Drop Dead Diva Review: Facing the Truth

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Jane's past comes back to haunt her when she was forced to take on the case of an old babysitting client who was accused of murder on this week's Drop Dead Diva.

On "Crushed" Jane had to use her intuition - and not just when it came to her job. Despite her optimism about Owen, something was obviously off. There was only so long Jane could deny the truth.

A Possible Teen Murder

I give Jane a lot of credit for how she handles people from Old Jane's past. She always manages to pull it off rather flawlessly considering her memories are only Deb's memories. Even though Jane didn't recall her fight with Peg, once her mother filled her in, she was able to put the pieces together really quickly.

It's one thing to do anything to protect your kids and make them happy, but as an adult you should know better than to lash out violently at someone else! 

My intuition initially told me it was the sister. The second she piped up in Jane's office I thought maybe she had done it. I thought, ah another person who would have defended or stood up for her sister. Little did I know I had the wrong family member pegged. No pun intended.

I'm glad Kim was on the case with Jane. If she wasn't there, they might never have pushed forward with a different line of questioning. You never know where things might lead. When Peg was up on the stand confessing and crying, I wondered Oh my gosh, what happened to this woman? Where did her life take a wrong turn? I should've realized that they kept referencing the dad leaving because it would have some relevance later on.

Basically Jane got into a fight with Peg because Peg is effing crazy and was trying to cover up the fact that she murdered her husband and buried him in the backyard. What is this, Rear Window? The Burbs? So creepy! I'm glad Michelle and Chloe are off to live with their aunt.

Onto Owen: apparently Jane had already seen Facebook and was aware of Owen's ex girlfriend. I love when Stacy and Terri team up, even if it's to find information that is going to break Jane's heart. They both love her and want to protect her.

What is Gina's agenda? She seemed to have a personal reason for wanting to be at Harrison Parker. What do you guys think? Also are she and Grayson going to hook up? Next week's preview suggests otherwise and points us toward a potential Jane/Grayson hook up.

What do you all think? Don't forget to check out our Drop Dead Diva quotes and hit the comments! Don't forget to tune in later this week for my interview with Miss April Bowlby!


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What is the name of the final song & who sang it?


Owen is actually shown returning in the next episode, so we will find out where he has been and what he has been doing...

Leigh r

@KH Gina is played by Madchen Amick. She was on Gossip Girl and Californication.


Can someone tell me who is the actress that portrays Gina and where have I seen her before?


We don't KNOW what Owen has been doing. Also, great end song.


Remember, we don't know Owen was hooking up with his ex. Its all assumption.


Has no one considered that Owen is a judge and maybe he was kidnapped, blackmailed or something has happened to a family member? He may have needed to leave town quickly and come up with an excuse to protect Jane? I think that just as Jane starts to move on thinking he isnt coming back, he will appear...maybe in the finale


I also think he is of trying to clean up his past. Doesn't want to bring baggage into his new relationship.


I agree, Cindy. My first thought was that he may have a child...but since they've already traveled that road with Parker, I'm guessing you are right.


I think Owen is already married
He's probably trying to get a divorce.

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Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Don't Jane me. I'm gonna go in there, put on a smile, and talk to a 16 year old girl accused of murder.


I heard Owen dumped her, she's probably home listening to "I Will Survive" on a loop.