Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return to NCIS?

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Jamie Lee Curtis' guest arc in NCIS Season 9 was as controversial as it was crucial, leaving fans polarized regarding Dr. Samantha Ryan and her relationship, professional and otherwise, with Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

What can we expect from her in the coming season?

Not a lot, if anything, according to the show's boss.

Gibbs With Ryan

Executive producer Gary Glasberg recently told TV Guide that the loss of Dr. Ryan isn't particularly hard on Gibbs, given everything else that transpired in the Season 9 finale and the fact that Ryan is alive.

"I really didn't want to treat this relationship as if she was dead," Glasberg said.

"The show has a history of doing that and that's not the case here. I'd like to believe that we approached it realistically, and that [she left because] there are priorities she has in her life."

As for whether we'll see Curtis' complex DOD PsyOps brain gramer on the show again, Glasberg says: "If they were able to reconnect down the road, I'd love to have Jamie Lee come back."

It certainly sounds like her story arc is over now, however. For more on what we can expect come September, follow this link for the NCIS Season 10 spoilers and teasers we know so far!

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I love NCIS, have watched since day 1. If they want a love interest for Gibbs, bring back Mann, but please no more Dr Ryan she is so wrong for this show. I couldn't watch the shows she was in.


I am one who does not want JLC on NCIS at all even for a few episodes, i think that relationship with Gibbs should end. She was just all look at me, wanted to outshine the regular cast. I do not want her back.


Ive been watching ncis since day one. If jlc comes back I will NOT watch. Her role was absolutely pointless last season! It was too forced - like "hey I'm a celeb and I want to be on this show; make a part for me!" it screamed desperation on jlc part - like she was reaching for any handout. I love ncis - but her storyline was stupid was nauseating.


most of the comments i am reading are saying that Ryan should not come back at all. period. end f discussion. My hope is that a little bit after they finish and kill or capture Harper Dearing (more than likely he will be killed) they will bring back Ryan for no more than 3 or 4 episodes. Just to finalize things. The whole reason she ran was Dearing knew how to get inside her head, which Ryan claimed to have thick walls for. However, he knew where her son went to school and all the extra-curricular activities he did. And he knew how to get her to run for the hills scared. Dearing did something with a judge who had her ex-husband released from prison and it terrified her. her priority was to keep her son as well as herself safe from harm. Dearing knew that was the only way to get rid of her without having the entire DOD after him as well as NCIS. My opinion is that after everything ends with dearing, there will be a showdown with Ryan's ex, that will be very interesting. I will take that as the end of Dr. Ryan on the show. Not death of the character, just that ends all reasoning for JLC to still be on the show.


To me age really has no bearing, i dated men 20 years older, for me i do not like the charcter JLC on the show, there is no chemistry, she is secretive, withholds information, he can not trust her and he knows that. She makes it like she is the boss over the team instead of Gibbs character. So the age is not a problem with me. I think people do not want her on the show because she is just not a good fit with the team.


How come when a man date a woman his age people freak out but when a man date someone near his daughter its okay


Oop!! No LONGER watch the show!!😜


NCIS is my favorite show---but if JLC returns I will NO LOOKED watch!!! She ruins the greatness of the show!!!! Please don't have her on any more!!!!


No more Jamie Curtis as a love interest for Gibbs. They look like brother and sister and seeing them in a romantic situation makes my skin crawl.


Jamie Lee Curtis...BAAAAA!!! Can't stand her!!! Hope to never see her on this show again! Get back to good Investigative Crime Drama. If Ducky doesn't come back....Goodbye NCIS!

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