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Auggie goes on a trip with Parker and two of her friends from the Peace Corps.  He proposes to her and she says yes!  One of her friends falls and hurts her head, so the other friend makes a distress call from the boat they are on.


Pirates then come to their boat, and capture all four of them.  The hurt woman is sent home, while the other three are there to fend for themselves.  Auggie handles the situation perfectly, as you would expect, but it causes Parker to ask questions.


Auggie has to explain that he is CIA, and she gets mad.  He ends up saving the day, and telling her that it was his only secret, and she forgives him.

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So far watching this episode was the best episode so far I love how quick Action Auggie took using his CIA training to help him, his fiancee, and his friend out of the dangerous situation! I was disappointed in Parker for her being mad at Auggie finding out that he was CIA. The man you love, your fiancee is in the CIA to help you get out of a dangerous situation and u get mad at him. I would be excited and thrilled about it. We are going to be saved because he works for the government. I love how Annie was able to handle the negotiation and get an extraction to get Auggie out safely with his fiancee and his friend! I still don't like Lena and her methods on how she handle missions. I like JOan better and it is definitely obvious Lena has come between Joan and Annie. Joan is hurt by seeing Annie be really close to Lena and trusted her ways to handle certain situations when comes to missions. I hope Annie realize that Joan does care for her and want whats best for her and wants her to suceed in the agency as she trained her. Joan knows that Annie is capable of doing so much more but feels Lena is hurting by following her. I'm surprised that Anne Dudek is leaving the show. It is good story for her to leave to go to California to fix with her estranged husband. Now it seems Annie is losing a lot of people she is close to what she will do now. Obvious she is falling in love with Simon! That is a sticky situation! Looking at next week's episode doesn't look good!