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Structurally, "The Last Thing You Should Do" was exactly what you look for out of an episode of television. There was a great mix of entertainment with Auggie's trip gone bad, and intrigue-building serialization with everything else that was going on at the home front.

It just never came together completely. The hour was filled with everything I asked for after the season premiere. We had Lena and Joan butting heads, as well as Annie continuing her relationship with Simon to serve some sort of end goal. I just couldn't have cared less about either situation.

Auggie in Africa

Maybe it was simply because Chris Gorham was once again so engaging that everything time they put the camera on someone else it was disappointing. Seeing Auggie in the field is always good fun, but "The Last Thing You Should Do" was much more than that.

We were able to witness him loving life, and then quickly having to worry about the lives of others. He lost control, and then he took control.

Auggie is a complex guy. Sometimes you have to ask: why has he so quickly fallen in love with Parker? Is this something that might end up hurting him in the end?

Luckily for the two of them, they seemed to have crossed the biggest hurdle of them all: Auggie's secret. The dude's proposal - and her acceptance - was filled with so much warmth and happiness that you had to know it was going down hill from there... and I'm not just talking about pirates.

The pirates did force Auggie's hand, causing him to maybe let the cat out of the bag sooner than he would have liked. As you would expect, Parker didn't react to the news kindly. "Who am I marrying, Auggie?" She asked apprehensively.

I wondered if that was going to be it for them, as a surprise like that can often be enough to end everything. Thankfully, they were stuck together for a while after Auggie dropped that news bomb on her, so Parker was able to see that he is still the same guy he's always been.

It probably didn't hurt that he knocked out two guys to help them escape and get home. She had to be excited that her now future husband is such a stud in a fight.

Ultimately, Auggie explained that this was his only secret, and she now knew it. That seemed to be enough to push it over the top and keep these two crazy kids together. What about his secret that he has latent romantic feelings for Annie? Parker doesn't know about that little nugget... neither does Auggie, though - and that might just be made up by fans of the show.

I wanted to enjoy the moments outside of Auggie's adventure, but it just never happened. Honestly, the couple of time's Anne Dudek popped in to say a word or two seemed more entertaining than anything going on with Joan/Lena or Annie/Simon.

Auggie's adventure was more than enough to make "The Last Thing You Do" another entertaining episode of this third season of Covert Affairs. What did you all think of the hour? Was it the best yet? Or did it fall short of your expectations?

What was your favorite moment of Auggie's adventure? And what did I not get about the home front drama? Sound off in the comments.


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I really enjoyed watching " The last thing you should do" since it was focused on Auggie, my favourite CA character. It was nice to see him act so cool in such a difficult situation. His disability was not of any importance in these critical moments. His experience as a CIA operative and former soldier enabled him to deal with the whole situation. A very sweet and romantic scene was Auggie proposing to Parker with a ring in an oyster shell. However, I don´t believe they will end up getting married, since Parker seemed to be very scared when she learned that Auggie is a CIA spy. She refused to take his hand after he confessed to her about his job and by the end of the episode she didn´t bother to put the ring back onto her finger. She might break Auggie´s heart.


I liked Auggie in action. He makes even the most mundane moments brighten up. Liked Anne's concern and immediate understanding of Auggie's distressed call. Like Blu said, I am disliking Lena with each passing episode. As far as Joan is concerned, this is not her - I don't like her stooping to Lena's level either. I can understand the turf war, but Jay was better at playing it than Joan. I'm sure Parker and Auggie are not racing to the altar anytime soon. Parker is going to bail out, leaving Auggie heartbroken.


@bobsuncorp I had similar disturbing thoughts. Couldn't keep the mind from wandering to the gutter on that one. @Maka ...I agree, except they haven't all been white...or had stubble. The reviewer s experience pretty much mirrors my entire CA experience. I watch for Auggie..he's so engaging that I lose interest when he isn't there. Lol! It could be me but when Parker asked who was she marrying I couldn't help but think she should have been asking that anyways. They've been dating for like a month. Loved the entire pirate thing. Fantastic. The bickering between Joan, Lena, and Annie was expected. I dislike Lena more and more with each episode. People are disposable and collateral damage for her.


I think Auggie and Annie pretty much stole the show. While I was longing for toxic Joan/Lena interactions, they were all so bland, and even though I like to see Annie interact with her family, Danielle was just plainly a bore.


Good episode. Auggie's scenes were the best. It was good to see Annie take a leadership role. Joan/Lena/kidnappers was flat. I don't care about Danielle/her husband/the kids.


I'm enjoying this season better than either of the previous two. I like the pace, the action, and the improved credibility of the series. The final fight scene in the pilot was terrible. So was surviving the hail of bullets. Likewise fixing a fan belt water pump issue on an old Ford PU with your bare hands in season 2. What's shown now is so much better it's hard to believe it's the same show. That said, they sure picked an off the wall revolver in the second episode. Probably very few noticed it. Barrel lines up with bottom of cylinder. There are a bunch of story arcs happening which means, with the story of the week, they don't get much time. I think the writers are doing a better job of integrating them all together with the main story than they have before. I'm glad Danielle will be leaving for CA and out of the show effectively. I'll miss her kids - I thought they were great. Dudek was fun but wasted in her role. Now if they'd just kill Ben off, it would be another step in the right direction. There are apparently going to be two more deaths, I can't figure out another character to kill off other than Lena, and I'm enjoying her mentoring of Annie. I also liked Annie standing up to both her and Joan. There is no hope for the Auggie/Parker relationship. That's obvious, but I hope they can find something better to base the breakup on than him not telling her about being a CIA officer. Sending him away for having the skills to save her life seems at least a little irrational. Oh well. The whole Annie/Simon thing is apparently to represent a growth in moral gray area and some sort of maturity growth for Annie. I see it spelled out as t-r-o-u-b-l-e like in the song. Will probably blow up in her face, and may have some lasting lessons. All in all, for me at least, this is the best season yet. And we have a lot more to look forward to.


@Bobunscorp However, Annie is also the lousiest spy since Maxwell Smart. And considering that she's a complete bleeding heart with an incredible weakness for vaguely sinisterly charming white guys with stubble, I'd say that she is very much at risk for falling for Simon.


Forget about the question of whether Parker really wants to marry Auggie, or whether Auggie knows about how he feels about Annie. The real question of the episode, is what exactly was going on under those bubbles in the beginning of the episode as Annie was thinking about sleeping with Simon? On a slightly more clean (ahem) note, I think that Annie is not at risk of falling for Simon, in fact she is quite clearly using him. If she wasn't a spy I would say that she is using him as the rebound guy to get over not being with Auggie, but as it is it's just more blatant.


I am glad they wrote the family out there no reason to have them on all the time I say bring them back if we ever find out about their mom and dad. I think Parker is hiding something from auggie and that why she had that face.


if Annie falls in love with simon it will be the most cliched spy move ever. seriously could not be more bored with the 'bad ass' Lena, Annie sleeping around with evil guy. he had better realise she's a double agent, otherwise he's a total moron. I mean, she's not THAT good. i don't mind parker, but somehow i don't see the relationship working

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