Drop Dead Diva Review: Heartbroken

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I'm so completely heartbroken by this week's Drop Dead Diva. "Rigged" didn't keep me fully engaged with its latest case because of all the engineering jargon, but boy was my attention caught by the end of the episode.

Between Parker's custody case and Owen's betrayal of Jane, I found myself needing to grab a few tissues.

Jane Worries

Is this the end of Owen? Is he gone for good or do you think he will eventually come back with his tail between his legs?

Last week, I wrote that you can't force someone's hand when it comes to love. I think Owen panicked in the moment and knew Jane was going to leave him since their beliefs on marriage were different. Even if Jane didn't say it, Owen felt like he was handed an ultimatum. It was too fast of a turnaround and I hate to say it, but I wasn't convinced Owen had truly changed his mind.

Honestly, I don't think Jane was fully convinced either. Jane and Owen both have busy schedules and it's usually not a big deal when she can't get in touch with him, or one of them has to cancel a date. Jane was panicked from the get-go. Also when Terri told Jane that Owen had lied, Jane seemed very sure that he had left her. There was no possibility that he lied for another reason, something law or family related; she jumped right to the conclusion that he left her.

Whether or not you believe that Grayson is right for Jane, or is just looking for Deb in other people, I truly believe that he cares for Jane as his friend. He is there for her first and foremost as someone who has real feelings for her. Also, where was Luke during all this? Isn't he supposed to have some sort of foresight? He's been super controlling in Jane's love affairs so far. The only thing I am sure of is that I'm heartbroken for Jane right now.

I'm also sad for Parker. He didn't know that Eric was his son until recently and he's been a great father to him since they met. It sucks that Elisa is taking him across state lines and while Parker has only been in their life for a brief period of time, I still think the judge should've gone a different way. In a crappy domino effect, Parker took his anger out on Kim which was completely unnecessary. Now, nobody's happy.

After winning a great settlement for the case of a widow, everything went downhill. You win some, you lose some. Here's hoping that next week we get more of Joan Rivers and some happier moments. I wasn't too pleased with Serena Williams' character, but maybe it was because she was yelling at Parker! What did you all think? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out this week's Drop Dead Diva quotes!


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i just have to say i've loved this show from the beginning but to me it seems like the storyline is going a bit off track coz i thought that grayson and deb were meant to be soulmates so i think it's silly that she's fallen in love with someone else when i believe that people should only have one soulmate :/
i think that if deb and grayson are soulmates they should be able to find eachother again even if she's in janes body coz true love is more than just about looks and now it's becoming a bit superficial and shallow and getting harder to watch.
also i don't like it that the new guardian angel is trying to stop her from seeing grayson & being deb when she is deb! he doesn't seem like a true guardian angel at all looking out for jane/deb and fred was so much better! anyway that's my thoughts haha i really hope the storyline changes soon coz i dunno if i can watch it anymore if it doesn't :(


I want the judge to come back i think they make a great couple


And... what kind of an Angel is Luke, if he can't set things straight???


I love DDD, but the story lines the last few episodes are enough to make me stop watching. The whole custody thing with Parker is BORING! I just fast forwarded thru all that. The child actor is a cute kid, but he can not act... it was as if he was just reciting words. He must be the kid of a producer or something, how else could he get the part?
And the whole thing with Owen. If this guy can't decide if he wants to be married or engaged or not and takes off without telling anyone... then he shouldn't be deciding any cases. Owen is such a likable guy, why would he do that to Jane? It makes NO sense. I will definitely stop watching unless they bring back Owen with a reasonable reason why he was gone and if they ditch the kid and his mother.


I want Owen to return. Jane is much more suited to Owen and his quick wit. They make a great couple. Grayson would always be wanting the Deb that is inside Jane and not Jane for herself. Besides Grayson is a "dufuss" always falling for the pretty babe smile. He would not appreciate Jane for who she really is. BRING OWEN BACK!!!! Please make him the "good" guy.


I think thought it was crap that they would make Owen do that to Jane. I couldn't understand why but after reading some of the comments I understand more and am not so bitter about it lol. I love Owen and think he is great for Jane and it seems that she finally had gotten over Grayson a little bit. Now that Grayson is possibly in love with Jane things could get good since he has to love Jane for herself not for Deb. I am not really a fan of Luke but I did love Fred so much that Luke will take some getting used to. I do like his style. I do hope to see Owen next week tho.


I too, was so angry at Elisa, she was really unfair and mean. For me, this was the saddest part of the episode. Not worried about Parker and Kim, they always find their way back to each other. I was happy things didn't work out with Owen, I want her with Greyson.


Eowyn, I like your theory. So far it seems Luke really has a plan and an agenda. I'm sure he wants Jane to be happy, but he's not gonna let her take the easy road.


oops judging him on who he was "your just a bully you always have been."
Luke has to keep a distance. I'm not sure he wants to get as involved as Fred was. Fred got all messed up. Luke is trying to let the natural consequences play out. If she gets in real trouble I'm sure he will step in..especially if it's not going the way it's supposed to.
I'm hoping next week will bring a happier episode, but one just as good! :)


I have my theories on Owen. I think he may be too perfect. I also think that Owen likes the fight more than the prize. When he was fighting Grayson for Jane he was very attentive and very one up on Grayson. Now he has nothing to fight for. He has her. He may have run from a fear of commitment, but I'm not sure a Judge would do that. I think there is something else going on here. As for Jane excepting that Owen had left her without an explanation I think that has to do with her being more Jane than Deb. Jane has a lot of emotional baggage and a lot more than Deb has ever even dealt with in her life, like not wanting to be seen in pictures with her family or being ashamed of how you looked. She may be projecting the way she feels about herself onto Owen as his reason for him leaving her. It is strange for him to be gone this long. I am betting that he is secretly gay. lol
Parker and his son are going through some harsh realities. His ex-girlfriend is judging Parker on who he used to be, not who he is now. The whole situation is just very sad.

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