Army Wives Review: Is The Magic Gone Forever?

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Army Wives featured the much-anticipated reunion between Pamela and Roxy this week.

A lot has been riding on this, as if the return of Pamela and Chase might be able to repair all of the broken promises we feel left with this season.

Please let me know if I was alone in my assessment, but if anything, the reappearance of the Morans made things worse. Not only did they once again fuel the fire of Roxy's dreams of leaving the Army - now sooner than later - they gave her the impression that what Trevor does for his country was somehow inferior to Chase's fancy new job in corporate security.

Army Wives Season 6 Scene

It was then that I realized the story arc for the Morans had been written and released long ago. There wasn't an actor to blame, or lazy writing; there was clearly nothing left for Chase in the service or for Pamela as an Army wife. They served their time and moved on. As much as we may have wanted for something magical to happen when paid the LeBlancs a visit, I call the entire thing a bust.

Speaking of disappointments, Jackie's life is full of them, isn't it? I can sincerely say she tries harder than any other wife I've seen to please her husband, but falls short more often than not. Now that we've met her daughter Sophie, it seems that apple didn't fall far from the father tree.

It took her a while to open up and give us something to work with in terms of understanding why she was such a little bitch, but Sophie did have some valid points about Jackie.

Unfortunately, they all fall back to the undeniable pressure Jackie has felt being Kevin's wife. She was just incapable of being both a wife and a mother, and her focus fell on the relationship that caused her the most grief. Having come to terms with her weaknesses where Kevin is concerned won't be easy to share with Sophie, but I hope they can at least begin a healing process. Jackie is working on her deficiencies and her efforts are genuine. She deserves a break so that she doesn't have another one herself.

For the first time since the break in the season, Tanya made an appearance and it seemed to indicate the beginning of the end for Jeremy's fiance at Fort Marshall. While we weren't looking, she and Dr. Hanson moved in together and plans are in motion for them to find their happy ending as Tanya retires from the Army.

She wasn't going to get that chance without learning just how much love Denise feels for her. Putting her own career as a civilian nurse on the line to help Tanya with a seriously misguided and misogynistic Army doctor, she and Claudia Joy work together to clear Tanya of false accusations at work to get rid of a doctor that spent the last 15 years single-handedly ruining the careers of nurses at Fort Marshall.

It was a fitting way for Denise to express just how much Tanya meant to her and that she will always be considered family in her eyes.

One question before I go: For how long as Maxim been considered pornography? Shouldn't Roland and Joan be happy that's the worst thing David and TJ were doing as pre-teen hijinks? Honestly, I was perplexed.

I know you have a lot to say about "Hello Stranger." Did you agree with my thoughts on seeing the Morans again or did their return live up to your expectations? Let's chat about it in the comments!


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1 lesbian storyline, 2 advising divorce -- doesn't feel like the same family show I started watching from the beginning.
Dealing with real issues like underage drinking and pornography (and yes, to the reviewer, Maxim is a milder form of it, which leads kids and adults to worse versions) are actual family matters that need to be discussed. Maxim is today what playboy was in the 60s- just a teaser for more. And yes, pornography habits do escalate. As does underage drinking, escalate into far worse problems


what bother me was not these episode but the preview for the next one with the lady telling the couple that maybe they should seperate What the Hell kind of advices is that why take the cowards way out.


Finally Pemela is back,I am very please to have had her even for 1 episode.I really hope they bring her back full time for season 7, I miss her. This episode was one of the best this season, I loved Tanya story and even Jackie had a great story.

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