longer mysterious.


I haven't been pleased(with the exception of adding Christopher Meloni to the cast) with this season at all. They are cramming too much into an hour. Too many arcs that aren't going anywhere(Andy Holly......Jessica Jason) I wonder what will be crammed into the remaining 9 episodes of the season........ -I'm sure Pam will save Tara
-We'll see more of Lafayette's DEMON thing
-More fairies? Really?!?!?
-I agree it would be great if Bill and Eric got Sam and Alcide to help them-I see that happening
-Jason giving up sex-don't see that happening All you complaining that they should stay with the books, that would make for a boring show because we'd all know exactly what is going to happen........


For some strange reason I want an episode where bill and Eric enlist the help of Sam and alcide to hunt russel
Yeah, that would be great :-) I totally LOVED the scene in which Roman talked to Newlin. It was so funny, especially with the light directly above Newlin's head, making him look like wearing a halo ^^ Great episode!


Finally, this is just a small thing and I don't know why it has taken me this long to realize but the placement of the 'vampire teeth' on True Blood is so odd.. on the canines, sexy but that close to your front teeth... o_0
I'm sure an even bigger fan will fill me on what I've failed to understand about why they do this.


It was definitely one of the better episodes that have aired this season. It somehow sustained my attention. It was interesting though that the two men which have almost always been there to save Sookie's life, she could care less about. I get that she's caught up in Tara's storyline but it would've been nice to see her take on both... or at least really care that they're missing :/ I still can't help to feel like there are some characters that have run their course and it wouldn't hurt if they found themselves in the crossfire of something without becoming another type of mystical creature. We viewers need to feel like anybody could die at any time. It would also provide more time to develop grater storylines (I need more Pam and Eric back in the day!) versus crossing off the weekly boring look at EVERY other character. Finally, this is just a small thing and I don't know why it has taken me this long to realize but the placement of the 'vampire teeth' on True Blood is so odd.. on the canines, sexy but that close to your front teeth... o_0
I'm sure an even bigger fan will fill me on what I've failed to understand about why they do this.

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