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We already know that Criminal Minds Season 8 will look very different, with Jeanne Tripplehorn on board as a new profiler.

And now we know that changes will come on the personal front as well the professional one. Isn't that right, Erica Messer?

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The producer spoke to TV Guide this week and confirmed a major development ahead for Matthew Gray Gubler's character of Reid:

"He's gonna have a love interest," Messer says. "It will be a little arc and it's gonna be good."

An actress for the role has not yet been cast, but Messer teases she'll be introduced on Episode 4 and the two will bond over mutual affection for an author.

How will Reid possibly act when it comes to romance? He shared a kiss with Amber Heard's Lila Archer on Season 1… and that's been it when it comes to matters of Reid's heart.

"I don't know much at this point, but I'm dubious about all of this," says the newly-signed Gubler. "Could you imagine Reid dating? I'm curious to see where this goes. He doesn't know how to date!"

Criminal Minds returns with new episodes on September 26.

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@sue I kinda of like the idea of a season long badguy I think that what made season 6 watchable was the whole thing with emily and Doyle. I believe there will be a season 9 because thomas gibson said he sign a two year contact


erica is ruining the show she has the rotten writers they ruin erand she says they have bad goy be watching the team all season.i have a feeling this will be the last seasonand thomas gibson won't be back next season if there is a season 9


i think erica is ruining the show,she has the rotten writersand they ruin erand now they ruin criminal minds,now having somebad guy be watching the team all season.i this will be yhe lasy season of criminal mindsand i bet thomas gibson won't come back for season9 if it comes back for season 9


I think it's a great idea. All characters evolve as real people do, and relationships and failing and becoming better in it with time is part of the growth process. Reid can't be a baby forever... just saying.


Oh please, I doubt it will be that good of an arc. She's managed to mess everything up since she became showrunner. I have no faith in the show anymore. The idea is interesting, but how it will probably be played out is a different story.


Sound like Erica Messer days are number and she might be leaving


good Reid needs a love interest


Sound like a Horrible idea let get back to the bad guys

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