Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return to NCIS?

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Jamie Lee Curtis' guest arc in NCIS Season 9 was as controversial as it was crucial, leaving fans polarized regarding Dr. Samantha Ryan and her relationship, professional and otherwise, with Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

What can we expect from her in the coming season?

Not a lot, if anything, according to the show's boss.

Gibbs With Ryan

Executive producer Gary Glasberg recently told TV Guide that the loss of Dr. Ryan isn't particularly hard on Gibbs, given everything else that transpired in the Season 9 finale and the fact that Ryan is alive.

"I really didn't want to treat this relationship as if she was dead," Glasberg said.

"The show has a history of doing that and that's not the case here. I'd like to believe that we approached it realistically, and that [she left because] there are priorities she has in her life."

As for whether we'll see Curtis' complex DOD PsyOps brain gramer on the show again, Glasberg says: "If they were able to reconnect down the road, I'd love to have Jamie Lee come back."

It certainly sounds like her story arc is over now, however. For more on what we can expect come September, follow this link for the NCIS Season 10 spoilers and teasers we know so far!

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I loved JLC on NCIS and her and Gibbs were well suited, she was more than a match for him and so much better than having younger bits of 'fluff' that they give Gibbs who are far too young for him - why is tv soooo ageist - bring her back and get rid of the younger women - or does Mr Harmon have the last say.....!!


Loved Curtis with Gibbs. Miss Ziva. Bring them both back!


I couldn't believe they would really hook up. She seemed too big, and manly for Gibbs and she was too old. Even though Harmon is older than Curtis, he seems so much more "bachelor" on the show, not in his sixties at all. And they just hooked up out of nowhere really, when honestly, I think she would've just annoyed Gibbs. He could do soooo much better.


I liked Curtis on NCIS. Would be DELIGHTED if she returned. Her character was well written as was the interaction between her and Gibbs.


I was not a fan of JLC, Dr Ryan at first. But she turned out to be a perfect match for Gibbs. Finally, an equal, smart, witty, a great mom, someone he respected and cared about very much. Anyone who loves Gibbs would have seen that !! Circumstances beyond their control ended what could have been Gibbs second love of his life, not just another young, red-haired fluff piece. I would LOVE for Dr Ryan to come back!!! P.S....also LOVE Diane Neal, another great match for Gibbs


Oh LORD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I couldn't even watch the ones she was on. Make her go awayyyyyyyyy far, far awayyyyyyyyyy.


Couldn't stand her on the show. She didn't have an chemistry with Gibbs and definitely wasn't someone that seemed trustworthy. She just seemed annoying, always trying to get inside his head. The fact that Gibbs fell for it some, kind of ruined his facade. Please NEVER bring her back.


I loved Jamie Lee Curtis! She was great at matching Gibb's wit. Bring her back


Dump Curtis She stinks!!!! KEEP ZIVA!!! BOYCOTT CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It appears to be trendy not to like Jamie Lee Curtis. Geez everybody, it's just a tv show.

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